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billyelliot1Chauvet lights Billy Elliot in Barcelona
Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Spain - The Elton John-Lee Hall coming of age musical Billy Elliot continues to be staged in theatres worldwide.
Reflecting the deep sea of emotions that run through this story in light, requires a design that is not only colourful and aesthetically balanced, but also subtle and nuanced in its portrayal of different moods. Carlos Torrijos of Fábrica de Luz, and Juan Gomez-Cornejo provided that for a current production of the musical presented by Som Produce at the Nuevo Teatro Alcalá in Madrid and the Teatro Victòria in Barcelona.
"Billy is a show more about colour temperature than colour itself," said Torrijos, when discussing the subtle and emotive lighting design. Helping him and Gomez-Cornejo achieve this balance in Barcelona were 52 Chauvet Professional Ovation E-910FC ellipsoidal fixtures supplied by Proyect Arte.
For many of the musical sections, Torrijos appreciates the Ovation fixtures’ colour temperature range of 2,800 to 6,500, which allows very agile changes to be made. The use of lime color is also valued by the designer, as is the PWM and RDB dimming curve selections.
During the rehearsals and programming intensity levels had to be varied considerably to achieve the desired effect, but the configuration has been very fast and intuitive. Torrijos found the maintenance and operation of the LED to be more user friendly than those of conventional fixtures. He notes that he was able to make all the changes remotely without the need to lower the luminaire each time.
This production of Billy Elliot was sl

national-theater-korea1smallerNational Theatre of Korea celebrates with Strand
Wednesday, 3 November 2021

South Korea - The National Theatre of Korea has upgraded its dimming control to a range of products from Strand to add functionality for its diverse range of luminaires.
A recent remodelling of the multi-theatre complex saw a Strand EC21 Advanced Technology Dimmer Rack installed by Total Plus - the Vari-Lite and Strand distributor for Korea.
Total Plus also deployed an EC21 Advanced Control Electronics Processor Assembly with Dual processor, an EC21 Dual 25A Powerthru Module 435us Dim/ND/Bypass, an EC21 Dual 25A 200us Single Pole module and a Dual 20A CD80SV Non-Dim C21-style module and housing.
“The theatres use a mixture of LED fixtures and conventional halogen lamps, and the Strand dimming curve helps to streamline such diverse equipment efficiently,” says SH Koo, senior lighting designer of the National Theatre of Korea. “Strand's dimmer modules have wide-ranging functionality, which is an advantage over the market’s other offerings. Strand's PowerThru module has the convenience of changing the mode by selecting Dim, Non-Dim or Bypass. In my 35 years of experience, I think that Strand is the only dimmer able to withstand unfavourable conditions found in some venues.”
Established in 1950, the National Theatre of Korea has evolved through a challenging past, moving from city to city during wartime and requiring national arts funding in order to survive. Today, it is a leading venue for Korea’s performing arts, carving out a path for future performance as past and present coexist with the help of world-class stage lighting.

doobiesAyrton Khamsins shine on Doobie Brothers tour
Tuesday, 2 November 2021

USA - Ayrton is playing a key part of The Doobie Brothers tour in celebration of their 50th anniversary, which will play to around 50 venues across the USA and Canada throughout 2021 and 2022.
Solotech of Nashville supplied 17 Ayrton Khamsin LED profile fixtures for this tour which were chosen by the production design team at Darkroom Creative, Seth Jackson and Nathan Alves. The team wanted the Khamsin fixtures as part of their retro design which they use to summon up a 1980s vibe.
“In celebration of the Doobie Brothers’ 50th anniversary, Darkroom Creative did a little celebration of our own,” explains Jackson. “We figured since the band was celebrating 50 years, and the concert lighting business is roughly the same age, we would give a nod to the guys that inspired us when we were getting started. The lighting rig, though completely LED, is reminiscent of the par can rigs of the 1970s and ‘80s. What would have been ‘14 movers and 120 par cans’ became 17 Khamsins amid a raft of other moving lights.
“Hidden in the cueing are hat tips and homages to the greats from that era. Lighting nerds with a keen eye will see bits of Marc Brickman, Steve Cohen, Peter Morse, Jeff Ravitz, Marilyn Lowey, Alan Owen, Howard Ungerleider, and a host of other greats. The show has no IMAG, no cameras. The video is a scenic enhancement using album covers and archival artwork to craft new animations amidst rows of constructivist scenic panels. All of this is under the direction of Steve Owens, a legend himself, who has been with the Doobies since the mid

robe-ljubljana-puppet-theatre-wizard-of-oz-02lgl-foto-by-mankicakranjecRobe holds the strings at puppet theatre
Tuesday, 2 November 2021

Slovenia - Ljubljana Puppet Theatre (Lutkovno Gledališče Ljubljana) is famous for both puppet productions and live acting dramas, musicals, and other performance entertainments in and around its various spaces, which are also available for business events. The 200 capacity Saint Jacob’s (Šentjakobsko) Hall auditorium has recently re-opened after a complete eight-month renovation plan.
This latest technical upgrade has included the installation of 16 new Robe T1 LED Profile moving lights in the Saint Jacob’s (Šentjakobsko) Hall.
They join more recent Robe purchases across the venue’s other four performance spaces including The Tunnel which burrows into the hill beneath Ljubljana Castle and has 12 x CycFX8s which are used for lighting the long corridor audience areas. The 180-seat St Jacob’s Stage, the Main Stage, Small Stage and the Stage Under the Stars located on the top floor with a glass roof up to the night skies all share 12 x LEDBeam 150s and nine LEDWash 300+’s which can be moved around for different shows as needed.
The Robe fixtures were all selected by technical manager Jure Žnidaršič and his team, and based on their performance, features and the success of the theatre’s longer-term investments in Robe which started in 2011 with ColorSpot and ColorWash 250 luminaires which were specified by the LD for a puppet show that played on the Stage Under the Stars.
With the Saint Jacob’s (Šentjakobsko) Hall refurbishment, Jure and his colleagues knew that anything new needed to be LED, and they are adopting the techno

nextstepforwardChauvet launches immersive demo website
Monday, 1 November 2021

USA - The Next Step Forward is onAIR is an immersive global digital premiere site presenting virtual demos of the new IP65 and broadcast technologies from Chauvet Professional.
Showcasing products that are ‘suited to shatter design barriers come rain, dust, heat, or snow’, The Next Step Forward IS onAIR can be accessed via
The interactive platform offers in-depth looks at the latest lighting solutions debuting in person at LDI, Las Vegas in November. Leading the way will be the series of soft light onAir IP Panels. Available in three models, all of which feature a 90+ CRI and equally impressive TM-30 score, this series is optimally suited for indoor or outdoor broadcast applications. Additional information on the onAir IP Panels will be provided by three lighting professionals who have worked with the fixtures: Terry Jackson of World Stage, Brett Puwalski of 4Wall Entertainment, and Brian Rosenblum of Dynamic Productions USA.
Also featured in the global digital premiere will be the Rogue Outcast 1 BeamWash, a lightweight and quick IP65 rated fixture with an outsized level of brightness; the IP65 rated Color STRIKE M Strobe/Wash with a 180ﹾ motorized tilt, and (in an exclusive preview), the soon-to-be-launched architainment line from the Iluminarc sister brand.
Live demos on other Chauvet Professional products will also be readily accessible on the site, as will segments from the company

outlines-et-series-turntables-2Outline extends ET turntable series
Monday, 1 November 2021

Italy - Outline’s ET System now boasts more than 1,500 customers globally. In daily use by in a multitude of industry sectors, it is also found in universities and research institute.
High-profile users include Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Intel, Lucasfilm, Dolby and MIT where it is used on a daily basis to measure everything from antennae, solar panels, hearing aids and smart devices to loudspeaker systems and transducers, mobile comms devices, microphones, domestic appliances and even medical equipment.
Outline’s original concept of a high-precision, computer-controlled turntable capable of ‘placing significant loads with perfect accuracy in a measurement environment has now been developed further’, with the creation of two new models (the ET50-3D and ET250R2-3D) to suit different speed and load requirements.
Both models feature a revolutionary new Ergal aluminium hardware design, which achieves military-spec mechanical resistance while considerably reducing the overall weight - additionally, both feature a wider choice of rotation speeds with enhanced maximum handling loads and a simple user interface with an input / output communications port based on TTL signals. However, the key to their accessibility, data acquisition and control is the network interface, allowing remote control via standard ethernet protocols.
Each turntable has an individual IP address and the user simply connects this to an existing LAN to control it via the provided software or via one of several third-party measurement systems - control libraries fo

astera-lotus-emira-launch-video-img7353Astera lights Lotus Emira launch video
Monday, 1 November 2021

UK - When asked to light a special video celebrating the launch of the new Lotus Emira sports car, lighting designer Nick Jevons reached for Astera Titan Tubes to create the desired effects.
Nick was asked onboard by technical co-ordinators Anna Valley who were working for producers, Blueprint Partners. The filming was directed by Mark Anand and the location was at the Lotus factory and test facility in Norfolk, UK, and was divided into two sections. The first took place in a pop-up studio built in one of the factory spaces which was to get an assortment of amazing hero shots of the car.
The action then shifted to the test track, where the vehicles were filmed in action and tearing up some tarmac as they were put through their paces!
Nick specified four Astera Titan kits comprising eight tubes each - which were supplied by lighting rental company Lite Up together with the rest of the lighting equipment used.
In the studio, Nick created a lightbox on trussing hung from the roof using a grid of Asteras, with more individual Tubes strategically positioned under the car to up-light, add depth and accentuate the distinctive streamlined Lotus curves and contours.
More Titans down the sides of the car proved great for the tracking shots. “The quality and the texture of the output is ideal for lighting vehicles,” commented Nick who was able to achieve the exact effects that Mark wanted with the lighting.
On the track, it was a contrasting environment, but Nick illustrated the flexibility of Asteras by completely re-purposing the ver

epicurean-hotel-grand-opening1aProteus Maximus lights Epicurean Atlanta
Monday, 1 November 2021

USA - Magnum, a full-service entertainment technology company based in Atlanta, was asked to light the grand opening celebration of The Epicurean Atlanta, a culinary-themed hotel with a demonstration kitchen/theatre.
To light the exterior of the hotel for the 23 September event, Magnum needed a powerful IP65-rated fixture that could project eye-catching effects while handling any weather condition and chose 24 Elation Proteus Maximus fixtures to get the job done.
“We were presented with the challenge of making a unique and memorable experience for the grand opening of Epicurean, and Elation’s IP-rated Proteus Maximus fixtures were ideal for this situation,” said Taylor Chandler, project manager at Magnum. “The evening event was outdoors and the weather was questionable. We needed a powerful, bright fixture to light the hotel, and the Proteus Maximus gave us the brightness we needed and peace of mind with their IP-rating.”
Magnum, who acquired the Maximus fixtures in early August, used 12 units to illuminate the side of the building while an additional twelve were used to project gobos onto the building and light the swimming pool area.
The Proteus Maximus is an IP65-rated 50,000-lumen LED moving head that is routinely used to light some of the world’s largest outdoor shows and events and is increasingly used for outdoor theatre and film production.

claypakychibafumitosuzuki5Claypaky supports track cycling tournament
Friday, 29 October 2021

Japan - The recently renamed Tipstar Dome Chiba, formerly Chiba JPF Dome, hosted Japan’s first track cycling tournament in October where an array of Claypaky lighting fixtures played key roles.
The PIST6 Championship was the first cycling competition in Japan to pursue both speed and entertainment in cycling. The new type of sporting event combined art, food and fashion while pitting top athletes from Japan and abroad against each other in a high-level competition to determine the world’s fastest cyclists.
Tipstar Dome Chiba is an indoor velodrome located in Chiba City, Japan. It boasts a total area of more than 14,000sq.m, an international-standard 250m wooden racetrack and seating for about 2,000 spectators. The venue hosts not only cycling competitions but also e-sports, drone events and live music shows.
Lighting designer Yuji Yokoi deployed 30 Claypaky Xtylos, 26 Midi-B and 12 Shar-Bar fixtures, provided by Claypaky distributor Technical Supply Japan, as the main lighting fixtures for PIST6.
"For this project, the production team at JET tasked us with utilizing front-line products and technology we had never seen before,” he notes. “When I suggested Xtylos, which I had seen at exhibitions, the director liked its leading-edge features, and we started planning the rig around Claypaky products.”
Yokoi explains that Xtylos, the first beam effect moving head with a laser light source, “satisfied everything that we were looking for in this project – especially Xtylos’s red beam, which was the image colour in our design. Th

all-time-low-photo-credit-guadalupe-bustosAll Time Low hit the road with Chauvet
Friday, 29 October 2021

USA - Head on Collision was not one of New Found Glory’s bigger hits, but the 2002 song lives on today, at least indirectly. A year after the metal track was released, a line from its chorus inspired the name of what would become one of this era’s most popular and influential bands, All Time Low.
This would not be the last time that the quartet from Baltimore would draw a spark of inspiration from an outside musical source and infuse it with a new level of energy and meaning. Like a giant river fed by countless streams, All Time Low has fused a multitude of influences into a genre-smashing sound that is all their own.
The diverse, far-reaching scope of their music is on full display on the current Sad Summer Festival/ Side Summer tour that the band is headlining. Visually reflecting their diverse sound is a multi-faceted production design by Jeff Mathews and Christian Hall of Borealis Live Design that features Chauvet Professional fixtures from their company’s own inventory.
“We have a diverse range of looks in this show, but we’ve been careful in keeping a consistent theme,” says Mathews. “The show is a result of a balance achieved between the video content we’ve created and the lighting programming from ATL’s long-time LD Jeff Maker. The set features some crank up LED video carts and some LED video facia in front of the risers.
“There are only so many things you can do with LED video set carts, so we had to get creative,” continues Mathews. “We looked at how and when the screens were used, and how they could be

robe-curve-theatre-the-music-of-andrew-lloyd-webber-photography-by-ellie-kurttz-3Robe T1s get musical at Leicester’s Curve
Friday, 29 October 2021

UK - The Curve in Leicester saw a welcome return to live audience performances with a run of The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber, a new production that is part of the venue’s socially distanced season. An eye-catching lighting design was created by Ben Cracknell for this in-the-round show directed by the theatre’s artistic director Nikolai Foster, featuring a talented cast including Lloyd Webber musical stars and a live band.
Ben utilised some Robe T1 Profile moving lights for key lighting, which were rigged on two of six trussing pieces on an automation system. These started off almost on the floor looking like part of a pile of abandoned tech kit in a dusty old theatre, shuttered during the lockdowns – part of a minimalist production design by Colin Richmond.
As the show kicked off and came alive, the cast pulled dust sheets off the piles of ‘discarded equipment’ and the trusses rose to form a series of spectacular architectural shapes above the stage - dubbed “the spider rig” by Curve’s head of lighting and technical Jonny Laidlow.
Jonny and Steve Ratcliffe shared production LX duties for this show.
The T1 Profiles were rigged at the most upstage and downstage points of these trussing spokes, in positions that maximised coverage across the stage area, where they provided lighting specifically for the faces.
Ben commented, "The T1 worked well as part of the rig primarily for key lighting. The limited rehearsal time to light this production meant that I was reliant on moving lights to pick performers out quickly a

astrawash7pixipProlights releases Astra Wash7PixIP
Thursday, 28 October 2021

Europe - Prolights has introduced the Astra Wash7Pix IP, a new IP-rated moving-wash with the same features and characteristics as the newly released Astra Wash7Pix.
The Astra Wash7Pix IP contains seven RGBW 40-Watt LED emitters, outputting upwards of 4,000 lumens,with a default 8,000K cool-white beam or 6,000K in studio mode. The fixture includes the same proprietary front lens and glass lighting rods as the indoor version and protected with a coating technology that helps increase the brightness, protecting lenses from surface scratches and adding anti-static properties to avoid dust deposits.
The Astra Wash7Pix IP has a rugged and completely sealed chassis made of aluminium alloy, with internal components treated with an IP coating, guaranteeing an IP65 water and dust-tight design for lasting outdoor applications. Since it is completely sealed, the fixture doesn't require regular internal cleaning or service. However, users have access to the modular and easily accessible internal parts and whereupon assembled, its sealing can be easily checked with the Prolights IP tester.
This fixture also includes a zoom range from 4º to 56º, enabling designers to create very narrow beam effects and wide wash spreads. Its augmented pixel performance supports individual pixel control through DMX or ethernet-based protocols, or with the built-in pixel macros, personalized by the user
Dimmer and colour parameters are integrated with 16-bit resolution, and CCT channels can be set to any precise white point and deviated by the tint channel on a +/- green ch

glpWinkler Livecom invests in GLP Fusion MBL 40
Thursday, 28 October 2021

Switzerland - Winkler Livecom AG has invested in a large number of the new, outdoor-compatible Fusion MBL 40 LED floodlights from GLP.
The MBL 40 was largely developed following an original inquiry from Winkler Livecom, explains Ronald ‘Roni’ Huber, head of technical development at the Swiss company. “We were looking for an LED floodlight that corresponded to an HQI 400 spotlight in terms of brightness. In addition, the luminaire needed to be suitable for outdoor use (IP65), have a flexible colour temperature, be both manually operable and controllable via DMX and, of course, be attractively priced,” says Huber.
“This combination was actually not available on the market at the beginning of 2019,” he continues. “We then approached some manufacturers informally with the idea of developing such a product – but the enthusiasm was limited. With Oliver Schwendke at GLP, however, we immediately received an open ear.”
After that, things moved quickly. Barely a year after the original discussions, the first Fusion MBL 40’s were delivered to Winkler Livecom. In close cooperation with the customer, a tuneable white LED floodlight suitable for outdoor use (2,700-6,500K) was created, which, thanks to its fanless concept, is ideally suited to general lighting use for trade fairs, events, shows, sporting fixtures and all other sound-sensitive areas.
The MBL 40’s integrated diffuser reduces glare effect and ensures a homogeneous visual output. As specified by Winkler, the most important settings, such as defined colour temperatures and b

avatar-3Chauvet creates ‘constructive chaos’ for Avatar
Thursday, 28 October 2021

USA - After being idle because of the pandemic, Swedish metal stars Avatar were eager to return to touring with a bold, new look. The band’s long-time lighting designer Jimmy Olausson obliged by introducing an element of constructive chaos that reflected their bold sound. Aiding him in this undertaking on their North American tour was a rig that featured a collection of Chauvet Professional ÉPIX Strip, Rogue and COLORado fixtures owned by the band.
In a bid to challenge traditional audience expectations, Olausson and the band designed the show to be expansive, unleashing more and more lights and video content as the show unfolds. Key to this gradual build up is the introduction of Olausson’s custom visual content, which are played via Resolume over 96 ÉPIX Strips, 48 of the units positioned upstage, while the remaining 48 equally divided between stage left and stage right.
“I wanted this design to look a bit chaotic -- a quote from Albert Einstein I have had in mind is: ‘Order is for idiots, genius can handle chaos,’” commented Olausson, who created custom cabling for the tour with Dillion Roblier. “The sheer versatility of the ÉPIX strip allows me to create the appearance of movement and direction through light.”
Outfitting the strips with custom filters created by Atomic Design, Olausson used them to conjure up a variety of engaging looks that conveyed a sense of expectation while endowing the stage with texture and depth. “When I use the ÉPIX Strips in full pixel mode with the time coding, I can focus entirely on levels and

anolis-waltham-forest-town-hall-photo-courtesy-pritchard-themis-018Anolis lights Waltham Forest Town Hall
Wednesday, 27 October 2021

UK - A new Anolis Eminere LED lighting design by architectural lighting practice Pritchard Themis is gracing the front facades of Waltham Forest Town Hall in East London.
The impressive Grade II listed building is the HQ of Waltham Forest London Borough Council, and the exterior lighting scheme was part of a substantial two-year refurbishment and upgrade project involving the whole building and its immediate environs.
Hawkins\Brown architects was appointed to transform the stripped classical style Town Hall opened in 1942 into an integrated modern workspace combined with a lively civic campus that would welcome staff, visitors, and residents to the heart of a thriving and diverse east London community.
As part of that masterplan, Hawkins\Brown tasked the Pritchard Themis team with crafting the exterior lighting.
A stylish signature white illumination was created for the front of the large H-shaped Portland Stone building, complete with an array of colour changing special looks to celebrate ‘flag days’, national and ethnic festivals plus other cultural and social events and occasions.
The renovations involved the design and installation of a centrepiece water feature in Civic Square, the plaza in front of the complex, comprising 144 individually programmable water jets that can light up and dance to music, which has been a big hit with the public.
In addition to illuminating the Town Hall facades in the crisp white base colour, the Emineres provide coloured backdrops to offset the water feature, so colour was central to Pet

vlegypt-pharoahs-parade3Vari-Lite VLZ range lights Cairo Pharaohs Parade
Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Egypt - The powerful output and rich colours of the VLZ range of luminaires from Vari-Lite were harnessed to light up Egypt’s treasured historic landmarks for a procession of 22 ancient Pharaohs through the streets of Cairo.
The Golden Parade event, which showcased the mummified pharaohs as they were transported from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilizations four miles away in al-Fustat, Old Cairo, was organised by The Ministry of Tourism and Antiques.
The event’s technical production team approached Hamed Arafa of rental house Hi-Lights Group - a Vari-Lite and Strand distributor in Egypt - who proposed Vari-Lite VLZ Profile and VLZ Wash luminaries to bring light and colour to the visual spectacle.
“Using Vari-Lite products for this culturally significant task was our only recommendation,” comments Hamed Arafa. “For the huge productions that we helped to deliver, we knew that Vari-Lite produces the quality of light we wanted. The VLZ Profile and VLZ Wash offer the latest high output LED sources and use unbeatable advancements in quality, zoom lenses and shutter technology.”
The Hi-Lite’s team collaborated with lighting director Maria Younan of Siraj Lighting - a design studio in the heart of Egypt - to design and deliver the event. Younan specialises in exterior architectural lighting design and took up the challenge of truly shining a light on Egypt’s magical past by using the lighting technology of the future.
The team used the high-output VLZ range to light the Hatshepsut Temple, The

adjADJ debuts wireless up-lighting system
Tuesday, 26 October 2021

USA - ADJ has announced the launch of its Mirage Q6 PAK wireless up-lighting system. Designed to cover all the requirements of lighting and event professionals, this all-in-one package features six IP65-rated, battery-powered and wirelessly controllable LED par fixtures along with a purpose-built charging road case. Together with long-life batteries and long-range wireless receivers, the fixtures offer a variety of features including an in-built anti-theft alarm system.
Each individual Mirage Q IP fixture incorporates four 10W 4-in-1 RGBA colouring mixing LEDs, which combine to create a potent wash of coloured light with a concise 11-degree beam angle. By varying the intensity of the independent red, green, blue, and amber elements within each LED, the fixture is able to generate a wide variety of richly saturated colours. In addition to full colour mixing control, the unit also features 64 built-in colour macros to aid with quick programming as well as 13 pre-programmed chase patterns to allow for easy setup when required.
A high-capacity internal Lithium-Ion battery with a 11,000mAh capacity (typical) allows for up to 40 hours of operation (single colour) from a single charge. Even with changing colours, the battery life is 20 hours and therefore more than enough for even the longest of events.
Between use, it takes just seven hours to return the battery to full capacity. Meanwhile, the fixture is also equipped with a built-in ADJ WiFLY EXR wireless DMX transceiver which has a range of up to 2,500 feet (760M). The device is also equipped with an i

huracan-lt-background-colorAyrton launches long-throw Huracán LT
Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Europe - Ayrton has announced the arrival of Huracán LT, the latest in its range of long-throw fixtures designed specifically for stadium and arena use.
Huracán LT generates an ultra-intense beam with the utmost precision and is ideal for creating the kind of choreography that is as graphic as it is breath-taking.
Huracán LT can project over extreme distances, targeting a far-off subject with ‘nuance, finesse, power, and true precision’. A 225mm front lens forms part of the proprietary optical system of 13 lenses delivering a 15:1 zoom ratio and an impressive zoom range of 3.5 to 53°. A new, high-efficiency 1000W LED module delivers a record light output of 51,000 lumens at a colour temperature of 6700K, with a CRI greater than 70, and a factory-equipped, removable high-transmission diffusion filter erases the edge of the beam without changing its angle, ensuring precision and accuracy even over the longest throw distances.
Huracán LT uses the same patent-pending, revolutionary complex colour mixing system as Huracán Profile (launched in 2019) offering a double saturation level that can obtain over a billion colours. A triple variable colour temperature corrector (CTB, CTO and CTP) allows subtle adjustment from 2700K to 15,000K and offers noticeable CRI improvement in excess of 70. There is also a fixed colour wheel with six complementary colours.
Huracán LT features an advanced framing section, which enables accurate positioning of four shutter blades on a 100% surface area in all positions, for precise framing of any object regar

tech-guides-both-coverscrop800DALI Alliance technical guides published
Tuesday, 26 October 2021

USA/UK - The DALI Alliance has published two new technical guides that give more details about the DALI specifications for wireless and IP-based connectivity. One guide examines wireless lighting control with DALI gateways, whilst the other explores the DALI+ specification for providing DALI lighting control over wireless and IP-based networks. Both guides are available for free at
Based on the open global standard IEC 62386, DALI was originally built around wired networks, but has recently broadened its scope to encompass wireless applications. The two new guides set out different ways of using wireless connectivity for lighting control, giving designers the flexibility to match the control system to their specific requirements.

schmigadoon3Schmigadoon! turns to Martin Professional
Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Canada - To bring a combination of hyper-realistic daylight looks and classic theatrical lighting to the production of Schmigadoon!, director of photography Todd Elyzen, lighting programmer Jason McKinnon and gaffer Bill Kassis deployed more than 200 Martin Professional MAC Encore Performance CLD fixtures supplied by Christie Lites.
Schmigadoon! is a six-episode Apple TV+ streaming series based on the 1947 musical Brigadoon, starring Cecily Strong and Keegan-Michael Key as a couple who find themselves transported into a golden-age musical. Set in an idyllic mountain village and full of dance numbers and homages to iconic musicals, Schmigadoon! required a combination of realistic daylight illumination and exaggerated theatrical lighting. Since much of the show was shot on elaborate sets with a 40ft-high, 360-degree blue screen for digital set extensions, consistent illumination was critical yet lighting angles were limited.
To achieve the right look for every scene and be able to easily switch between and recall lighting setups, Todd Elyzen came up with the unorthodox idea to deploy a lighting rig primarily composed of moving-head fixtures mounted overhead. Lighting programmer Jason McKinnon selected the Martin MAC Encore Performance CLD for the task, securing more than 200 fixtures with the help of Christie Lites rental representative Joe Foley. In the end, the team deployed half of those fixtures on the primary set at Vancouver Film Studios, supplemented by additional sources to create a base level of ambient light in daytime

robe-vmas-2021-5473-alivecoverage-courtesy-stephen-bondio-yellow-studioRobe lights 2021 Video Music Awards
Tuesday, 26 October 2021

USA - The 2021 MTV VMAs (Video Music Awards) was back in-person, in style and with a live audience at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn, New York City as the event celebrated its 40th year.
Lighting designer Tom Sutherland of DX7 Design worked closely with a team including creative director Paul Caslin, camera director Joe Demaio and set designer Julio Himede of Yellow Studio. Over 300 Robe moving lights featured.
The Robe count included 204 BMFL WashBeams, 80 MegaPointes and 50 Pointes which graced the rig together with a 16-way RoboSpot remote followspot system.
Last year was Tom’s first lighting this high-profile entertainment industry event and 2020 had also been special as it was the only VMAs to be staged virtually with an array of remote performances.
This year, Tom’s starting point for lighting was Julio’s striking set which included a 45ft high inflatable astronaut towering above the long side of the stadium. The figure mimicked the popular VMA logo and awards statues introduced in 2017, inspired by images from various moon landings, and was brought to life for the show with video mapping.
The main artist entrance / exit point was through the astronaut’s chest, with two full stages built left and right of this, directly opposite one another, each occupying one entire end of the event space, with everything connected by an elegant 360-degree oval-shaped catwalk.
The catwalk was constructed from video floor panels which looked stunning in the overhead and crane shots, and it circled a sunken ‘golden circle’ pit,

act-entertainmentfamily-of-brands-1ACT Entertainment debuts at InfoComm
Tuesday, 26 October 2021

USA - ACT Entertainment, the newly-formed entity borne from the merging of the ACT Lighting and RHC Holdings families of companies, will exhibit under its new branding for the first time at InfoComm 2021 (stand 5753).
With a heritage in several key markets such as pro AV, installation, broadcast, touring/live, retail, house of worship, film and television, and industrial markets, ACT Entertainment streamlines all of its brands into ‘a collective, market-focused approach’.
In recognition of this new business objective, the company will be showcasing its recently-launched Just Networking brand, along with MA Lighting, ProCo Sound and Ayrton products, at the show.
“With the entertainment industry among the hardest hit through the pandemic, we recognised the importance of creating one unified, efficient approach to servicing each of our markets as they rebound,” says Dale Williams, president and COO of ACT Entertainment. “This change happened organically, as our industries adapted and evolved to the new ways of delivering content and entertainment. We’re excited to officially launch ACT Entertainment at InfoComm.”
ACT Entertainment’s new Just Networking brand is a streamlined, plug-and-play remote control system for audio and video. Comprised of a simplified hardware device, known as the.Bridge, and a software solution, the.Platform, Just Networking offers ‘the integrity of advanced networking in an easy-to-use format that’s perfect for users of all skill levels’. The securely encrypted, fast (500 Mbps), transparent entertain

bridlingtonDW Windsor revives Bridlington seafront
Monday, 25 October 2021

UK - On the East coast of Yorkshire, Bridlington is a popular seaside destination for days out and family holidays.
Lacking any major redevelopment for almost three decades, the seafront’s public spaces were in need of regeneration. So in 2019, East Riding of Yorkshire Council embarked on an ambitious £4m project to transform an area between Garrison Square and Regent Gardens, reinvigorating the space with a new, colourful look.
Crucial to the revitalisation plan was the installation of new lighting elements within the communal areas. Lighting design practice, Sutton Vane Associates, was appointed by engineering consultants Sweco to design a lighting scheme that added vibrancy to the site whilst also providing a practical benefit after dark.
To help realise their creative vision for the location, Sutton Vane Associates commissioned outdoor lighting specialist, DW Windsor, to develop a custom lighting solution to fulfil the new design.
DW Windsor worked with Sutton Vane Associates to create several bespoke, illuminated totems that formed the centrepiece of the new lighting scheme. The totems are lit from top to bottom and incorporate colour-changing functionality, which can be set for different purposes, such as celebrating holidays and calendar events.
In addition, Sutton Vane Associated specified DW Windsor’s inground linear lighting solution, Vaio, to further enhance the walkways along the seafront. Given the coastal location, the lighting needed to withstand highly variable weather conditions. Vaio is a fully encapsulated IP6

outlanderChamSys takes lead role on Outlander
Monday, 25 October 2021

UK - The hit Starz TV series Outlander has captivated global audiences with its intensely visceral tale centred around time travel. And with the passage of time comes change, which is something that Jon Towler can appreciate as lighting programmer and console operator for the programme.
Towler, of Nineteen Sixtyone began working on Outlander when it debuted in 2013 at the invitation of its HOD gaffer Scott Napie and has been with the programme for all six seasons since. In that time, the show has made a major transition from tungsten and HMI heavy lighting into a rig consisting mostly of LED fixtures.
“Things change, and as technology has advanced, the lighting has transitioned dramatically,” saysTowler. “The biggest surprise to me was how quickly the show embraced LED & wireless DMX. To give you an idea of how dramatically things changed, we started season 1 with eight universes of DMX for the studio (controlling mostly tungsten & fluorescent). We ended season 6 with 180 universes of DMX in the studio and 12 Universes of wireless DMX.
“The transition to pixelated LED fixtures and wireless DMX has created the tool kit the DOP always dreamed of,” continues Towler. “However, it’s also introduced new issues of how to control all the different types of fixtures, with each manufacturer taking different approaches to control and colour spaces. My biggest challenge as programmer/console operator is to ensure that as these changes have taken place, there are always as many options available to the DOP in the shortest time


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