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Prolights MiniEclipse enlightens Da VinciProlights MiniEclipse enlightens Da Vinci
Friday, 21 February 2020

Italy - The Leonardo Da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan has recently inaugurated the Leonardo Da Vinci Galleries, the largest permanent exhibition in the world entirely dedicated to the Italian scientist and artist.
The 1,300sq.m exhibition area takes visitors on an interactive multimedia journey through the life and masterpieces of one of the most important artists of the Renaissance.
The lighting installation, which contributes to give value to Leonardo’s inventions and works of art, has been set up by Sater 4.0 using more than 140 Prolights MiniEclipse.
Fabio Carolis, who works in the logistics department at Sater 4.0 says: “We chose MiniEclipse because of their extremely interesting features in terms of light output, power and colour reproduction.
“We mounted the fixtures on trusses using different optical solutions. In this way we’ve been able to create an impactful illumination in order to enhance paintings and artworks.
Deciding to use Prolights MiniEclipse was a no brainer: the product’s high flexibility, together with the Prolights team’s professionalism and reliability, have always been a guarantee of success in all our projects.”
(Jim Evans)

ChamSys MagicQ finds home in ElsewhereChamSys MagicQ finds home in Elsewhere
Friday, 21 February 2020

USA - Every form of the city’s creative expression seems to find a home with the 24,000sq. ft confines of Elsewhere in New York City, which houses a loft café, art gallery and four performance spaces. It is, as one New York newspaper critic declared, a “community-driven environment where art thrives and different cultures meet”.
Tying this creative cauldron together is a flexible lighting system that includes a large number of moving luminaires and stage fixtures as well as LED panels, most of which are controlled by the house ChamSys MagicQ MQ80 console. Chris Madden, head of production at Elsewhere, selected the ChamSys desk as the club’s main console because of its price to performance ratio.
“In addition to having a large number of fixtures, Elsewhere relies heavily on LED installations in the Hall, and throughout the building,” says Madden. “The MQ80 can handle a huge number of universes, in particular for its price point. It allows us to control all of our fixtures and multiple LED installations. Additionally, when artists bring in their own lighting package or video wall to the club, we still have open universes to control them as well.”
Elsewhere’s four performance spaces are The Hall (700 Cap), Zone One (250 cap), the Loft (100 cap) and a rooftop space (500 cap). The MagicQ MQ80 controls the lights in the Hall, where the headliner performances take place, while a MagicQ PC Wing with a computer runs lights in Zone One.
“Everything in Bushwick is busking,” says lighting designer David Wilson. “The vibe here i

Northern Light adds flexibility to the BarracksNorthern Light adds flexibility to the Barracks
Friday, 21 February 2020

UK - Northern Light was commissioned to design, supply and install a new lighting and AV system by The Robertson Trust for Stirling.
They were asked to provide systems which were as flexible as possible and allow the room to be used in many different configurations as the final configuration of the rooms was yet to be determined.
The proposed systems included: overhead suspension bars and lighting grids, power distribution, LED fixtures, projection, installed sound, fixed control rack, facility the new conference space within the Barracks Conference Centre, panels with cable infrastructure and a lectern.
Northern Light was also asked to provide video conferencing and presentation systems for the meeting rooms within the barracks building. The systems had to be capable of interoperability between the systems as the room will be hired out for many different client needs. Northern Light worked alongside Blackstar solutions to provide a Starleaf solution which is able to communicate between all different video conferencing systems.
“We worked with the client to produce an end result that provides the room with a user-friendly conference presentation system with additional control for larger different events and the additional challenge of an infrastructure to meet any unknown requirements in the future,” comments project manager Steve Dick.
(Jim Evans)

White Light is part of the family for Uncle VanyaWhite Light is part of the family for Uncle Vanya
Thursday, 20 February 2020

UK - White Light has supplied the lighting equipment for Anton Checkov’s Uncle Vanya which has opened at the Harold Pinter Theatre in London’s West End.
This latest production has been directed by Ian Rickson and features a lighting design by Bruno Poet. Bruno comments: “What’s great about this translation is that it doesn’t reinvent the original but actually gives it a modern edge, using contemporary and accessible language which makes it moving, clear and very funny. Whilst it is set in the 19th century, the themes feel completely relevant to today.”
Bruno’s brief on the show was to move the story forward and support the character’s emotional journeys. He explains: “The script calls for a sense of the time of day, and the weather. We start in summer sunshine, move to a hot, but stormy night, then enter an autumnal afternoon that slowly travels through sunset to dusk and night time.
“The production all happens in the same space, so the lighting needed to give each act a distinctive feel while belonging within Rae Smith’s elegant design. Although we are guided by the script, Ian and I wanted the feel to be bold and expressionistic, sculpting the air and supporting the focus of the performers; with all the characters trapped in the misery of loneliness and unrequited love.”
As such, Bruno started designing his rig and choosing the fixtures that would be most suitable. He comments: “I knew I wanted tungsten light through the big windows that make up most of the stage right wall. I needed the rich warms across the


Storyhouse upgrades to SolaFrame with WLStoryhouse upgrades to SolaFrame with WL
Thursday, 20 February 2020

UK - Chester’s Storyhouse is an award-winning venue encompassing a theatre, library, restaurant and cinema. Housed in a restored Odeon building that dates back to 1936, it now holds an 800-seat auditorium and a 200-seat studio theatre. SolaFrame 1000 luminaires from High End Systems are the latest addition to the venue’s LED inventory as part of a tungsten replacement programme.
“With busy rep seasons multiple times throughout the year, playing up to four shows on top of one other, flexibility within our lighting equipment has always been key,” says Storyhouse technical manager, Andy Patterson. “We opened our building in May 2017 with a four-show rep season and a schedule that didn’t allow for refocuses between shows.”
During the first year of operation, the venue’s kit list included a combination of Source Four, Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr and ColorSource Spot fixtures from ETC. Added to this were some tungsten Fresnels, some ex-hire tungsten moving head wash lights and four moving light profiles.
“Given the impending demise of tungsten, the increasing difficulty getting hold of lamps for units like the TW1 and the desire to improve our production quality, I put together a 10-year tungsten replacement program,” explains Patterson.
With the intention of replacing the tungsten moving fixtures and bolstering their generic stock with LED replacements, Storyhouse turned to White Light, and worked closely with business development manager Jonathan Haynes for some impartial and invaluable advice. Haynes talked through the opt

Chauvet DJ supports Anna Meredith’s musicChauvet DJ supports Anna Meredith’s music
Wednesday, 19 February 2020

UK - Reflecting the raw, unsettling power and complexity of composer and performer Anna Meredith’s music in light is no easy undertaking, especially when contending with limited time, space and budget. But that’s what Simon Horn did on 5 February, when Meredith appeared at London’s progressive EartH, with help from a collection of Chauvet DJ fixtures.
“For a one-off show with minimal space, power draw, and load-in time, I need something that could be set up quickly and easily, yet still allow me to create the kind of immersive looks that would support this artist’s exciting music,’ says Horn of Purple Lighting. “I also knew that uplighting the area around the stage and backlighting the band itself would be critical to creating the kind of mood I was after.”
Horn found what he was looking for in the Chauvet DJ Freedom Flex H4 IP. Positioning 12 of the battery powered, wireless fixtures at the edges of the stage for uplighting, and a further 12 behind the band for backlighting and curtain silhouetting, he created a dreamy, other-worldly aura around the stage that reinforced the beckoning transcendental quality of Meredith’s music.
The adjustable kickstand on the Freedom Flex H4 IP allowed Horn to achieve the light angles he wanted despite the relatively cramped quarters on the venue’s stage. “Given the spatial limitations we faced, it would not have been possible to get the desired angle with a traditional up light type of fixture,” he says. “The tilt option along with the wireless operation made these lights ideal for this

Eat to the Beat on Strictly Live! tour menuEat to the Beat on Strictly Live! tour menu
Tuesday, 18 February 2020

UK - As the Strictly Come Dancing Live! 2020 tour draws to a close, crew and artist catering specialist Eat to the Beat has received positive media feedback from the celebrities, professional dancers, judges and crew.
With 33 dates in major venues throughout the UK and Ireland from 16 January to 9 February there was plenty of scope for Eat to the Beat’s culinary team to get creative and cook up a feast. Whilst menus always featured tasty healthy options, including plant-based meals, to fuel the dancers ahead of each performance, there’s no doubt that the amazing array of tempting desserts on offer were also a definite hit.
Mary Shelley-Smith, global operations director for Eat to the Beat comments: “The Strictly Come Dancing Live! tour is always a highlight in Eat to the Beat’s calendar, the whole team really enjoy working with the celebrities, professional dancers, judges and crew. We always receive a warm welcome and knowing that they’re all huge fans of our food is really pleasing. Seeing all the social media posts and the wonderful comments in Heat magazine over the last few weeks is fantastic feedback for the team on a job well done.”

Vectorworks Design Summit speakers confirmedVectorworks Design Summit speakers confirmed
Tuesday, 18 February 2020

USA - Design and BIM software provider, Vectorworks has named lighting designer Roland Greil and Vectorworks CEO Dr. Biplab Sarkar as the keynote speakers for the fifth Vectorworks Design Summit. This year’s Summit will have two firsts: an entertainment design keynote speaker and a West Coast location.
From 22-24 April 2020 in San Diego, California at the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa, design professionals, educators and students in the architecture, landscape and entertainment industries will be able to participate in industry workshops, product training for all levels of expertise, inspiring keynotes, networking opportunities and a customer appreciation party.
Sarkar, with the support of Vectorworks staff will deliver the first keynote on 23 April. His talk Simplicity to Design the Complex will focus on Vectorworks’ strategies to see where the company and products are headed, including partnerships, acquisitions and emerging technologies.
“With design trends constantly evolving, we must remain at the forefront of new strategies and technology, giving our customers and users more reasons to feel empowered and confident in their designs,” said Dr. Sarkar. “The Vectorworks Design Summit continues to be the best opportunity to share how we’re supporting designers to create projects that push the limits of what’s been done before.”
On 24 April, Greil of Woodroffe Bassett Design will address all industry professionals in his talk Design Efficiency in Complex Conditions focusing on how to stay efficient when

Lena’s Only Love tour relies on GLPLena’s Only Love tour relies on GLP
Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Germany - In April 2019, singer / songwriter Lena Meyer-Landrut released her fifth, critically acclaimed studio album, Only Love, L. In June, the Only Love tour of 12 dates took the band through small to medium-sized halls in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Designer JoJo Tillmann developed a reduced set with a scalable lighting design for single-trailer transportation. Although there were four musicians, two backing vocalists and two dancers on stage, alongside the singer herself, the show was not conceived to be ‘over-staged’.
"I designed the set on a very stripped-down basis,” reports OPUS award winner JoJo Tillmann. "Apart from a small ramp leading up to a platform, there were no set building elements on the stage. As a result, versatility became all the more important."
For his lighting design, he mainly used fixtures from the GLP catalogue: impression X4 Bar, KNV ARC and Cube as well as FR1 made up the majority of the lighting—and always delivered surprises thanks to the creative deployment of the individual elements.
He arranged the X4 Bars, one of JoJo's “favourite light tools”, one above the other like the rungs of a ladder, and placed the construction directly behind the platform. "The individual Bars resembled a large light mirror," he explains, adding that “basically, the X4 Bar provides the real hit and is a really unique fixture". Hardly any lighting design can manage without the versatile LED Bars, he believes. Here they were framed by two vertical columns, each consisting of six GLP KNV Arc left and

Marillion go ‘big and bright’ with Vari-LitesMarillion go ‘big and bright’ with Vari-Lites
Tuesday, 18 February 2020

UK – For Marillion’s orchestral UK tour dates in November, lighting designer Yenz Nyholm chose the the VL2600 Wash fixture from Vari-Lite.
The Marillion With Friends From The Orchestra tour saw the band joined by string quartet, In Praise Of Folly, plus Emma Halnan on flute and Sam Morris on French horn. Culminating in two nights at London’s Royal Albert Hall, the tour coincided with the British band’s 40th anniversary and the 30th anniversary of Steve Hogarth as its lead singer.
Nyholm’s challenge was to deliver the required level of spectacle for the celebratory shows. “My brief called firstly for ‘big’, and then for ‘bright’,” he said. To achieve this, he chose the new, LED-based VL2600 Wash luminaire, supplied by Siyan. “My main priority was output,” said Nyholm. “Plus, we needed to match the colors of the video content to the lighting, so we wanted a wash that could go from subtle to bright, saturated colors, without losing output.”
The VL2600 Wash met Nyholm’s needs on every front. “Their output and colour is amazing,” he said. “The colour really stands out, from the deepest blue to the brightest yellow. And it’s very even. The consistency is remarkable across my whole rig.”

KOI 2020 introduces two new awardsKOI 2020 introduces two new awards
Tuesday, 18 February 2020

UK - The Knight of Illumination (KOI) Awards has announced the introduction of two new awards to the Concerts & Events category for the 2020 ceremony. The new awards are being added to the line-up to accommodate the ever-evolving high standards of production in live events.
The new Award for Festival Headliner, sponsored by Ayrton, will be open to submissions for any festival headline set that has been designed with additional packages without relying solely on the use of the pre-installed festival rig. To accommodate the entire festival season, eligible performances will have been performed between 1 January and 31 December 2019, and the closing date for submissions is 30 June 2020.
Long-standing Concert & Events chair Jess Allan says, "We have seen such incredible growth in festival design over the last few years, with more and more designers implementing their own rigs and equipment to put on a spectacle. Following some of the ground-breaking festival shows that were staged last year, we feel that now is the time to introduce this award."
The existing Award for Events in the Concerts & Events category will, from 2020 onwards, be split into two separate awards - the Award for Event Lighting Design, sponsored by DTS, and The Award for Event Digital Content. Lastly for the Concerts & Events category, the existing Award for Video Content, sponsored by disguise, will be renamed the Digital & Video Content Award, and will be open to digital and video content designs from all concert sizes: Club, Stage and Arena.
At last year'

DWR hosts grandMA3 basic trainingDWR hosts grandMA3 basic training
Monday, 17 February 2020

South Africa - DWR Distribution will present its first official MA3 basic training course from 25 to 26 February in Johannesburg.
Presented by DWR’s Jannie de Jager, the two-day workshop will focus on familiarising the operator with the basic functions of the grandMA3 software and lighting consoles, as well as the operating philosophy. The content will include patching, presets, phasers and timecode. The course will also touch on networking aspects of the MA3 family.
Delegates are requested to bring a MA3 console or MA3onPC Software on a laptop with an additional screen and a valid ID.
The course will be held at DWR Distribution, C1 Kimbult Industrial Park, 9 Zeiss Road, Laserpark, Honeydew.
The cost is R1,200 and includes a light lunch and refreshments. Bookings will be confirmed once payment has been received.
Bookings on-line:
(Jim Evans)

Chauvet enhances Estonian Academy of MusicChauvet enhances Estonian Academy of Music
Monday, 17 February 2020

Estonia - "Now our students will be able to have a taste of their future lives as creators, and practice on big stages,” declared Professor Ivari Ilja, rector of Tallinn’s Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre on the opening of the school’s new concert and performance centre in late 2019.
Students will have their talents nurtured at the school’s new 12m Euro concert and performance centre. Among the benefits it offers aspiring actors and musicians is a state-of-the-art stage lighting system that features 50 Chauvet Professional Ovation F-265WW high output Fresnel fixtures supplied and installed by RGB Baltic OÜ.
At the heart of the 6,000sq.m concert and performance facility is the 482-seat concert hall, which serves as a platform from which the institute's promising rising musical stars to demonstrate their talents. Here, 34 Ovation fixtures provide front and back lighting for the stage. A further 16 of the warm white 230W LED fixtures were installed in the 130-seat black box rehearsal studio within the building to support the drama and jazz students.
"In the Estonian classical tradition, musical scores are often interspersed with incredibly delicate and beautiful sections of comparative silence," said Raivo Sinijärv of Progear OÜ, the Chauvet distributor in Estonia. “As a result, it is imperative that a set of fixtures needed to tick all visual requirements while operating in virtual silence, so it would not detract from the performances. There are not many fixtures out there able to deliver both of these features simultaneously."

Proteus meets Hercules in Central ParkProteus meets Hercules in Central Park
Monday, 17 February 2020

USA - At the end of its regular season of Shakespeare in the Park, New York’s Public Theatre stages an open-air production at Central Park’s 1,800-seat open-air Delacorte Theatre. This past season, the story of Hercules was presented, a theatrical pageant brought to life by some 200 performers with a lighting design by Tony-award winning lighting designer Tyler Micoleau. The designer turned to Elation Professional’s multi-use Proteus Hybrid luminaire to provide visual impact in the outdoor environment.
Micoleau had worked on two Shakespeare shows in Central Park earlier in the summer, but it was a very different plot he knew he needed for Hercules. “The musical Hercules, in a theatre as large as the Delacorte in Central Park, required (pun intended) very muscular lighting approaches,” he comments. “The Elation Proteus Hybrid provided just that muscle. In 2-degree beam mode, the Proteus fixtures gave me the powerful concentrated beams I needed to create beam architecture above the stage and the five 28ft Grecian columns of the set. We were bouncing light off of the clouds passing by; it was crazy. We joked that we needed to alert air-traffic control to warn passing helicopters and small planes.”
Alex Brandt, lighting supervisor at The Public, worked with Micoleau on what gear to use on the production. He states, “Because it’s The Public Works show and it’s such a short run, we don’t have a huge budget to add in new fixtures. Set designer Dane Laffrey had produced renderings that included finger-like air effect el

Teatro Colsubsidio Bogota upgrades with RobeTeatro Colsubsidio Bogota upgrades with Robe
Monday, 17 February 2020

Columbia - Teatro Colsubsidio Roberto Arias Perez is a 1,000-seater venue opened in 1981 in central Bogota that has established itself at the centre of quality live entertainment, culture and performing arts. It’s renowned for high production values and imaginative shows offering a lively mix of concerts, musicals and classical performances.
The theatre has recently purchased its first Robe moving lights - 10 Pointes and 10 x Spiiders. Added to the house lighting rig, these have already started making a difference to how shows can be lit and presented.
The theatre is owned by a large commercial enterprise and independently run, and the new Robes were part of a general lighting upgrade that is ongoing to improve the technology and the levels of production on offer.
The upgrade also includes several LED fixtures, and before these new fixtures, they had six older moving lights, which were removed as soon as the Pointes and Spiiders arrived.
“We specifically wanted lights that would be ideal for lighting the concerts and musical theatre shows,” explained the venue’s head of lighting, Alfonso Ramos, who has been working there since 1982.
“So, we asked the opinions of various lighting designers who we know and work with on incoming shows about what they thought were the best options. Soon enough a pattern started emerging, and that was that many of them were recommending Robe.”
As well as overseeing his busy department, Alfonso also lights any productions that don’t have an LD, so he had a vested interest in having versati

ADJ revives lighting at Pier 39 attractionADJ revives lighting at Pier 39 attraction
Monday, 17 February 2020

USA - Magowan’s Infinite Mirror Maze has been a staple of San Francisco’s Pier 39 tourist area for over a decade. When the original lighting fixtures installed for the attraction’s opening began to fail, the venue’s resident ‘light artist’ chose ADJ units to replace them. This not only completely rejuvenated the look of the attraction, but also provided a wealth of creative potential for generating new looks and effects through colour mixing and DMX control.
Pier 39 is a popular shopping and entertainment centre built on a pier close to the famous Fisherman’s Wharf district in San Francisco. Located on the second floor of the complex, Magowan’s Infinite Mirror Maze opened in 2009. It is an immersive attraction featuring a labyrinth of small mirrored rooms.
Despite its popularity, the owners of the maze are committed to investing in new technology and effects to ensure the facility never loses its appeal. For this reason they brought in Eric Ziemann, who is a freelance light artist, initially to update the lobby of the attraction. This started Eric’s journey with ADJ, which eventually led to the installation of 80 ADJ Dotz Par COB LED fixtures to replace all of the LED lighting units that had been originally installed when the maze first opened.
On a visit to Astro AVL on the San Fernando Road in Glendale, CA, Eric came across ADJ’s H20 IR. This dynamic effect uses a 12W LED light-source, projected through two textured glass wheels and an independent dichroic colour wheel, to create a multi-coloured simulated flowing water effect.

L&DB stylises Village Outlet with ChauvetL&DB stylises Village Outlet with Chauvet
Friday, 14 February 2020

France - The style and panache that has made The Village Outlet so popular throughout the Isère department was on full display at a recent celebratory event at the outdoor retail centre in Villefontaine, 40 minutes outside Lyon. Adding colour and glamour to the occasion was a lively L&DB lighting design that featured Chauvet Professional Maverick MK2 Wash fixtures and Geyser P7 atmospherics.
“Our goal was to blanket the area in colour to support the spirit of the event,” says Romain Plantier, CEO of L&DB. “The Maverick MK2 Wash excelled in this regard. We also relied on its zoom feature to tighten the beam and create dramatic effects against the fog from the two Geyser P7 units we had on site. The powerful jet and the colorization of the smoke that we got from the Geysers provided a striking effect.”
L&DB used six Maverick MK2 Wash fixtures at The Village Outlet. Four of these units were placed on an elevated counter and used for general stage washing, while two were positioned on the ground and relied on to create aerial washes. The output from the Maverick’s 12 40W Osram RGBW LEDs provided a level of intensity that played off very well against the fog from the Geyser units.
The versatility of the Maverick MK2 Wash also enhanced the impact of The Village Outlet lighting display. “Having a multitude of macros on the MK2 Washes for effects allows you to do both wash and effect with this machine,” adds Plantier. “Because the beam can be very tight with a nice power, the MK2 Wash can be placed right next to a beam moving h

Ayrton Diablo shines for NFL Honours broadcastAyrton Diablo shines for NFL Honours broadcast
Friday, 14 February 2020

USA - When the ninth Annual NFL Honours was held the day before Super Bowl LIV, lighting designer Jon Kusner selected a complement of Ayrton Diablo LED profile luminaires from PRG to supplement the house lights.
The awards presentation by the National Football League honoured players from the 2019 season. It was hosted by Steve Harvey and pre-recorded for same-day broadcast on FOX. The venue for the show was the Ziff Ballet Opera House at the Adrienne Arsht Centre in Miami.
The Diablo fixtures were the first Ayrton luminaires to be used by Kusner, a member of the Los Angeles lighting design co-op, 22 Degrees. Kusner mounted 14 Diablo on the balcony rail to backlight the audience and act as a stage wash when crowds filled the set and follow-spot traffic was compromised.
“The balcony rail typically holds conventional fixtures,” he notes. “The lights we chose had to have a smaller footprint; they couldn’t be over-scale and become an eyesore in the rest of the space.”
Diablo proved to be a perfect fit. “They were the only smaller-scaled instrument with framing shutters to control layering for consistent coverage and to control spill,” Kusner explains. “The Diablos also have an even field and consistent colour temperature.”
The lighting designer was “pleasantly surprised by the intensity of the Diablos based on their scale. Often, smaller lights lose performance but that’s not the case with Diablo. They fit a niche as small, bright, shuttered lights - the perfect tool when you need that combination of features.”

Robe adds magic to Severina Balkans tourRobe adds magic to Severina Balkans tour
Friday, 14 February 2020

Slovenia - Croatian singer-songwriter and actress Severina played four major arena concerts in the Balkans this fall - at Split and Zagreb in Croatia, Belgrade in Serbia and culminating at the Dvorana Stožice in Ljubljana, Slovenia - which were lit by Slovenian LD Crt Birsa who added over 150 Robe moving lights to the lighting design for the three concerts in Croatia and Slovenia.
Crt, whose work is well known internationally was to light these four special shows for the superstar. Talks originally started back in April 2019 when Severina invited him, set designer Greta Godnic and show director Nejc Levstik to submit ideas. They asked Den Barca of ThenVision to join the creative team and work on the video design and visuals.
“It was a complicated design and setup,” commented Crt, who was delighted when his initial lighting scheme proposal was accepted. “We had a good brief from the artist about what she wanted to achieve when onstage, which assisted all of us to create a clear and distinctive performance environment.”
The lighting rental vendor for the four shows was the IVAS Group from Zagreb, Croatia, a company that has invested steadily in Robe in recent years via Croatian distributor, Sali Trade.
The Robe count for these shows was 34 MegaPointes, 18 BMFL Spots, 18 Pointes, 24 Spiiders, 44 LEDWash 600s and 24 CycFX 8s.
Twenty-two of the MegaPointes were positioned on the main rig - ‘the Diamond’ - with 12 rigged on a ‘chandelier’ flown on variable speed chain hoists that was an integral part of the diamond and moved u

WL supplies Leopoldstadt in the West EndWL supplies Leopoldstadt in the West End
Friday, 14 February 2020

UK - White Light has supplied the lighting equipment for Leopoldstadt, which opened at the Wyndham’s Theatre in London’s West End this week.
Written by Tom Stoppard, Leopoldstadt tells the story of three generations of the same Jewish family living in early 20th century Vienna. It is directed by Patrick Marber and features a lighting design by the Olivier Award-winning Neil Austin.
“Leopoldstadt is a truly exceptional play which encapsulates the experience of the Austrian Jews through one family’s journey,” says Austin. “Beginning in the period of cultural and scientific explosion in Vienna at the turn of the century, it spans a near 60-year period ending in 1955. To achieve the passing of time it’s an abstract set of gauzes and items of furniture, which represent the one room through the years.”
As such, Austin’s brief on the piece was to dress the set in a way which would guide the audience through the different time periods. He explains: “It was a question of looking at how the lighting could suggest the various changes in time-period as Austria’s political landscape transforms through the piece. At the start, it highlights the opulence of the early 20th century, then moves into the post First World War period of the 1920s, before heading into the late 30s when Vienna was under Nazi control, before finally ending in 1955 when the room has become a de-nazified office. I needed to allow the lighting to capture the emotional temperature of the story.”
The emotion captured in the piece was also another hug

Winter Jam 2020 rocks with Bandit LitesWinter Jam 2020 rocks with Bandit Lites
Thursday, 13 February 2020

USA - Bandit Lites once again provided the lighting for the Winter Jam Tour Spectacular, Christian music’s largest annual tour. According to Pollstar, attendance often outpaces any other tour’s attendance during the year’s first quarter. The evening of live concerts by top Christian artists includes a roster of Passion, Crowder, Austin French, Andy Mineo, Hillsong Young & Free, Building 429, Red, Louis Giglio, Newsong and more.
After a few years with an in-the-round design, the tour returned to an end stage arena design, allowing the space for a large upstage LED wall. Due to an 8 mil blow through LED panel, production designer Jerry Holcomb was able to place Elation Paladins behind the wall.
“With the tour having several more worship-oriented bands, we knew we needed a lot of upstage light looks punching through the bands,” Holcomb explained.
To accomplish this, Martin MAC III Profiles are placed on the upstage end while the trusses are loaded with Elation COLORado Solo Battens, and low side truss on the both sides continue the low upstage lighting looks.
“We are using a large amount of the Solo Battens, and Bandit worked out a way that they can stay on the truss during transport which saves a lot of set up time,” Holcomb said.
Bandit Lites supplied more than 130 fixtures for Winter Jam, including Robe BMFL Spots, Chauvet Maverick MK3 Spots, Chauvet COLORado Solo Battens, Elation CuePix WW2 Blinders, Elation Paladins and Martin MAC III Profiles.
“Each year I look forward to seeing the direction the Winter

Elation lights 2019 College Football AwardsElation lights 2019 College Football Awards
Thursday, 13 February 2020

USA - On 12 December, college football’s most talented student-athletes were recognised at the 2019 Home Depot College Football Awards presented live on ESPN from the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta, Georgia.
Justin Garrone and production design firm Innovative Show Design (ISD) have been involved in the show since 2012 and again produced the visuals for the 2019 edition, employing a setup that featured Elation Professional products.
This was Innovative Show Design’s eighth year doing the College Football Awards and fifth year since it moved to the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta. ISD served as a one-stop-shop for ESPN for the production, handling every aspect of the show from the first truck’s arrival to the last truck’s departure. Not only did they create and manage all lighting, scenic and graphics, ISD handled complete fabrication and installation of the set and was also responsible for all logistics involved with the production inclusive of project management.
“As the years have progressed, one of the things I always enjoy is that this event is a type of one-off but because we do it every year we have the ability to go back and improve on it for the following year,” stated Justin Garrone of Innovative Show Design. Lighting supply for the event was by CYM Lighting Services of Thousand Palms, CA, a full service lighting production company that ISD has worked with for years.
The Awards show took place in a long yet narrow windowed room in the Hall of Fame, a turfed area scaled to nearly the size of half a foo

Prolights Minieclipse lights Majesty in MonacoProlights Minieclipse lights Majesty in Monaco
Thursday, 13 February 2020

Monaco - From 12 July to 28 August, 2019, the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco hosted the prestigiuos Chaumet in Majesty. The exhibition provided a rare chance to see up close a spectacular set of jewels of the Parisian Maison Chaumet, some of which belong to the Empress Josephine de Beauharnais and the Princess Grace of Monaco.
Darian Srl was involved in setting up the installation and decided to use 350 units of Prolights Minieclipse to enlighten the precious jewels.
Daniele Giordano, chief executive for Darian Srl, said: “The Grimaldi Forum is one of our most important clients, and the event was very exclusive, therefore the lighting had to be appropriate, granting the proper relevance to the displayed jewels. I’ve chosen Prolights because I’ve been impressed by their professionalism and products’ quality.
“MiniEclipse turned out to be a perfect choice. They’re a lightweight, compact designed fixtures, providing a highly bright light beam which has perfectly met our needs. The final result has been very impactful and it surely played a role in making the exhibition a real success.”
(Jim Evans)

Alex Mofa Gang play on with ChauvetAlex Mofa Gang play on with Chauvet
Thursday, 13 February 2020

Germany - Berlin rockers punk rockers Alex Mofa Gang recently completed a 15 leg German tour in support of their latest LP Ende Offen.
Backing up the band’s music was an intense Gabriel Paul designed lightshow that featured a collection of 22 Chauvet Professional fixtures supplied by PM Group.
Working and touring together with the Alex Mofa Gang band members, Paul developed a staunchly defiant lighting concept, that focused virtually all of its energy on backlighting the quintet on stage. Illuminating the band from this angle, without the reassurance of front light and top light, evoked an arresting sense of uncertainty.
Key to helping Paul accomplish this were the four Rogue R2 Wash and two Rogue R1 Wash fixtures in his rig. “The Rogue R1 and R2 Wash fixtures were instrumental in creating the overall look and feel of the band's visual concept," said Paul. "I was able to use the zoom feature to create almost beam-like effects from behind the band, which gave visual presence and purpose."
While the rich colours of the Rogue R1 and R2 Wash units accentuated the dramatic punk sound of the band’s performance, the two Maverick MK2 Spot and two Rogue R3 Spot fixtures in Paul’s rig helped him endow the stage with a greater sense of depth. Drawing on the intensity and gobo capabilities of these fixtures, he peppered the stage with dramatic patterns that reflected the music.
Paul relied on four Rogue R1 FX-B fixtures with their five independently moving heads and infinite pan and tilt motions to conjure up a steady stream of new


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