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CP100xt Effects Engine from Elektralite
Friday, 1 June 2001

Elektralite, a division of Group One Limited, displayed its range of lighting controllers at the recent Showtech Fair in Berlin, on the stands of RST and Focus Showtechnic. Of special interest to existing and potential users alike was the all-new CP100xt Effects Engine - available as a software upgrade (Operating System v4.0) and included with all new sales of CP100xt. "The power and flexibility of the new Effects Engine enables the CP100xt to be considered as a viable alternative to other ‘established’ consoles - there’s nothing to be gained by paying more for less elsewhere," said Elektralite’s International sales and marketing manager, Keith Dale.

The Elektralite CP100xt Effects Engine currently includes the following: customisable, effects which can be run simultaneously to produce sophisticated movement, color and intensity patterns: Blue Chase, Chase Circle, Circle Fan, Color Chase, Color 2 Chase, Fan, Figure of Eight, Gobo Chase, Gobo 2 Chase, Green Chase, Iris Chase, Pan Chase, Rainbow Chase, Random Motion, Red Chase, RGB Chase, Shutter Chase, Tilt Chase and Zoom Chase.

New DHA Gecko Gobo Rotator
Thursday, 31 May 2001

DHA has launched its latest product, the Gecko Gobo Rotator, specifically designed for creating cost- effective theatrical lighting effects within architectural and retail settings. As a new accessory to the Gecko Image Projector it allows two gobos to rotate simultaneously in the same or opposite directions. Designed to be either an integral part of the display or hidden away, the open design of the Gecko's optical system has the hi-tech look required by modern architects. Compact, cool-running, stylish and economical, with a long lamp life and low maintenance, the DHA Gecko is ideal for either long or short term applications. Either using the Gobo Rotator as an accessory to an existing DHA Gecko or starting out with the complete Gecko Gobo Rotator as a unit, any E size glass, metal or cibachrome gobo can be rotated. The unit can also be added to in itself with, for example, an extra rotator.

Universal Lighting Becomes High End Reseller
Thursday, 31 May 2001

Universal Lighting & Audio Pty Ltd, with offices in Queensland and Melbourne, Australia, is now the exclusive authorized reseller of High End Systems automated lighting products as well as the Flying Pig Systems' Wholehog II console in Australia. Melbourne-based Bytecraft will continue as a special projects production partner for High End Systems. Both Bytecraft and Universal will provide technical and spare parts support of High End Systems’ equipment in the marketplace.

Two Appointments for PSATwo Appointments for PSA
Wednesday, 30 May 2001

The Production Services Association has made two announcements: the first is that John Jones of PCM has filled the remaining seat on the 2001 PSA Council. John is a long-time supporter of the PSA and through his company PCM has donated £10,000 to the PSA Welfare & Benevolent Fund since the Fund’s inception. PCM has also gained a reputation for being among the industry’s leaders in promoting training, with the PCM Motor Schools now well established. In a separate announcement, Keith Owen will now oversee the PSA’s new series of BTEC courses. The courses, which commence in June in Birmingham with the Production Technician Intermediate BTEC, will be expanded during the year to cover other disciplines. Owen spent 20 years at Light & Sound Design before spending 18 months at Loughborough College as the PSA’s representative for training. He is working for two days a week at BMS in Birmingham in order to kick-off the new range of PSA Entertainment and Events Industry BTEC qualifications.

DHA Lighting the Forest
Wednesday, 30 May 2001

In the National Forest's permanent Millennium Discovery Centre exhibition, DHA's innovative lighting products are being used to project various tree patterns to represent the four seasons. Three DHA Gecko image projectors beam a rippling gobo pattern, whilst CCT Helio profile spotlights use DHA animation units set at different speeds to create effects such as a windy autumn day and more gentle summer breezes. Located within Conkers park in Moira, near Ashby de la Zouch, the Discovery Centre was opened in April by Princess Anne and provides a unique hands-on interactive nature experience for everyone, demonstrating the growth of new woodlands and animal habitats. On the site of an old mine, the Conkers logo has been created using a collection of children's hand imprints and is projected through a DHA gobo, or lighting template, by a 150W discharge Helios profile, from a new range of environmentally friendly energy saving products from CCT Lighting.

Intelligent White Light from CKI
Wednesday, 30 May 2001

Color Kinetics, a pioneer of full spectrum digital lighting, has achieved a breakthrough with an LED-based white light technology that uses a non-RGB method of producing high quality white light which can be intelligently controlled over a range of colour temperatures from warm to cool shades of light. This patent-pending technology couples a unique optical design with Color Kinetics’ patented Chromacore technology, achieving an LED-based high-quality white light solution for the general illumination market. Chromacore uses microprocessor-controlled multi-coloured LEDs to generate millions of colours and a variety of dynamic lighting effects.

President and CEO of Color Kinetics, George Mueller, envisions Color Kinetics' intelligent white light technology leveraging the advanced control capabilities of Chromacore to give users an entirely new level of flexibility with white light. The intelligent white light technology can produce a high colour rendering index (CRI - for example, users would have the ability to select any shade (colour temperature) of white light they desire, whether it is cooler tones that make the most of certain retail displays, or warmer tones for more comfortable home lighting.

New Logo for Light Relief
Tuesday, 29 May 2001

At the recent Showlight 2001 conference in Edinburgh, the new logo for the Light Relief benevolent fund was launched by Tony Gottelier and Rick Fisher. Light Relief is the industry-sponsored benevolent fund, supported by PLASA and the ALD, to assist people in the industry when they are affected by catastrophic personal events. "The lot of the freelancer is not always a happy one, just look at the state of Rick!" joked Gottelier, pointing at ALD chairman and lighting designer, Rick Fisher. The duo were attending the Showlight reception, sponsored by Fourth Phase, on the serious matter of launching the newly-designed Light Relief logo and its attendant leaflet, and to raise the profile of the industry’s benevolent fund. "Actually, it’s no laughing matter," Gottelier went on: "We all know that not all lighting designers are as successful as a Rick Fisher or a David Hersey or even a John Watt, and often they do not have the protection to shield them from life’s catastrophes which will happen to most of us at one time or another."

Rick Fisher told his audience: "There have been many cases recently that you will have read of in the professional press of some pretty ghastly examples of the kind of tragedies that can befall people. Light Relief sets out to bring some comfort to those in our business when they find themselves in such circumstances." The new logo reflects the aspirations of the fund by illustrating an image of letting in some sunshine, with the Light Relief name focused below.

Tony Gottelier then stated th

CKI Claims Breakthrough in 'White Light'
Tuesday, 29 May 2001

Color Kinetics Incorporated (CKI), the manufacturer of full spectrum digital lighting, has achieved a major breakthrough with an LED-based white light technology that uses a non-RGB method of producing high quality white light which can be intelligently controlled over a range of colour temperatures from warm to cool shades of light. This patent-pending technology couples a unique optical design with Color Kinetics' patented Chromacore technology, achieving an LED-based high-quality white light solution for the general illumination market. Chromacore uses microprocessor-controlled multi-coloured LEDs to generate millions of colors and a variety of dynamic lighting effects. In addition to its Chromacore patents, Color Kinetics holds several intellectual property filings covering the use of multiple coloured LEDs to generate fully controllable white light. Color Kinetics' is referring to these technologies as 'intelligent white light'.

Radiance of the Seas
Sunday, 27 May 2001

Royal Caribbean International has recently introduced the first of its Radiance class of ships - Radiance of the Seas. This stunning vessel is the largest ship ever to have been built at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany, and the first joint venture between a German shipyard and an American cruise line.

RCI has a tradition of delivering high quality onboard entertainment and Radiance is no exception. The Viking Crown is the trademark destination on-board Royal Caribbean ships, a spectacular space surrounded by a sweep of glazing, that wraps itself around the funnel at the highest point, providing panoramic views for the passengers. In the evening, the Viking Crown takes on a completely new persona and turns into a major entertainment complex and, in the case of the Radiance of the Seas, this includes a disco, a black-box theatre and bars of various hues.

The disco is called Starquest, and Wynne Willson Gottelier (WWG) has designed a spectacular lighting, sound and video system in the area to get the holidaymakers on their toes. One of the main features is a WWG-conceived Beamlight which has been used to create a cage of 78 sequencing, vertical beams around the dance area. Other effects contained in the feature dome above the dancefloor are Martin MAC 250+s, Roboscan Pro 918s and Acrobats, Clay Paky Miniscan HPEs, Diversitronics strobes and a bunch of neon controlled via Mode Digitrans inverters. All the automated lights listed are fitted with custom gobos. The overall lighting control is provided by a ShowCAD system linked to a Lynx button panel. Two Le Mai

Ninestiles School Goes State-of-the-Art
Saturday, 26 May 2001

It is rare that a state-of-the-art digital lighting desk should find itself on a school's shopping list, but when Design Technology teacher, Kevin Dutton, from Ninestiles School (a leading technology college in Birmingham), attended last year's PLASA Show there was only one thing on his mind.

By the time he left Earls Court he had placed an order for a 48-channel Strand Lighting 300 Series desk through AC Lighting. With a background in theatre, Dutton has been a regular visitor to PLASA over the past five years. He operates as part of a team that includes Jo Falk and Eddie Halliday from the English faculty, that seeks to promote and educate students about lighting and sound. Ninestiles, which offers its 1400+ students a broad spectrum of GCSE, GNVQ and A Level subjects, has already earned a top accolade from Ofsted, as the school with the highest teaching standards in the country. Dutton says: "Our ambition over the next three to four years is to ensure that every student is assigned their own laptop, as we are working towards ‘anytime anywhere’ learning."

The school has two auditoriums - a drama studio and the school hall, the latter generally configured in the round for school productions. "In the last five years there has been a positive attitude towards developing the school’s technical facilities for performing arts and drama, and this has culminated in the purchase of the 300 desk," Dutton continued. Funding was provided by the PTA, ‘Friends of Ninestiles School’ and Birmingham City Council’s local initiative

ANSI Approves Standard for Fog Equipment Manuals
Friday, 25 May 2001

The Board of Standards Review of the American National Standards Institute has approved ESTA's "Entertainment Technology - Recommendations for Inclusions in Fog Equipment Manuals." This standard now becomes ANSI E1.14-2001, and is the third ESTA standard approved by ANSI this year. The ANSI E1.14 project was started by a group of fog equipment dealers who were unhappy with the amount and quality of the information found in the manuals of some of the equipment they handle. The equipment manual is the primary document for telling the end-user how to use the equipment safely and effectively, but some of the fog machine manuals said very little beyond ‘Fill with fluid. Plug in. Make fog.’ The proposed standard lists the information that should be included in fog equipment manuals to ensure that the user has enough information to use the equipment properly. ANSI E1.14-2001 is available at no cost on the ESTA website as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. Go to the web address below for the link to the download page.

Hewitt Takes Early Retirement from Lighting Tech
Friday, 25 May 2001

Lighting Technology Group announced today that due to a serious family illness Managing Director Alan Hewitt has chosen to take early retirement. Lighting Technology's Founder David Morgan will resume the role of MD, supported by the well-established Executive Team of Garry Nelsson, Bruce Kirk, and Steve Pembury as Sales, Operations and Finance Directors respectively. David Morgan commented: "Alan came on board to bring in new systems and facilities for LTG including Group-Wide Management Information Systems and the new 22,000 square foot National Distribution Centre in Corby. It is regrettable he has had to depart without being able to manage these exciting projects through to completion. Nevertheless, the structure and management he has put in place leaves the company in a very strong position to capitalise on the opportunities our market has to offer in the future."

x.Spot Debuts with Dave Matthews Band
Friday, 25 May 2001

Co-lighting designers Fenton Williams and Heath Marrinan specified 12 of High End Systems' newest luminaire, the xSpot, for their ‘Everyday 2001’ shed/stadium tour, which is currently touring North America. Lighting contractor Theatrical Media Services (TMS) of Omaha is supplying an all High End Systems rig which also features 30 Studio Beam, 34 Studio Spot 575, 12 Studio Color 575 and 10 Cyberlight automated luminaires, along with 47 Dataflash AF1000 xenon strobes for the shed tour. The stadium rig is pumped up with an extra 20 Studio Beams and an extra 20 Studio Spot 575s. Two Wholehog II consoles control all the lights along with more than 400 PARs.

Marrinan comments. "The x.Spots work really well on our set. The zoom feature allows us to really do a nice job covering the set from top to bottom without losing a lot of intensity. The color mixing is very nice and all the lights match up color-wise very evenly. It also has some very nice lithos. You can make the light do just about anything you want. It's fast, bright, forgiving, and gives the designer a very nice tool to use in any production."

New Field Project Manager for ETC
Friday, 25 May 2001

ETC has announced the appointment of Jeremy Roberts to the new role of field project manager. Jeremy will be working from Nottingham, concentrating on promoting ETC's range of products to end users, consultants and dealers in the north of England. A familiar industry figure, Jeremy has been with ETC for the past two years. Throughout this period he has been responsible for a wide variety of installations including the Millenium Dome, Barbican and the Royal Danish Theatre. Prior to joining ETC, Jeremy spent 15 years in professional theatre, working first as a lighting and sound designer and later as head of lighting and sound at the Nottingham Playhouse.

New Faces at Stage Electrics
Friday, 25 May 2001

Glen Beckley has joined Stage Electrics heading up the Audio Design Services department. Beckley recently returned from two months touring the arenas of the USA with southern gospel group the Gaither Vocal Band, following this with designs for pantomimes in Bath, Blackpool, Stoke and Sheffield last Christmas. 2001 will also see him designing systems for national tours of Anything Goes and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, as well as contributing to various installation projects in the UK and Europe. Last year also saw him design a groundbreaking digital audio system for the national tour of ‘Carousel’ starring Darren Day and Sam Kane, the first of its kind seen in the UK, which impressed audiences and critics alike all over the country, as well as a system for the national tour of 42nd Street starring Ruth Madoc.

Stage Electrics has also announced that Peter Western will be joining the company in early June. Western has firm roots in the entertainment industry including 10 years at Donmar and two years at Lighting Technology. Joining Stage Electrics as a business development manager for projects, Western will be working with architects and lighting designers on a range of projects including theatres and permanent visitor attractions as well as architectural installations.

Finally, Ben Cole joined Stage Electrics in May as business development manager for production services. He brings with him experience from Aztec Communications and more recently OnStage Events, the production division of The Sound Division Group, where he was instrumen

Lighting Tech in Space Tests
Thursday, 24 May 2001

From a situation where an almost unknown client would purchase the occasional lamp, Lighting Technology has found itself supplying equipment for space equipment testing, with lighting units from Arri key to the project. With help from Mike Perry of Arri, Lighting Technology’s Jonathan Price and Andy Dodd demonstrated the Arrisun 60 6kW HMI fixtures to TS Space Systems of Marlow, who have since ordered the units for one of their test programmes. The company designs and builds test equipment for acceptance of materials and sub-assemblies for spacecraft, with space simulation chambers, ion thruster chambers and testing of solar cells and panels.

TS Space Systems’ Bill Williams said: "As part of the tests for UV ageing of materials, most tests have up to now used DC xenon or mercury arc lamps. However, HMI lamps have come on in leaps and bounds, are lower in cost, involve no water cooling, and provide roughly twice the light output. For the tests involved we run a twin 6kW system, whereby should a lamp fail, a motor-driven unit automatically moves the failed unit away and brings the other unit into play."

He continued: "We are delighted with all the help and technical support received from Lighting Technology. The tests are now successfully under way and the units are providing an excellent spectrum and level of intensity."

Vari-Lite Partner With Clearwing
Tuesday, 22 May 2001

Vari-Lite Inc partnered this month with Clearwing Productions Inc. of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to increase the availability of Vari*Lite automated lighting equipment for a variety of entertainment, corporate and special events throughout the United States. Clearwing Productions evaluated the future of the automated lighting market for several months before adding VL2402 wash luminaires and VL2202 spot luminaires to its wide variety of production services. "The partnership with Clearwing Productions is another step in our ongoing effort to increase the availablity and use of Vari*Lite products," said Ken Matthews, vice-president of sales and marketing at Vari-Lite. "Clearwing is a proven leader in production services, and we are proud to associate Vari-Lite with a company that has secured a solid reputation for delivering only the highest quality products and services."

Tony Trovato, lighting department manager at Clearwing Productions, said that Clearwing had purchased VL2402 wash luminaires and VL2202 spot luminaires as part of an ongoing effort to expand its in-house services to include intelligent lighting equipment. "When Vari-Lite finally made fixtures available to own, we just had to purchase some," said Tony Trovato.

Clearwing Productions provides sound, lighting, staging and backline services to one of the country's largest music festivals, Summerfest, as well as numerous other prestigious corporate, festival and concert clients.

Albert Chooses Clay Paky Stage Zoom 1200s
Tuesday, 22 May 2001

The Royal Albert Hall has recently purchased eight Clay Paky Stage Zoom 1200s for use in the famous auditorium. Supplied by Clay Paky and Pulsar reseller AC Lighting Ltd, the Stage Zoom units will be used to complement all visiting showcase events. Technical manager Mark Jones explained why he chose the Stage Zoom: "Due to the diverse nature of the shows in the hall and the varying distance that the units are from the stage, we were looking for a zoom profile with high light output. After a product comparison of all the 1200 moving head projectors on the market, we chose the Zoom because it is exceptionally bright with good colour mixing, the gobos can be changed easily, it is quiet and most importantly, reliable."

New Third Party Software for the DMX-Dongle II
Tuesday, 22 May 2001

Theatre Electronics, based in India, have now released the first version of their new software product ‘Theatre Visual’. The software is a PC-based virtual lighting console that outputs DMX512 via the Artistic Licence DMX-Dongle II. The system was recently used to provide lighting effects for a sound and light show presented by the Tata Group: the system comprised over 250 channels for intelligent luminaires, 240 for dimmers and 12 relay channels. Show synchronisation between light, sound and video was controlled by the Theatre Visual software package. Designer Naresh Bajaj commented: "I would like to thank Artistic Licence for their support in helping us to complete this project successfully and on time." Theatre Electronics can be contacted on the e-mail address below:

Mirage Colour Mixing System
Tuesday, 22 May 2001

The long awaited release of the NJD Mirage Colour Mixing System has arrived. Shown in its prototype 12V format at the PLASA Show 2000 the Mirage has received eight more months’ development and now boasts many additional features including a 30V version that now allows up to 64 heads to be connected to one power pack. The Mirage works on the RGB colour-mixing principle. By using microprocessors to mix minute amounts of colour from the three 50W dichroic filtered lamps, a choice of 65,000 colours can be projected onto any convenient surface. Accessories include, a downlighter kit for flush fitting (with a choice of black, white, silver and gold cover plates); a swivel bracket fitting for surface-mounting or 'G' clamping, that can be pointed in any direction and at any angle; an uplighter bracket to enable subtle wall illumination (particularly useful for low ceilings); and an uplighter shroud to hide the fitting if desired, enabling the Mirage to blend in with existing decor. By using the 12V version (this refers to the lamp voltage, the power packs run on 230V), a very narrow beam lamp can be used enabling the Mirage to be inserted inside standard triangle trussing using the trussing mounting kit.

Fourth Phase Opens in London
Monday, 21 May 2001

Production Resource Group company Fourth Phase has announced the opening of a London facility to service the theatrical and corporate theatre market, with Alan Thomson at the helm as managing director. Fourth Phase West London (formerly Production Arts Europe), providing large-format projection systems, has been relocated to this location. Rental operations are based in Croydon, while a sales office is located in Central London.Thomson told PLASA Media: "Fourth Phase London is a small compact facility incorporating the consolidated inventory of The Spot Company, Midnight Design and projection equipment from Production Arts. Our approach is very targeted, assisting designers who are looking for a personalised, friendly and professional service. The rental team is comprised of James Hall and Jedd Hamilton. In the coming months, we will incorporate a state-of-the-art CAD WYSIWYG facility into our Central London sales office. This offers designers a comfortable, convenient location to prepare events."

Non-Stop Fog from AC Lighting
Friday, 18 May 2001

MDG’s Non-Stop haze, fog and low fog generators, which come with a 10-year warranty, are now available in the UK from AC Lighting Ltd. MDG machines employ CO2 gas for their propellant and have an in-built Automatic Purging System (APS) which purges the heating module after the first heating cycle and after every emission of fog, preventing residual build up and clogging. The complete range includes the Atmosphere and Touring Atmosphere Haze Makers, the MAX 3000 and MAX 5000 Fog Makers, the ICE Fog low fog generator and ICE Fog Touring low fog generator. The ICE FOG models can produce an overwhelming effect of pure white fog capable of filling an area up to 1000 cubic metres.

A unique hazing system is encompassed in the Atmosphere models that utilises a safe mineral oil that is heated to a precise temperature and infused with inert CO2 gas to exponentially reduce particle size (0.5 - 0.7 microns). This produces a non-stop haze with a greatly improved hang time, while dramatically reducing both fluid consumption and residue. Options for the products include remote control, two-channel DMX interface and flightcases. MDG Fog Generators, MDG Neutral Fog Fluid and MDG Low Fog Fluid are available from stock at AC Lighting with immediate effect.

Artistic Touch in Plymouth
Friday, 18 May 2001

Artistic Licence has developed a custom colour-changing LED module called ‘Street LED’ specifically for a new installation that has just opened in Plymouth, Devon. The Plymouth Pannier market project was designed and installed by Pyramid Productions using an all-Artistic Licence system. Individual control of the Street LED modules was provided by an LVD-12 in the base of each tower. Each LVD-12 was controlled by a Show-Control 60-channel DMX512 controller.

Changes at LeMark’s Hot Metal
Friday, 18 May 2001

The LeMark Group has announced that Neil Baldock has been promoted to process manager within the Group's custom gobo making facility, Hot Metal. To maintain and reinforce the growth of the venture, Mark Gibbons returns on a full-time basis and joins Hot metal as sales co-ordinator after completing his final year studying Marketing & Business Studies. Both Mark and Neil's faces may well be familiar, both having "served time" with LeMark at Trade Shows within the UK and the USA. Hot Metal produces custom gobos here in the UK and allows LeMark''s clients the ability to ensure fast turn around on custom designs, or select from the extensive ex-stock choice of GAM Gobo's. At the same time, the company has announced that general manager Jeremy Bramley is moving on to further his career within the lighting industry, having accepted a senior management position at CCT Lighting.


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