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fey-desnuda-cdmx-fey270417566Robe Pointes on Fey’s Desnuda tour
Monday, 17 December 2018

Mexico - Lighting designer Pablo Gutierrez utilised 52 of Robe’s Pointe multi-functional moving lights for the launch of Mexican singer Fey’s new Desnuda (Nude) tour.
The tour kicked off in full-on style at the 18,000 capacity Arena Ciudad de México (Mexico City Arena) in the country’s vibrant metropolis.
Fey is a multi-talented Latin Grammy nominated singer, songwriter, designer, dancer, record producer, director and actress who has recorded seven successful studio albums and was massive in the 1990s following the release of her first album Fey in 1995. The proactive celebrity wanted to make maximum impact for her singing and live touring comeback, so her management team asked Gutierrez to create a suitably high impact production design for the show.
As well as being spectacular, the design had to be scalable for an arena tour which follows in 2019 and for potential festival appearances. Gutierrez was recommended independently by three different people for the job of designing Desnuda.
For this Arena Ciudad de México gig, audio, lighting, staging and all aspects of technical production - including video from La Catrina Films and rigging from TYM Riggers - were managed by Live Entertainment a company Gutierrez also runs together with Soho Avila, who was this high-profile show’s production manager.
The Pointes were arranged on a series of six trusses above the stage forming a trapezoidal shape - wider at the top. Each of these trusses moved in and out individually on an automation system.
“Fey wanted to r

sh-children-in-n-eed-2018-3S+H helps Children in Need telethon shine
Monday, 17 December 2018

UK - S+H Technical, specialists for LED visual effects, drapes and starcloths, supplied around 350sq.m of its LED Animation cloth and 450sq.m of standard RGB starcloth drape for the BBC’s 2018 Children in Need telethon, broadcast live on BBC One and BBC Two.
Featuring a star-studded line-up, the event raised over £50m for the 2018 appeal in what was the crescendo of this year’s fundraising activities for disadvantaged children and young people in communities across the UK.
The telethon production design was created by Alex Craig - working on his 10th Children in Need - and this new look for 2018 featured some threads from the previous design to keep a strand of continuity, together with some spectacular new elements including lots of LED and a large upstage LED wall, 14m wide by 5m high, which split in the middle and opened for performer entrances and exits.
“The look was modern, clean and now,” explains Alex, adding that his brief from executive producer Leanne Witcoop was to ensure the space looked integrated and a contrast from last year where there were three distinctive different performance areas on the one set.
The stage was all on one level, punctuated with curves and spheres which defined its general shape, complete with the spectacular long multi-layered curved LED screen set piece upstage, finished in gold shimmer disc material and outlined with LED strips.
This was flanked by two smaller semi-circle curved screens, also edged with several lines of LED - like a giant geometric spirograph design - and clad in chrome s

distancephoto-by-the-other-richard1Artiste Picasso auditions at Park Theatre
Monday, 17 December 2018

UK - London-based LD Dan Saggars had the opportunity to put Elation’s new Artiste Picasso LED profile to the test on the new Park Theatre drama, Distance in September.
Saggars required a flexible light that could both wash wide to cover the stage and isolate for dramatic specials and placed the units in overhead and side positions to achieve the desired result. “I was able to get massive coverage with the overhead units,” the designer states, “and then extremely specific specials from the sidelights that were able to perfectly isolate areas, people, even body parts.”
Distance, which played 5-29 September in the theatre’s intimate Park 90 space, is a powerful examination of the trials and tribulations of mental illness. Male suicide provides the context for the play, an intense dramatic experience played out on an express train and through a series of flashbacks.
With a snug setting and an audience in close proximity to the emotion being played out on stage, an important criterion was a muted lighting fixture. With the low sidelight units placed only about a meter in front of the audience, fan noise was a concern. “I sat as close as I could to a sidelight Picasso unit for one of the performances and was extremely impressed with how silent it was,” Saggars comments. “I was very pleased to be able to watch the sound designer put her ear right up against the unit in search of the source of loud fan noise, only to find it coming from the sole projector up in the rig.”
When laying down colour, Saggars says he was a

pirates-paradise1Chauvet shines at Lille’s Pirates Paradise
Monday, 17 December 2018

France - Pirates Paradise, a pirate-themed restaurant in Lille, offers more than an array of delectable dishes as well as an interior complete with shipwrecks, treasure chests, mysterious coves, and live shows.
Lending colour and excitement to this immersive spectacle is a Jocelyn Morel lighting design that features Chauvet DJ Intimidator, COREPar and EVE fixtures. Morel, whose impressive body of work includes the renowned Au Bonheur des Dames cabaret, was contacted by Grégory Devilder, the CEO of Public Address, the company that owns the 500-seat venue, to create a versatile lighting design that would enhance the restaurant’s shows as well as its unique themed flourishes.
“I know Grégory quite well and understood what he was looking for from the lighting design,” explains Jocelyn. “The lighting system here must do more than merely illuminate the room, it must also contribute to the theatrical looks of the live shows that happen several times during the dinner portion of the day. Of course, while doing that, lighting must also contribute to the mood of the setting by making the scenic elements come alive with colour and movement.”
For effects on the stage and throughout the venue, Jocelyn is relying on eight Intimidator Wash Zoom 450 IRC and eight Intimidator Hybrid 140SR fixtures. Colorising the live performances, as well as the scenic elements located throughout the restaurant, are six COREPar 80 USB and 10 EVE P-130 RGB fixtures.
A collection of 18 Ovation H-605FC fixtures is also used at Pirates Paradise for house light

etc-arcsystemfamilyETC acquires GDS product lines
Friday, 14 December 2018

UK - ETC has expanded its partnership with fellow lighting manufacturer GDS by acquiring its ArcSystem, BlueSystem and CueSystem product lines.
Under the new agreement, ETC will assume the global manufacturing and distribution responsibilities for ArcSystem, BlueSystem and CueSystem from August 2019.
David Lincecum, ETC vice-president of marketing, comments: “ETC plans to expand our work in architectural lighting throughout the world, and bringing these GDS products under the ETC banner is the leading edge of that strategy. We look forward to assisting customers around the world in their migration to architectural LED lighting. GDS have designed great products and we are pleased to take them over in 2019.”
Richard Cuthbert, GDS managing director, adds: "Following this new agreement together, we will see GDS move forward into a new, exciting stage of expansion. We are, as a company, more focused than ever before to bring new problem-solving products to our customers. We look forward to working with ETC in the future combining our technical expertise for the benefit of the industry."
Prior to this agreement, ETC and GDS had already been in a partnership where the American company had been manufacturing and selling the ArcSystem and BlueSystem products in North and South America since 2015. Until the latest deal takes place, customers should continue to use the existing GDS sales channels. ETC and GDS will continue to develop and service the for customers around the world.
ArcSystem is an award-winning range of modular, efficien

hackney-empires-aladdin-robery-workmanIt’s panto season for White Light
Friday, 14 December 2018

UK - With the festive season now upon us, theatre stages up and down the country are being filled with dames, beanstalks, flying carpets and glass slippers. White Light is once again suppyling a range of pantomimes this Christmas.
Pantomimes are many venues’ biggest production of the year, with these classic childhood stories often starring household names. An all-time favourite is Aladdin and, this year, WL is supplying several versions of the show, including one at Hackney Empire which is lit by David Howe. He comments: “Hackney Empire’s Aladdin evolved a lot in the rehearsal process, with a lot new music being written specifically for this production. My brief, as ever, was to enhance the whole look of the show and help the audience focus on each story-telling moment.”
WL is also supplying Aladdin in Cambridge, Crawley, Norwich, Yeovil and Swindon, with the Wyvern Theatre production starring EastEnders’ Adam Woodyatt. The lighting programmer for the show is Eden Thornton, who comments: “I’ve now worked on ten pantos over the last six years. They can often be hard work as you’re trying to create a big show in what’s not a great amount of time. That said, it’s very exhilarating. It’s also important to have a good team around you as well as the services of a reliable hire company; hence we try and use WL whenever we can.”
Other popular titles that WL is supplying include Snow White in Bolton and Malvern, along with The Wizard of Oz at the Birmingham Rep and Bolton Octagon. Cinderella is goin

csr-lightingMicrosoft shows support with SGM
Friday, 14 December 2018

UK - For International Day of Persons with Disabilities, also known as #Purplelightup, installation company CSR Lighting illuminated various of Microsoft’s UK internal offices as well as the exterior of their Reading office. For these eye-catching purple illuminations, CSR Lighting decided to use SGM fixtures.
“We have continued to invest and specify SGM products as they work for us in every environment we visit,” says Gary Willn from CSR Lighting.
“To allow the client to get the most from the #Purplelightup, we used SGM’s G-Profile Turbo to frame the client’s logo on the front of the building in the pure white available from the Turbo. We have had G-Profiles in hire since their launch and it made total sense to go with the new Turbo version of the fixture to have the extra light output from the same sized fixture,” says Willn. “The building was lit overnight, so as the staff arrived the next morning, they had the full impact of the installation. As expected from SGM, every fixture ran faultlessly.”
The exterior of the distinctive Microsoft office block was lit with six of the powerful P-10 lights using Elliptical lenses to give a rich punch to the purple colour across the entire building.
“The P-10 gave us a powerful output from a small footprint, without having the area scattered with lighting across the front of the building. This saved the client valuable parking spaces, which worked for us and the client,” explains Willn.
The big weather changes during this installation was no issue to the IP classified fixture

nigeriaDWR and Livespot host Lagos training
Friday, 14 December 2018

Nigeria - DWR Distribution recently joined with Livespot Productions to present a free two-day lighting workshop in Ikeja, GRA in Lagos.
The DWR team included Jannie de Jager and Michael Taylor-Broderick who presented the training, along with Duncan Riley, Kyle Robson and JP de Vernon, who were eager to be part of the adventure.
Topics covered included the objectives of stage lighting, controllable properties of light, light and colour theory, setting up and designing a lighting system, reading lighting plots and fault-finding.
“I loved the attitude of the attendees,” says Michael Taylor-Broderick. “They came thirsty for knowledge and were deeply invested in the training. I was humbled by their sense of gratitude towards us for the sharing of our knowledge. There is huge potential in the entertainment industry in Nigeria and I believe the industry, as a whole, have yet to realise what these capabilities are… I believe they are boundless.”
The experience was echoed by Jannie de Jager. “There is an incredible desire for information by the people of Nigeria,” he said. “I have never had a workshop with so much involvement and feedback from the trainees. The questions asked were good and extremely relevant to their situation and at times I had to think a little before answering! This enthusiastic involvement helped to steer the course in a direction that was pertinent to meet their needs.”
(Jim Evans)

danielmejeanretouchee1000x1000Solotech appoints VP strategic sourcing
Thursday, 13 December 2018

Canada - Solotech has named Daniel Méjean as vice-president (strategic sourcing) effective 14 January 2019.
In this new position under the direction of Nicolas Lavoie, chief financial officer, Méjean will actively contribute to the performance of the rapidly growing sourcing department as a key player in strategic planning, as well as long and short-term alliance building with suppliers and partner.
Méjean has over 20 years of experience in strategic sourcing management and direction in large-scale companies.
(Jim Evans)

laserworldshoweditorv7-freeFree software with Laserworld ShowNET
Thursday, 13 December 2018

Europe - Every buyer of a ShowNET Ethernet Interface for laser control now receives Laserworld Showeditor for free. The professional laser show control software Laserworld Showeditor is suitable for live laser control as well as for timeline programming complete laser shows. It already comes with 250 free laser shows. It is possible to create own logos, texts or graphics and use the tracing tool to convert pixel pictures to laser compatible files.
The Laserworld ShowNET interface is a LAN interface, so no long ILDA cables are required any more. It has a built-in SD-card that ILDA frames and animations can be loaded to. The contents on the SD card as well as the pre-set patterns can be remotely triggered via DMX (16 bit X+Y axis resolution) or can run stand alone in automatic operation. ILDA Streaming is supported, too.
Laserworld Showeditor can be used for creating logos, texts or animations to be used with the ShowNET interface (ILDA export), but it’s also possible to directly live output with Laserworld Showeditor through the ShowNET LAN interface.
(Jim Evans)

cascade-hills-church1Elation enhances Cascade Hills Church
Thursday, 13 December 2018

USA - While many churches struggle to attract new members or keep current ones, Cascade Hills Church in Columbus, Georgia, has found success by keeping things fresh and presenting church as more than just an hour-a-week event to endure. With the knowledge that AV and dynamic lighting systems can positively impact the overall worship experience, Cascade Hills chose a flexible Elation stage lighting system to raise its profile and help grow its ministry.
Cascade Hills personnel called on local Columbus-based Absolute Audio Systems for a lighting solution that would enhance both the live and broadcast aspects of their worship services. “Cascade Hills is an active church that was in need of a lighting upgrade so they could improve the look of their weekly services and TV broadcasts, as well as special events like musical performances,” explains Todd Buckner, owner of Absolute Audio Systems.
The Absolute Audio team identified what production technology changes to undertake and delivered a dynamic lighting rig that complements the wide variety of events the church presents in its main sanctuary each week. “We did comparisons in the venue with various products and they chose an Elation lighting package because, simply put, they looked the best.”
The lighting upgrade in the 2500-seat main sanctuary, which came on the heels of a video, camera and house lighting upgrade late in 2017, consists of eight Platinum Beam 5R Extreme moving head beam lights, nine Chorus Line 16 LED battens, and 4 Fuze Wash Z350 single source PAR moving head luminaires. The

rh-stpaul-dsc00064-1Iconyx meets challenges of Cathedral of St Paul
Wednesday, 12 December 2018

USA - Completed in 1915, St Paul, Minnesota's massive Cathedral of St Paul is the country's largest church outside of New York and Washington, D.C. Its Saint Cloud granite exterior walls are matched in grandeur by the American Travertine marble coating the 3,000-capacity interior, which reaches 175ft up to a dome nearly 100ft in diameter.
It's a big, reverberant space. "If you took the Statue of Liberty off its pedestal and set it in here, it would fit under the dome," observes Randy Keeley of St Paul AV systems integrator Metro Sound & Lighting. "And everything within this space is very reflective: Travertine marble all over the walls and floors, hardwood pews, different angles, glass-you've got sound literally going everywhere." These are not friendly acoustics for any kind of amplified sound, yet a sound system is the only way every worshipper can hear what is being said and sung.
It's a tough problem but all in a day's work for Metro Sound. "In the more than 40 years since Metro Sound's founding, we have performed installations in numerous churches and spaces with tough acoustics, so we understood the nature of the challenge," Keeley explains.
Keeley's solution was a left/right system of two Renkus-Heinz Iconyx Gen5 IC32-RN digitally steerable line arrays, which enabled him to keep sound off the walls and on the congregation. To preserve the cathedral's aesthetics, the loudspeakers were colour-matched to the marble.
Every IC32-RN houses 32 purpose-designed, 4-inch coaxial transducers, each with its own amplifier and DSP channel. Each

nickcannon2Nick Cannon comes home with Chauvet
Wednesday, 12 December 2018

USA - Comedian Nick Cannon returned to his hometown of San Diego, which presented him with a plaque and declared an official ‘Nick Cannon Day’ in America’s eighth largest city.
The highlight of the visit was Cannon’s sold-out Wild ‘N Out show at San Diego State’s 12,000-capacity Viejas Arena. Featuring appearances by Eman Hudson and a bevy of other guest stars, along with games like Wildstyle and Let Me Holla from Cannon’s hit MTV programme, the show served up a full Wild ‘N Out experience, one that was made all the more intimate for his hometown fans by its open circular stage.
Although the stage setup strengthened the connection between Cannon and his audience, its open design created special challenges for lighting designer/technical director Marc Wasserman of 3 with1 Grab Productions. Wasserman, who has worked on the star’s tours many times in the past, addressed these issues in stunning fashion with help from Chauvet Professional Maverick and Rogue fixtures, supplied by Pro Systems Event Solutions.
“The Viejas Arena was designed for basketball games,” says Wasserman. “Having our show on a 360° stage here meant we had to do some inventive things to create a sense of depth without breaking up the fans’ sightlines. Our stage was positioned directly under the arena’s circular scoreboard. We used this positioning to our advantage as far as hanging the lights was concerned.”
Wasserman flew 60’ x 70’ box truss centred and trimmed just above the scoreboard. Spreading 12 Maverick MK2

electionHES lights Midterm Election coverage
Wednesday, 12 December 2018

USA - ABC News’ live coverage of the nation’s Midterm Elections counted on High End Systems LED lighting to do the heavy lifting for the November 6 broadcast.
LD Dennis Size of the Lighting Design Group was called in to ensure that the anchors, reporters, political consultants, statisticians and other guests were seen in their best light. To meet that requirement, Size specified 42 HES SolaFrame 750s and 12 SolaSpot 1500 automated luminaires from Main Light to supplement his conventional fixture package and to keep up with the continuously-changing action.
“I’m strictly a High End guy,” the New York-based LD explains. “I was once a strong Vari-lite user, but HES has made great strides with the advances in the Sola line. That is all I specify now.”
ABC’s senior production designer Seth Easter created the special two-story high set for ABC News. The bottom floor featured desks for 20 different anchor positions surrounding the centrepiece - a circular centre floor (of Roe black marble 3 mm LED) through which stunning 3D graphics were created for the TV viewing audience. The second floor featured ABC Live’s Digital Studio. Video walls spanned both floors. The entire production was rife with reflective surfaces, ambient lighting and moving anchor positions - all of which provided lighting challenges.
More challenges appeared a month before rehearsals once the studio rig was hung. Size couldn’t get machinery such as snorkel lifts or genie lifts back onto the video floor to make any adjustments for position moves in his convention

ultraUltra Events goes Mega
Wednesday, 12 December 2018

South Africa - Ultra Events is a technical supply and production company based in Cape Town, South Africa, owned and run by Costa Champanis and is the latest in several rental companies in the region to invest in Robe’s MegaPointe multi-functional luminaire. Ultra took delivery of four units initially with the rest to follow soon.
The company started commercial life as Ultra Sound, specialising in professional audio for assorted events markets.
Immediately the Pointes were onboard, the demand was so great that they upped the initial four units to 24 in less than a year.
Based on their success with the Pointes and the intense demand on riders for MegaPointes, they ordered these from South African distributor, DWR.
The first event for the new MegaPointes was lighting the runway show for the two-day #COSMOFest2018 fashion extravaganza, staged at Canal Walk Shopping Centre, Cape Town. Lighting designer JP Wilson integrated them with the rest of the lighting at the entrance end of the runway, where they were rigged to the sides of a trussing border running around a large LED screen.
(Jim Evans)

kinesys-prodigy-pro142240026Kinesys on the road with Prodigy
Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Europe - “I wanted a bit of additional craziness going on behind the band,” says Prodigy lighting and set designer Tim Fawkes. He is utilising eight Kinesys Elevation motors to move four special 4m long lighting trusses up and down, just upstage of the band, for the current European leg of their No Tourists tour.
The four pods in their home position made up two apex shapes to blend in with the rest of the structural trussing design. Each one is lined with four Martin Sceptron LED battens, five GLP JDC1 strobes, four Robe MegaPointe moving lights, four Showtec Sunstrips and five old-skool PAR cans with CP60 bulbs for a classic ‘ACL’ look.
All lighting and rigging equipment is being supplied by Blackburn based rental company HSL.
Having these pods automated on the Kinesys motors using a Vector controller enabled Tim to add lots of extra dynamics to the mayhem.
Another recently completed HSL tour utilising Kinesys featured an elegant and slick show design by Andy Hurst.
Andy’s design featured two identical large LED screens - one upstage and one downstage. The downstage one moved up and down on four Kinesys points controlled by Kinesys’ flexible and straightforward Vector software.
Summer and early autumn saw the Chemical Brothers on the road completing a hectic festival schedule followed by a week of high-profile headline shows, complete with another visual experience created by show designers Adam Smith and Marcus Lyall.
The fully integrated Chemical Brothers lighting and video show featured a large LED scr

chasalbeaChas Albea takes on new role at Bandit
Tuesday, 11 December 2018

USA - Bandit Lites long time team member Chas Albea has been promoted to equipment co-ordinator for the Nashville shop. He will be responsible for planning, directing and coordinating Bandit’s massive collection of gear for preparation and distribution among productions.
Albea’s journey into the lighting world was one of happenstance as he studied audio engineering in school before a friend recommended Bandit Lites.
“After working here for a month or so, I slowly started picking up knowledge in lighting as my quest for an audio job became a thing of the past,” comments Albea. “The rest, as they say, is history.”
Albea’s 10-year tenure at Bandit Lites has taken him on the road with tours such as Montgomery Gentry, Avenged Sevenfold, Paulina Rubio, Santana, Shinedown, WWE, Lee Brice, Rascal Flatts and Alice Cooper.
“Chas was ready to make the transition from road to shop life,” comments Bandit Lites general manager Mark Steinwachs. “His time in the industry and at Bandit give him a great understanding not only of what it takes to prep and do shows, but also the equipment that Bandit has in its arsenal. Chas has done shows with most of the road crew and worked with the office staff throughout his time at Bandit; simply put: Bandit knows Chas and Chas knows Bandit.”
(Jim Evans)

mitchellsadofksyretouchev2Solotech appoints sales director
Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Canada - Solotech has announced the appointment of Mitchell Sadofsky as sales director, effective 10 December.
Sadofsky holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Business Management (Double Major) from the University of Massachusetts. He has been working in business management for about 15 years. His areas of expertise include, among others, account management, and sales growth planning and analysis in large-scale companies such as Peerless Electric and Alico Lighting.
“Thanks to his solid experience in business development in Ontario, Mr Sadofsky was the natural choice for this position. We are looking forward to engaging his skills and leadership,” says Philip Giffard, president, sales and integration division.
(Jim Evans)

showtecShowtec Singapore adds Claypaky fixtures
Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Singapore - Lighting solutions expert Showtec has made a major investment in Claypaky Scenius Unico and Mythos 2 fixtures to serve its extensive South East Asia markets.
The company, which provides lighting to entertainment, corporate and exhibition events, now has 100 Scenius Unico and 50 Mythos 2 in stock. It is based in its Singapore HQ and has regional offices in Malaysia, China, Myanmar, Indonesia, Cambodia and Thailand.
Showtec’s director of sales, Vincent Tan, says: “We are always looking to invest in the most innovative products on the market and Claypaky is ahead of the curve, producing world-class quality fixtures with distinctive features that are exciting for our market.
“The South East Asia live entertainment and events scene is growing rapidly and there is a hunger for the latest technology to achieve stunning and dynamic effects. That’s why we invested in so many Scenius Unico and Mythos 2 fixtures.
“The Scenius Unico is a fantastic multifunctional light - the fact that it can be used as both an excellent wash and a powerful spotlight makes it perfect for so many applications and therefore a wide range of clients.”
“We work closely with many lighting designers and we listen to what they want in terms of new kit,” Tan continues. “We are confident that our Claypaky investment will fulfil their requirements. In fact, a large number of both the Scenius Unico and the Mythos 2 went out almost immediately on [Cantopop superstars] Alan Tam & Sam Hui’s Happy Together Classic Express world tour, whic

wizard-of-oznew-albany-hs4Elation on the Yellow Brick Road
Tuesday, 11 December 2018

USA - New Albany High School in New Albany, Indiana, recently completed seven sold out performances of the timeless classic The Wizard of Oz and used their new rig of Elation Professional lighting fixtures to help bring the musical to life.
With three top-tier theatre programmes only miles from each other, Southern Indiana is a proven mecca for high school theatre. After sister school Floyd Central High School received a lighting upgrade of Elation fixtures a couple of years ago, New Albany High School was ecstatic when their opportunity came.
“When funds came around, we were next,” said New Albany High School’s resident lighting and sound designer Crit Fisher, who was employed by the school five years ago to help resurrect what he says was an increasingly neglected programme. “Although New Albany High School has roots in theatre the program was in dire need of an upgrade when I arrived. We had a hodge podge of instruments and no LED units or moving heads at all. I was renting $4k of lighting for our shows.”
All that changed over the summer of 2018 with a lighting upgrade made up of seven of Elation’s award-winning Artiste DaVinci LED moving head spots along with six Platinum Seven LED moving heads, 18 Arena Zoom Q7IP and 15 Arena Par Zoom LED Par lights, 7 SixBar 500 LED battens and four Cuepix Blinder WW2 units, all supplied by Phoenix Lighting of Louisville, Kentucky.
“All students learn the basics of lighting and I come in and teach the specialized instruments,” Fisher explains, noting that all shows are student r

ku-1--matt-bishop-smlKeith Urban ‘embraces the square’ with Ayrton
Tuesday, 11 December 2018

World - Keith Urban’s 2018 world tour in support of his tenth studio album, Grafitti U, kicked off in North America in June 2018. Since then the talented country/rock singer, musician, songwriter and record producer from New Zealand has covered 59 venues in six months.
The tour’s production design firm, FragmentNine, chose 68 Ayrton MagicPanel-R fixtures, supplied by Upstaging, to add depth, dynamism and texture throughout this creative and dynamic show.
Video designer, Jackson Gallagher and lighting designer, Jeremy Lechterman of FragmentNine explained that part of the reasoning behind their choice of MagicPanel-R was largely due to its square face and special abilities, which fit into a mostly geometric and ‘square’ design. Forty-eight panels were rigged to four custom-built pods which automated as the most upstage visual element on stage, with two more pods left and right at stage level to provide low-level sidelight on the band.
“The MagicPanel-Rs are the workhorse of the show,” says Gallagher. “Originally Keith, who was quite involved in the design process, wanted a show that was entirely of video, with no lighting, to give a modern look and tone that was a departure from the traditional country style. However, knowing that video only wouldn’t provide us with enough key-light to see Keith and his band, we guided him away from this towards some form of illumination, and the compromise was to use non-traditional sources of light, something more atypical, which is where the MagicPanel-Rs came in.
“The MagicPanels he

tallest-manGLP Bars highlight Tallest Man On Earth
Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Europe - Swedish artist Kristian Matsson is better known under his stage name, The Tallest Man On Earth.
His recent European tour, in support of his album When The Bird Sees The Solid Ground, has seen LD Anders Heberling using GLP’s impression X4 Bar 20 in his stage design. He deployed 13 fixtures as a floor package with the remaining batten in the roof, directly above the head of an artist who is known for his dynamic stage performances.
The fixtures were mounted in almost completely sealed custom made boxes, allowing just small cracks for the light to shine through. According to Heberling, the inspiration for this was old barns where the sun shines through the walls.
Of his choice of lighting the LD said: “I needed a pixel batten that could move but most importantly be rigged vertically to fit inside the boxes. The wide zoom was very helpful in terms of changing the look of the stage and decreasing the risk of blinding the audience too much. The fantastic output and wonderful colours were also a big factor in choosing the fixture.”
Inventory for the European leg was provided by Bright Group but Christie Lites will be responsible for supplying the kit as the tour transfers to the US. More dates will then follow in Europe as the tour runs for over a year.
Joining Anders Heberling’s team were Wilhelm Egnell, who assisted with programming and operated several shows, and Andreas Berthling who made the custom boxes.
In summary, the LD opined: “The X4 Bar 20s are of high quality and deliver great colours. That just ab

gary-numanVLZ Profiles keep it cool for Gary Numan
Tuesday, 11 December 2018

UK - Signify reports that its Philips Vari-Lite VLZ Profile LED luminaires were chosen to meet some specific stage lighting demands on the recent Savage tour by British electronic music pioneer Gary Numan.
For special tour dates, including a showcase performance at London’s Royal Albert Hall, Numan and his band were joined on stage by an orchestra and choir. In response to this, the visual design, by Luke Edwards of Cue Design, successfully referenced the post-apocalyptic theme of the Savage album, while combining softer theatrical touches to complement the orchestra’s presence, both on the stage and in the music.
“To light the orchestra, we needed fixtures with a really nice light quality,” said Edwards, “but with so many tuneable instruments on the stage we also needed lights that wouldn’t throw out lots of heat. The VLZ Profile was a great option: the optics are beautiful, the colours and the colour temperature are beautiful, and it keeps the orchestra members and their instruments cool.”
Placed on high side-trusses at each side of stage, the VLZ Profiles gave side-light, colour and texture for the orchestra and choir in the upstage area, as well as for Numan and the band downstage. “Mostly, we’re using the gobos and prisms to put textured light on the orchestra, to light them in an interesting way,” said Edwards. “But I’m also using the VLZs a lot in open colour, just frosting it slightly to soften the light and get everyone lit really beautifully.”
In covering such a broad stage area, Edwards was aided by the pow

the-human-league-brighton-rcmRCM on tour with Human League
Tuesday, 11 December 2018

UK - The Human League’s 2018 Red tour saw the band use projection mapping for the first time, with creative content and equipment supplied by Really Creative Media.
The 27-date Red tour began in Brussels on 31 October, landing on UK shores at the Brighton Centre on 23 November, playing various size venues, from theatres and arenas, wrapping up at London’s Eventim Apollo on 8 December.
Really Creative Media (RCM) has worked with The Human League on previous tours, supplying projection equipment and creative content and the band returned to their trusted supplier to push their visual creative offering for the Red tour.
RCM supplied an MA Lighting grandMA3 Light console and OnPC Command Wing as a backup console, along with two Catalyst V6 Media Servers, six Panasonic RZ21K 20,000L laser projectors and two Panasonic RZ31K 30,000L laser projectors. These Panasonic projectors run with a laser light source rather than lamps, which means they are more reliable and the brightness is consistent throughout the projectors lifespan. The set consists of stacked 3D giant cubes, some with the band inside, which meant projection mapping onto front and rear surfaces.
RCM director Nick Dew reports: “There was quite a variation in the size of the venues, so we had the option to swap between the RZ21K and the more powerful RZ31K, depending on what levels we needed to consistently achieve the wow factor for all of the audiences. We also invested in grandMA3 consoles, which give new features to expand our creative options.”
Really Creative Media’s


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