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Vari*Lites in Action for US 'Millionaire'
Wednesday, 15 December 1999

In the United States, ABC TV has taken on the highly successful UK game show 'Who wants to be a Millionaire?' and, as with the UK version of the show, much of the dramatic lighting comes from a rig of Vari*Lite VL5 wash luminaires and VL6B spot luminaires.The VL equipment was supplied the Dallas VLPS office, and put together by lighting designer Deke Hazirjian, president of New York City Lites. Hazirjian employed 32 VL5 washlights and 12 VL6B spots around the 360 degree mirrored-floor stage, where higher stakes are accented with increasingly complex lighting effects.In contrast to the UK version, the top prize ($1million ) has already been won – by Internal Revenue Service tax agent John Carpenter.

Jands Event 4 Consoles Receive Strong Reception
Wednesday, 15 December 1999

AC Lighting has reported a strong response following the launch of the new Jands Event 4 lighting control consoles at the recent PLASA show. The first shipment of consoles, which arrived at AC's HQ recently, were distributed to European dealers within a very short time. This new range combines the familiar layout of a two preset lighting console with an added section capable of controlling up to 20 moving lights and 80 colour changers.

Highlighting the Tree Zone for Homebase
Tuesday, 14 December 1999

In the busy run-up to Christmas, Lighting Technology was called in by the Homebase DIY chain to help them highlight the Christmas tree sales areas outside their stores. The scheme was designed by Mark Taylor of Homebase with technical support from Philip Norfolk of Lighting Technology Group. Green HQI lamps were fitted to the existing overhead fittings to give a green glow to the plants underneath. This lamp type (first used by Lighting Technology Group on the Hoover Building on London's Western Avenue) creates a vibrant glowing green when shone onto foliage. In addition, a three-circuit chasing rope light was supplied to fit around the external canopy to create an animated lighting effect, and draw the attention of external shoppers to the outside tree area.

Chroma-Q Range Increases With New M5 Addition
Friday, 10 December 1999

Following prototype showings at this year's PLASA Show in London and LDI show in Orlando, AC Lighting has announced the launch of the new Chroma-Q M5 colour-changer with units now shipping. The new M5, designed for fixtures in the 5,000W range, carries many of the same characteristics as the rest of the Chroma-Q M-range, including the recently released 8-Lite version. The new M5 has standard features that include adapters for rotating barndoors, quarter turn catches for quick internal access, the ability to perform scroll changes without dismantling the unit shell, and the facility to fit heat shield filters.

Amptown Makes its Case
Wednesday, 8 December 1999

A free briefcase is on offer to one lucky web surfer every month during the year 2000. Visitors to Amptown Cases UK's new web site can enter the competition on-line and a winner will be selected at random each month. The site also has a free links directory aimed at the entertainments industry where you can add a link to your own web site, along with up to 100 words describing your business.

Chroma-Q's to Korea
Monday, 6 December 1999

A brand new venue being built in the city of Chang Won in South Korea is to have 96 Chroma-Q M1 colour changers installed as part of its lighting system. The industrial city of Chang Won is located in the Southern part of Korea, and when completed, the Chang Won Cultural Hall will be the largest theatre in the area, with 1,200 seats. M. Lightech, who are the general contractors for the venue, are installing the Chroma-Q units, which were initially supplied by AC Lighting Ltd. After reviewing a number of different units, the Chroma-Q M1 was chosen for its feature specification and competitive pricing. Once installed, the colour changers will be used in conjunction with a number of fixtures, primarily Strand Optique and Toccata lanterns. The Chang Won Cultural Hall is due to open in April 2000, when it will house plays, musical and opera performances.

TMB at the Dome
Monday, 6 December 1999

TMB Associates' ProPlex CAT5 patch cables, which were introduced at PLASA 99 as 'The World's Most Durable Ethernet Cables', are already being specified in critical entertainment control applications, including the control system for the moving stages and scenery in London's Millennium Dome. ProPlex distributor Direct Cables Ltd supplied the Dome with ProPlex CAT5 patch cables totalling more than 7,500m in length.TMB's Colin Waters stated: "The Millennium Dome is exactly the type of application for which we created ProPlex CAT5 Cables. Developing cables that could survive the level of abuse typical of entertainment applications, while passing all CAT5 tests and providing a 100% reliable control network, was a significant challenge."

Five Soundwebs at the Rep
Monday, 6 December 1999

With the aid of a £5.7m Arts Council grant, the Birmingham Repertory Theatre has undergone one of the most ambitious theatre refurbishments of the year. Northern Light were called in to undertake the full sound and lighting installation, to a specification written by Theatre Projects Consultants. Five BSS 9088 Soundweb digital signal processing units play a major role (four networked for the main system, with another for monitors), with speaker systems from d&b audiotechnik (vocals), Tannoy (music) and Martin Audio (auditorium surround). The Rep also features the first UK theatre installation of a Midas XL4 front-of-house console, and the entire audio system is controlled by Out Board Electronics' TiMax system. Full details of the audio installation will appear in the November/December issue of Sound + Communications Systems International magazine.

The Babylon Geni
Friday, 3 December 1999

The latest of Carnegie Leisure's Babylon nightclubs, in Ayr, has been installed with Geni lighting. Glasgow-based Starstruck Professional Sound & Light undertook the installation, and contacted Lamba, exclusive UK distributors of Geni products, for the lighting effects they needed. The equipment includes eight Geni Shiva HSD-200 scanners, four Geni FL2000D DMX strobes, 44 ignitor tubes and four DMX-1s. Other equipment supplied by Lamba includes a KAM KCD960 for CD mixing and Stanton 680AL cartridges.

AC Lighting Inc Announce New Distribution Deals
Thursday, 2 December 1999

At the recent LDI exhibition in Orlando, California based AC Lighting Inc announced new product distributions with MA Lighting, Zero 88 and Selecon. German company MA Lighting is an established manufacturer of lighting control equipment and AC Lighting Inc will be distributing its range of control consoles exclusively throughout North America and Mexico. Included within the MA portfolio is the new grandMA console, which won a product excellence award at the PLASA Show in London earlier this year, and then followed it up with the prestigious 1999 EDDY award for Lighting Control Console Of The Year, awarded by US magazine, Entertainment Design.

Zero 88 was another PLASA Product Excellence Award-winner this year. AC Lighting Inc will be distributing the Illusion along with the Level Plus, Alcora and Elara console ranges, as well as the Linebacker DMX tester and backup unit exclusively throughout the United States and Mexico.New Zealand-based Selecon have also appointed AC Lighting Inc as a United States distributor for their comprehensive range of theatrical fixtures, which includes the new Pacific 'Cool' range. Available in both fixed and zoom formats, the ellipsoidal fixtures are available with a variety of lamp sources, including both tungsten halogen and discharge.

New Jands Event 4 Consoles Receive Strong Reception
Thursday, 2 December 1999

A.C. Lighting has reported an amazing response following the launch of the new Jands Event 4 lighting control consoles at the recent PLASA show. The first shipment of consoles, which arrived at their premises recently, were distributed to their eagerly awaiting European dealers within a very short time.This new range combine the familiar layout of a two preset lighting console with an added section capable of controlling up to 20 moving lights and 80 colour changers. First seen at the recent PLASA show, the console received an enormous amount of praise for its simplistic, yet thorough approach to console design for those, 'in-between' shows which have both conventional and intelligent lighting elements.

Sagitter Lights Bluewater for Christmas
Wednesday, 1 December 1999

Lighting Britain's biggest shopping centre for Christmas has, unsurprisingly, been a mammoth task. Middlesborough-based Centre Design undertook the commitment and turned to Lighting Technology's Ray Dolby to supply everything needed to complete the specifications, designed by Jason Larcombe of Electra. Multiform Technology Group, distributor of Sagitter lighting effects in the UK, were brought in when one of the lighting manufacturers originally contracted could not provide enough units within the desired timescale for the Christmas project. The Sussex-based company were able to immediately deliver two Sagitter Infinity Club scanners, whilst three more units were air-freighted to the temporary installation within a week.

Pulsar Expand Seminar Range
Tuesday, 30 November 1999

Continuing its training for excellence programme, Pulsar has extended the range of seminars on offer for the year 2000. These will encompass all aspects of Masterpiece operating and programming, along with technical services for the Clay Paky product range. Pulsar will also offer a series of open days which can be tailor-made to suit the requirements of colleges, installation companies and corporate users.

ESTA Seeks Feedback on DMX512 Standard
Monday, 29 November 1999

The Entertainment Services and Technology Association (ESTA) is asking all interested parties to comment on the first draft of a revised and updated version of DMX512, which will be formally designated BSR E1.11, Entertainment Technology - USITT DMX512, Asynchronous Serial Digital Data Transmission Standard for Controlling Lighting Equipment and Accessories. Wide public input is being sought in order to finalise this draft and ensure that the needs of the industry are being met. The comment period is now open, and will end at 4.00 p.m. ET, January 12, 2000. The draft document may be requested in hard copy from ESTA's Technical Standards Manager at the address below. When commenting, please provide the following: clear identification of the relevant clause, page, and line numbers; the proposed change marked in legislative format, with strikethroughs to indicate deleted text and underlines to indicate new text; substantiation for the change; and a wordprocessing file of the proposed changes (Word Perfect, Word 97 or lower, or RTF), with each proposal on a separate page. A sample comment form is included at the end of the draft standard and is also available for comment. Please send electronic submissions to Please mail paper submissions to Technical Standards Manager ESTA, 875 Sixth Avenue, Suite 2302, New York, NY 10001, USA

Clothes Show Live
Friday, 26 November 1999

Early December will see the Clothes Show Live, in association with the British Heart Foundation, at the NEC in Birmingham. Lighting a whole host of the latest fashions from the world's top British and International fashion designers will be numerous Martin Macs (controlled by a WholeHog system) supplied and installed by Stage Electrics. The show has been organised by Barker Brown Ltd on behalf of the BBC Haymarket Exhibitions Ltd.

Adams Departure is Result of Restructuring
Thursday, 25 November 1999

Following our recent news that John Adams is to leave High End Systems, Bob Schacherl, president of High End Systems, has told us: "John's departure from HES was a result of our transitioning his position as international sales and operations director over to our European headquarters in London. John was not able to relocate back to the UK due to his desire to remain in the United States."Adams, High End's international sales and operations director, has been with the Texas-based manufacturer for six years.

Vari-Lite Sell Australian Product Stock to Jands
Wednesday, 24 November 1999

Vari-Lite has announced that it has sold off its stock of automated lighting equipment located in Australia to local distributor Jands Electronics, which will now become the exclusive distributor of Vari-Lite products for sale in Australia and New Zealand. Rusty Brutsche, chairman and CEO of Vari-Lite, called the move "a natural progression of our relationship with Jands."

Vari-Lite Launches New Products for Direct Sales Strategy
Wednesday, 24 November 1999

Vari-Lite unveiled its first-ever line of direct sales products at the recent LDI show in Orlando. The new products are the VL2400 series wash luminaire and the VL2201 spot luminaire, which will be available in the New Year. These products are aimed specifically at permanent installations, and focuses for the first time on entertainment venues - such as community arts venues, theatres, places of worship and theme parks - which were not served by the company's traditional rental-only operations.The VL2400 is based on the Emmy Award-winning VL5 family; the 2400 series will six configurations of the 2400 wash luminaire, each with either collimated beam or beam spreader options. Sources include 1200W and 1000W incandescent or 1200W and 625W arc versions. The compact and lightweight VL2201 meanwhile, is based on the VL6B spot luminaire, with 3:1 zoom optics, rotating gobos and a centre beam intensity greater than competing 575W fixtures. Both series are operable through standard DMX-512 standard control consoles, as well as the company's own Virtuoso desk.

Teatro Ceases to Trade
Wednesday, 24 November 1999

Mike Lowe has confirmed that he is closing down Teatro srl after 12 years in the business. He has contacted all the company's distributors and is currently engaged in the process of selling off the company's stock at near cost price.The company was established in February 1987 when Bruno Dedoro of club lighting effects manufacturer Coemar was looking to develop a new range of products aimed specifically at theatre. Mike Lowe had recently resigned as managing director of Strand Lighting and so the two formed a partnership with Teatro taking up residence next door to the main Coemar HQ in Castel Goffredo. Over the years the company developed a complete range of professional theatre lighting, which began with the 1k Tratto and 2k Acuto and grew to embrace a full range of profiles, PCs, fresnels, floods, cyclorama, followspots, parlights, colour changers and accessories.

Color Kinetics Serve Order
Tuesday, 23 November 1999

Boston-based digital lighting manufacturer Color Kinetics has served a cease and desist writ on UK company Artistic Licence. The order relates to Artistic's Colour-Fill LED technology which Color Kinetics believes is trade-dressed to look like its own line of digital colour-changing lights. The order, which is not related to patent infringement, was served on the first day of the LDI Show in Orlando.

Martin Lights On Tour
Monday, 22 November 1999

Martin Professional luminaires have been making a big impact on the UK touring scene recently. Currently in the middle of a busy UK tour, Welsh band the Super Furry Animals are touring with a rig supplied by Prism Lighting. LD Nick Jevons spec'd 12 MAC 500s for the whole of the tour, along with six newly-acquired MAC 300 moving head luminaires for the closing dates, all controlled by an Avolites' Pearl desk.Rental company Eurolites supplied eight Martin MAC 500s for the recent UK tour by The Stranglers, and eight MAC 500s for Elkie Brooks, who tours through to April 2000 with lighting design by Ian Bintlift. Control for both the Stranglers and Elkie Brooks is again from an Avo' Pearl.

High End Introduces Studio Beam PC
Monday, 22 November 1999

High End Systems has launched a new automated luminaire - the Studio Beam - which adds a third type of automated light, the Pebble Convex automated fixture, to the designer's tool kit. The Pebble Convex (PC) optical train produces a unique quality of light, distinct from a fresnel wash or ellipsoidal spot. Variable soft-edge and extremely high output blending distribution, coupled with a large zoom range and intense beam shaping give the Studio Beam PC a unique niche in lighting design and application. Using a new short-arc lamp and a patented combination elliptical/spherical reflector and aspheric lens system, the Studio Beam PC produces output levels one would previously only expect from much larger units.With its wide zoom range, intense output and compact size, Studio Beam PC is ideal for soft-edge key and long-throw highlighting, as well as providing aerial effects. Other features include full CYM colour-mixing, three additional discrete dichroic colors, an internal preset system, and 540 degree by 287 degree movement.An Adobe Acrobat version of the Studio Beam PC brochure can be downloaded from the High End website.

New Cyberlight Turbo will "Double Light Output"
Friday, 19 November 1999

In another important announcement, automated lighting manufacturer High End Systems is introducing a major upgrade to the its Cyberlight automated luminaire, which they claim will double the light output of the unit. The enhanced fixture will be known as the Cyberlight Turbo, and benefits from improvements in short arc source technology and High End's expertise in optical design have yielded substantial improvements in several areas. Photonic output has been dramatically increased - Cyberlight Turbo offers up to 100% increased light output with no increase in power consumption. Additionally, a new twin achromatic lens system results in an improved focus quality.

Paul Sonnleitner Joins High End's New East Coast Office
Friday, 19 November 1999

Industry veteran Paul Sonnleitner has joined High End Systems as Director of Special Projects - East Coast, to be based in the new East Coast sales, support and training facility opening early next year in New York City. Sonnleitner is a well-respected lighting programmer who entered the lighting industry as a technician on the touring production of Sesame Street in the early 90s. In 1995 he moved to New York and debuted on Broadway working with Paul Gallo on Big, programming the Wholehog II. He has since worked on countless Broadway shows including Titanic, Civil War, Scarlet Pimpernel, and others. He also has gained significant exposure lighting mammoth corporate displays at events including Comdex and E3.


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