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urshan2Chauvet colours St Louis live recording day
Wednesday, 13 April 2022

USA - The Urshan College 2022 Live Recording was a day-long worship event and celebration of praise music at The Sanctuary church outside Saint Louis. Lighting designer Gabreil Loera tapped into the inspirational qualities of this classic hue when lighting this event, which featured a live concert that was recorded for later distribution.
Loera colorised the stage in teal and white at the start of the event, creating one of his favourite looks of the show. (The other was at the end of the evening when he pushed all his lights out into the crowd to finish the concert with a flourish.) In between, he immersed the crowd and stage in colour washes, many in various shades of teal. At times, he created a blanket of teal over the entire stage, seeming to embrace the large number of performers on it in a rejuvenating sea of hope.
Helping Loera achieve these transformational looks was a collection of Chauvet Professional fixtures, supplied by Pumpjack Productions. Featured in this rig were eight Maverick Force S Spots, two Rogue R2X Spots, and six COLORdash PAR Quad 18 units.
To keep his show varied and interesting, Loera incorporated colours other than teal and white into his show, relying of different palettes and light angles to reflect the distinct styles and personalities of the artists contributing to the concert. All the while, he was able to balance his lighting with the large video wall that occupied a prominent central position behind the stage.
“We varied the looks throughout the recording first by being able to change the colours for each

zonda-9-washAyrton launches Zonda 9 Wash and Zonda 9 FX
Tuesday, 12 April 2022

Europe - Ayrton is launching Zonda 9 Wash and Zonda 9 FX, the first luminaires in a new family of products for stage lighting. Equipped with a 40W LED source with RGB+W additive colour system, these new products are part of Ayrton’s Multi Sources 9 Series category.
For Zonda 9 Wash, Ayrton has developed a silent ventilation mode, to accommodate the quieter environment often required by stage lighting. Meanwhile, each concentric circle of the colour mixing system can be controlled independently to adjust the size of the emitting surface and the luminaire’s power. A complete library of pre-programmed colours - created in collaboration with lighting designers - is instantly accessible.
Zonda 9 FX is a versatile luminaire designed for a multitude of applications. It borrows from the main features of the Wash version and offers infinite continuous rotation on the pan and tilt axes. Individual control of each LED allows you to achieve 3D volumetric effects. Zonda 9 FX can produce a high-definition liquid effect from between its main lenses to create complex graphic effects, known as LiquidEffect. This effect can be used alone or in combination with the main LED matrix.
Zonda 9 Wash and Zonda 9 FX share the same proprietary optical system which consists of a 384mm-diameter dial of 37 lenses in PMMA, combined with 37 glass light guides with an output surface made of an optical micro-structure. This LED/optical system combination can produce powerful light output of 25,000 lumens and a perfectly homogeneous mixture of pastel and saturated colours, regar

chris-pattonChristie Lites appoints Patton VP rentals
Tuesday, 12 April 2022

USA - Christie Lites has welcomed Chris Patton as its VP rentals. Patton’s new role comes as part of a wider expansion of the Christie Lites management team, bringing increased focus to both client and rep support. To that end Patton will join Ken Alexander, senior VP rentals, to lead, develop and support the Christie Lites rental rep team.
Huntly Christie, CEO of Christie Lites, says: “As the company expands into new countries and market segments, the additional management capacity that Chris brings will ensure continued focus and consistency in our customer experience. Chris will concentrate on expanding our relationship capabilities and developing sustainable business opportunities across the Christie Lites global network.”
A UK native, Patton has 20 years of professional experience, embracing roles including business and team development manager for a large rental operation in the UK and as senior product manager for several key professional lighting manufacturers in the USA.
Patton states: “I am inspired to be joining Christie Lites. This is a company that has a proven track record in providing outstanding lighting solutions to a vast array of entertainment and corporate projects. My appointment comes at a significant time in the industry, with the reopening and reimagining of many sectors of live entertainment and I am delighted to be part of that.”

footlightsLegacy adds Robert Juliat Dalis 862 footlights
Tuesday, 12 April 2022

USA - Legacy Production Group, a Minneapolis based corporate event production company and AV equipment supplier, has taken delivery of 12 Robert Juliat Dalis 862 variable white footlights.
“Minneapolis is a unique market: there’s no single, big lighting house here,” notes Legacy president, Tom Gorman. “We try to keep an inventory of what we can use for our primary corporate event clients as well as what other people in town want for music, touring and theatre. I’ve been hoping to stock the Dalis 862 footlights since I first saw them - they’re an amazing, cool and unique piece of equipment. When we did our first social media post announcing that we had the Dalis 862s we heard from a lot of people who told us they were very glad they were now available in Minneapolis.”
Robert Juliat’s Dalis 862 footlight incorporates 48 patented asymmetric reflectors arranged in a double row. Each row can be controlled independently offering long or short throw capacities and creating upstage or downstage lighting.
Gorman points out that with the coronavirus pandemic accelerating virtual and hybrid production, many corporate clients are now using cameras to record events for streaming or online access. So the need to light for broadcast has increased.
“The Dalis footlights are very good for that,” he says. “The footlights can add dimensionality to a set without washing out LED videowall backdrops or projection. They’re great for chin lights instead of the old conventional strip lights. And when you put on live high-end corporate shows t

neg-earthNeg Earth Lights invests in MAC Aura PXL
Tuesday, 12 April 2022

UK Leading lighting supplier Neg Earth Lights havs made a significant investment in Martin’s new MAC Aura PXL multi-source LED wash with the addition of 100 units to their rental inventory, supplied by Martin UK distributor Sound Technology.
The Martin MAC Aura PXL is a workhorse LED wash light capable of multiple source pixel-mapping. Its 141 Aura backlight pixels and 19 main beam pixels are all independently controllable. In addition to DMX, Art-Net and sACN, the fixture can be controlled by Martin´s P3 protocol for setup and programming and allows a rig of fixtures to deliver cohesive content that blends together with video content on panels or creative LED products. You can blend seamlessly between console and media input sources via the P3 mix channel.
The MAC Aura PXL's new attractive facia and an increased output of the Aura backlight allows the PXL to create ‘stunning facia and wash effects on a much larger scale compared to the MAC Aura XB’. The MAC Aura PXL has an output of 10,500 lumens in wide beam, 8,500 in narrow beam, while its RGBW colour-mixing light engine is capable of very bright and vibrant saturated colours, as well as beautiful pastels and white tones.
Joao Magalhaes, technical solutions manager, Neg Earth Lights, comments: “The Martin MAC Aura PXL is a great addition to our stock, modernising our portfolio of technology boasting multi-lens with backlight capabilities. It's 10,500 lumens of RGBW light output and 1:8 zoom range enables the fixture to deliver on productions of various sizes. The option for integration

robe-volbeat-2-photo-by-britt-bowmanRobe double rocks for Ghost & Volbeat dates
Tuesday, 12 April 2022

USA - Celebrating Scandinavian rock music, fans across the USA enjoyed a recent high-powered double headliner tour delivered by Ghost from Sweden and Volbeat from Denmark.
This tour also united the imaginations of two different international lighting designers - Niels ‘Niller’ Bjerregaard for Volbeat who is based in Denmark and Erich Bertti from Brazil, LD for Ghost - who combined creativity and lateral thinking to design a top rig that would work for both bands but yield totally contrasting results.
Robe moving lights - MegaPointes, Spiiders and BMFL Spots - were the primary moving lights of choice for this challenging task, all supplied by Premier Global Productions out of Nashville.
Niller has been working with Volbeat for 13 years and with new album Servant of the Mind just released, like everyone, they were ready to rock post-pandemic. He and Erich, together with Niller’s co-show designer Guy Sykes, went through about four interactions of the overhead design before they agreed on a model that worked well for both. Guy is also Volbeat’s TM, he has toured with Pantera - among others - in the past, and is one of Niller’s mentors.
“Erich and I had both utilised Robe a lot,” he stated. “The fixtures are reliable and feature-packed, the brand is big in the USA with the lights widely available, so that part of the decision-making process was very easy!”
The idea was to have a universal MegaPointe look in the roof rig that would give those unrelenting BIG epic rock looks that set the tone for both artists. “Meg

attpac1-variliteDallas' AT&T centre upgrades with Vari-Lite and Strand
Tuesday, 12 April 2022

USA - The magnificent AT&T Performing Arts Centre in Dallas has invested in Vari-Lite and Strand luminaires from Signify in five of its main show spaces to transform their lighting and reduce power consumption.
The $360 million multi-venue centre, designed by world-leading architects, upgraded its fixtures with more than 200 Vari-Lite and Strand products to reflect its status as one of America’s foremost cultural institutions.
At the heart of the complex is the Margot and Bill Winspear Opera House which is home to the principle 2,200-seater Margaret McDermott Performance Hall. This space is now lit by 32 Vari-Lite VL2600 Profile, 40 VL800 Eventwash and 24 Strand Leko LED Profile Full Colour luminaires, supplied by Houston-based Bell & McCoy.
“I have been involved with the AT&T Performing Arts Centre since 2011 and their lighting team had previously purchased Vari-Lite fixtures from us, including the SL BAR 660,” says Bell & McCoy’s Mandy Stockhausen. “This time round, they were looking to expand what I like to call ‘Vari-Lite quality’ throughout the centre, and we were able to offer them a complete range of LED fixtures that out-perform their previous lighting package. The VL800 Eventwash blew them away with its powerful brightness, rich color ranges, Vari-Lite quality movement, size, and price point.”
Lee Terry is head electrician at the centre, focusing on the opera house’s McDermott Performance Hall. “Our gear was outdated, and we needed to take a big leap in technology to be current. In addition to that,

commissionerArtistic Licence launches Commissioner rdmx
Monday, 11 April 2022

UK - Artistic Licence has launched Commissioner rdmx, which is now in stock for immediate shipping. Commissioner rdmx is a hand-held tool for testing, programming and configuring lighting installations or fixtures. It supports DMX512 and RDM. Handy features include a dual colour backlit display, DIP switch calculator and cable test mode.
Commissioner rdmx is a multi-featured DMX512/RDM tool that has been designed to ‘address the lighting technician's every need’.
Housed in a robust plastic case with a backlit LCD display and tactile button keypad, Commissioner rdmx is a practical and self-contained piece of equipment that is suitable for site use.
The product includes two AA (NiMH) rechargeable batteries that can be topped up via the micro-USB port (this is also capable of powering the unit directly). A hardshell zip-case is included, with plenty of room for essential cables and adapters.
Commissioner rdmx offers a comprehensive range of functions. The various modes are accessed by navigating through the intuitive hierarchy of menus. Favourite functions (for example, setting DMX start addresses) can be added to a shortcut menu for quick access. The backlight uses green or red colour coding in certain modes to enhance the feedback for the user.
The testing tool includes all the usual sort of functions required in a DMX/RDM tester, but also has some extra tricks up its sleeve. For example, both DMX input and DMX output can function at same time, allowing data fixing and network testing.
The product's receive operation enable

fightTSL back in sporting action at the O2 Arena
Friday, 8 April 2022

UK - The O2 Arena in London witnessed its largest audience at a single sporting event in history when hosting the UFC Fight Night on 19 March.
TSL were back at the O2 to put together an impressive rig with lighting over centre stage. The main component of the lighting system - Tungsten 6 Lamp Bars of Source 4 Pars evenly lit up the Octagon suitably.
It had been three years since UFC had returned to the O2 and as with any event it was imperative that everything ran like clockwork. Dom Sheerman, account director for TSL says, “Having been a regular event in the calendar it was great to be delivering a UFC show again, the last show previous to this was at the end of 2019 in Moscow so it’s been a long break.”
TSL assembled its established core team of technicians that have worked on UFC events multiple times to deliver lighting designer Jason Eible’s distinctive lighting design.
The lighting rig was a mixture of tungsten and LED fixtures controlled via Avolites Sapphire consoles.
There were a number of fixtures covering effects and eye candy for the camera. These included our SGM Q7s, Martin MAC Auras, Martin Mac Viper Performances, Pro Lights Studio Cobs and Elation Paladin Cubes.
TSL also supplied a number of Litepanel Astra panels for providing key light for the ESPN Studio and interview areas.

iheartawards4Allen Branton lights iHeart Awards with Chauvet
Friday, 8 April 2022

USA - Tenth Planet Productions, production designer John Calkins, Bianca Moncada and the team at screen content creator Darmah, and lighting designer Allen Branton supported the performances at the 2022 iHeart Radio Music Awards.
For his part, Branton relied on light from his 4Wall Entertainment supplied rig, which included over 70 Chauvet Professional fixtures, to enhance the “virtual stage” environment created through the video and scenic design.
“This show was the result of an interesting collaboration between lighting and scenic design, along with the screen content creations by Darmah,” says Branton. “The design team essentially built the show around a virtual environment. Creatively arranging video tiles, the team created a virtual proscenium on the venue’s actual stage, with lighting working inside it.”
Created to meet the needs of a broadcast event, the design had the flexibility required to create different looks for the long list of celebrated stars who appeared on the nationally televised event; a group that included host LL Cool J, Måneskin, Jason Aldean, Megan Thee Stallion and Jennifer Lopez, John Legend and Charlie Puth
“The video content capacity of the design allowed us to generate entirely different worlds,” continues Branton. “Darmah was the MVP of this production for sure.”
As the show reflected the various personalities and styles of the different artists on stage, video content played a key role in maintaining a consistent image for the TV audience. “Time was short as is almost always the ca

robe-dry-hire-lighting-dhl231511030-rael-hancock--some-of-the-team-photo-by-louise-sticklandDry Hire Lighting adds RoboSpots and Spiiders
Friday, 8 April 2022

UK - Dry Hire Lighting, a rental specialist based in High Wycombe, has seen an uptick in business as the industry starts returning post pandemic, all positive news which has fuelled a recent investment in five Robe RoboSpot remote follow systems and 32 Robe Spiider LED wash beams.
The company is seeing a demand for various Robe products, reports business development director Rael Hancock, who joined the company September 2019.
“Spiiders are a ‘go-to’ fixture for so many scenarios,” comments Rael, and for the same reason, the RoboSpot investment was also seen as solid, and one of the most popular and user-friendly remote follow spotting solutions on the market.
“We’re driven by market demand and ROI. Additionally, the relationship we enjoy with Robe UK and the technical support is excellent - another major plus when considering an investment.”
The new RoboSpot BaseStations - which work with a variety of different Robe fixtures - and the Spiiders join an already large number of other Robe products available via Dry Hire Lighting.

Altman Lighting promotes Angel ‘Cap’ Couto
Thursday, 7 April 2022

USA - Altman Lighting has promoted Angel Couto to the position of production manager. ‘Cap’ has worked for Altman lighting for over 30 years, during those years he has held many different titles ranging from but not limited to, forklift operator, assembler, customer service, customer support, buyer, to his most recent role, inventory manager.
Cap’s new role will allow him to take all of his years of experience into action by overseeing all things production from production and order scheduling and timing to running the facility with our incredible Altman fabrication and manufacturing teams.
“Cap’s passion, drive, collaboration, and attention to detail makes him a perfect fit for the production manager role,” comments Altman’s general manager Pete Borchetta. “His dedication and service to Altman Lighting customers has been second to none. I am thrilled to be working with Cap in this new role and see incredible things ahead.”

holy-cross-lutheranChauvet balances light at Holy Cross Lutheran
Thursday, 7 April 2022

USA - Holy Cross Lutheran sits on a hilltop overlooking the city of College Station, TX. Chandler Mann and the team at Covenant Communications were commissioned to light the church.
“This is a very special building with its cavernous architecture, traditions, and modern ambience,” said Mann. “I love being pushed to utilise white canvases, such as the one we have here, with lighting. Black backdrops are fun and have their perfect place, but all lighting designers worth their salt dream of filling an ethereal space with atmosphere and power.
“Working heavily with white architectural environments over the past five years has truly forced me to hand the reins over and to trust the artistic licences of architects and designers,” continued Mann. “They’re pursuing an art, just as I am, and I’m honoured to help their creations shine.”
Aiding Mann in his quest to support the church’s architecture were 42 Chauvet Professional fixtures. Included in this collection were 16 Ovation E-260WW ellipsoidals, 12 Ovation F-145WW Fresnels, 10- COLORado 1-Quad wash lights, and four COLORdash Batten-Quad 12 linear units. DMX signals are sent to these fixtures via two RDMX-8 units; and the rig is controlled by a ChamSys MagicQ MQ50.
Hung overhead in two rows on the triangular ceiling above the stage, the Fresnel fixtures provide soft washes. The ellipsoidal fixtures are also positioned overhead on three rows to provide stage and key lighting, while the colour rendering washes are positioned throughout the church to accent its distinctive architect

rebaReba McEntire back on the road with Bandit
Thursday, 7 April 2022

USA - Reba McEntire is currently on tour with a lighting system from Bandit Lites. In 2019, when lighting designers Gayle Hase and Dave Hare began planning the lighting for the 2020 tour, they were unified in thinking that nothing should attempt to rival Reba’s powerhouse performance.
“Too many of today’s productions are more about the bells and whistles than the talent that is on stage,” said Hare. “We felt that a proper balance of production would only enhance the tremendous talent that is onstage and deliver a great experience to the audience.”
Bandit Lites supplied more than 200 fixtures, which differed from basic spot and wash lighting rigs. Fixtures included Mac Viper Profiles, Elation Proteus Maximus, Elation SixBar 1000, Elation CuePix WW4, Robe BMFL spots, Elation Smartys and Elation Proteus Rayzor 760.
“We wanted to make sure we had a proper balance of beams and texture while allowing versatility in how we used the fixtures,” explained Hare. “All the fixtures in this lighting system can be used in different ways to create many different scenes.”
In March 2020, Hase and Hare were at Venue One, Bandit Lites pre-visualization studio and rehearsal space, when Covid-19 halted live events.
“I remember telling everyone that we would be back in two weeks,” said Hare. Two years later, the two walked back into Venue One to finish the programming and finally take the show on the road. “Everyone at Bandit was great in getting the lighting rig prepped and out the door in the midst of all this chaos,” said Har

plscameostandAdam Hall Group returns to Prolight + Sound 2022
Thursday, 7 April 2022

Germany - Adam Hall Group will be present at the Messe Frankfurt exhibition centre for Prolight + Sound 2022 from 26-29 April, with separate booths for its Cameo and LD Systems brands. These booths will showcase new products from Adam Hall Group’s extensive event technology portfolio. In addition to new Cameo fixtures for stage, theatre, architecture and broadcast usage, visitors can look forward to ‘a pioneering sound reinforcement solution from LD Systems’.
LD Systems comes to Prolight + Sound with one product. Just ONE product – and yet so much more! At its booth (located at Hall 11.0 #A21), the pro audio manufacturer will present the next milestone in its brand history: a scalable system that ‘sets new standards in user-friendliness and flexibility in the professional rental market’.
With the new OTOS H5, Cameo (Hall 12.1 #B24) is directly addressing the needs of professional lighting designers and rental companies who require a fully road and rider ready beam spot wash hybrid moving head in their portfolio. In addition to its use in venues with large capacities, the OTOS H5 – with its high light output (19,000 lm) and IP65 certification – is particularly impressive in outdoor applications such as open-air concerts and festivals. This flexible 3-in-1 spotlight combines a powerful light and effect output with a low weight of only 33 kg, making the OTOS H5 currently the lightest product in its performance class.
With the P2 Series, Cameo presents its first profilers for professional theatre, TV and event applications. The series i

jhsSenior management changes confirmed at JHS
Wednesday, 6 April 2022

UK - John Hornby Skewes & Co (JHS) has announced the appointment of Paul Smith as managing director, along with further changes in management, sales and administration.
Founded in 1965, JHS is a family owned and led SME, distributing a range of over 4,500 products across a blend of third-party distributed and proprietary brands through a variety of channels in over 150 countries.
With effect 1 April, Adam Butterworth, who joined the company in May 2006, is appointed to the position of director of sales. Adam, who has been instrumental in the growth and consolidation and success of JHS’ export business, will be bringing his considerable commercial acumen and sales skills to bear across JHS’ export and domestic sales activities.
Simon Turnbull, another long serving JHS team member is appointed to the position of media and communications manager. Simon, who has been with JHS since 1984 will be ‘building upon his decades of experience to align the JHS Media Department to the ever-changing needs of todays and tomorrow’s markets, products and customers’.
In the purchasing department, Dominic Rossington becomes senior buyer. Dominic brings a wealth of knowledge and a quarter of a century’s experience to this position.
While handing the managing director baton to Paul, Dennis Drumm will be taking up the role of CEO, and will be working with Paul, the directors, managers and staff in all departments across the company and with external sources and contributors, with a focus on future commercial and brand strategies.
JHS wi

main-light-southMain Light opens new facility in Nashville
Wednesday, 6 April 2022

USA - This week, Main Light officially opened its new facility in Nashville. The new 70,000 sq.ft. Main Light, South shop - under the direction of Main Light CEO, Randy Mullican - is located at 12630 Old Hickory Blvd, Antioch, TN. Locally, Main Light, South will be led by account executive Cathie Berbena Lloyd and operations manager Jim Gregory. This new facility is the company's third location, joining Main Light, East in Wilmington, DE and Main Light, West in Las Vegas.
Berbena Lloyd was a long-time client of Main Light over the years. On the opening, Berbena Lloyd wants Main Light’s clients to know that “we are all about customer service and that having clients taken care of as efficiently as possible is our prime directive at Main Light. We understand that our customer partners are putting their trust in us, and we always want to deliver in the best way possible.”
CEO Mullican and Michael Cannon, owner and chairman of Main Light decided in late 2021 that it was the right time to look at expanding into the Nashville market. Mullican notes: “Our opening in Nashville made a lot of sense in terms of efficiently servicing our customers - the rental and production houses in the Nashville region. There really were no dry hire options in the area and yet we knew we already had a lot of customers. So, the need was there.
“Certainly, with the three Main Light locations - East, West, and South now - we really are positioned to address our customers’ needs in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. That is our constant focus.”

enchanted-3Mavericks capture the spirit of Enchanted Gardens
Wednesday, 6 April 2022

The Netherlands - At the Enchanted Gardens light art festival, the ‘sound’ of flowers harmonised with the human voice, thanks to the work of Dynamic Beeld, Licht & Geluid.
Designing the Rosarium section of this 17-day festival, which takes place at the 42-hectare Kasteeltuinen Arcen garden complex, Dynamic Beeld, Licht & Geluid combined colourful lighting with a song written by Dutch recording artist Stef Classens.
“To honour the 90th anniversary of Het Limburgs Landschap, Stef Classens wrote a song called In The Forest,” said Paul Winters of Dynamic Beeld, Licht & Geluid. “This song formed the basis of the light show that we programmed. The chosen colour scheme worked really well with the lyrics of the song. This created a beautiful synergy between light and sound.”
Key to creating this evocative color scheme of graduated reds and greens, along with some bold blue aerial effects were six Maverick Storm 1 Spot fixtures from Chauvet Professional. The design team positioned the 480-watt LED fixtures around the edge of a pond in the centre of Het Rosarium.
“Arranging the fixtures this way allowed us to create a 360˚ effect,” said Winters. “The music and the lights really intensified each other. The bold blue aerial effects brought the music to a higher dimension and vice versa.”
Positioned on elevated platforms so as not to obstruct viewing angles during daylight hours, the Maverick fixtures were also used to project gobo images on the water as well on the tops of trees at the back of the pond. Meanwh

prolightsV Sport installs Prolights panels in new studios
Wednesday, 6 April 2022

Norway - V Sport, a group of television channels owned by Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT) and a part of the pan-Nordic V Sport brand, has fitted two of their new spaces with Prolights studio fixtures.
When Nordic Entertainment Group were about to build their new studios located in Halse, Oslo, they turned to Hilux AS and Jørn Wangensteen for lighting design. Jørn is a lighting designer with vast experience in studio and film production, and already had experience with the EclPanels from several high-profile productions.
“We immediately talked with Prostage, Prolights' distributor in the region, and told them the EclPanels were the perfect fit for this job,” said Jørn. “The panels' reputation is outstanding and ticked all of the boxes for this project.”
Studio 1 was built mainly to house the new Visat winter sports studio and is fitted exclusively with 18x EclPanel TWCJr, 30x EclFresnel PTW and a few LumiPar 12UQPro.
Studio 2 is designed as a green screen studio, which will be used for several sports productions, including the Premier League. This studio took 20x EclFresnel JrTW and 12x EclFresnel PTW.
“The Prolights fixtures are very versatile, and the TW Fresnels have an incredibly wide CCT range whilst maintaining high CRI and TLCI values, something extremely important in broadcast productions. We also like how simple they are to use and having an entire family of products capable for these projects means that we can quickly train everyone in-house much quicker as they share very similar user interfaces” concluded Jør

avolabAvolites announces AVOLab partnership with Visional
Wednesday, 6 April 2022

UK - Avolites has announced its first AVOLab partnership with Visional, a multidisciplinary experience-focused creative production agency headquartered in Atlanta.
An AVOLab is ‘a hub for expertise, training and product knowledge, around which a community of skilled practitioners is built’.
Visional, based in Atlanta with studios in Denver, Orlando, and Los Angeles, have been using Avolites lighting and video products for almost a decade. Visional specialises in creative design, live production, virtual engagements, interactive experiences, and immersive environmental installations.
“By combining cutting-edge technology, like Avolites Ai, with years of expertise, we help our clients create mind blowing visual experiences.” said Kyle Means, co-founder and principal of Visional. “This partnership has existed for some years now, and it’s nice to put it into terms where it makes sense for our partners and colleagues around the world.”
Co-founders Kyle Means and Jim Steurnagel have worked closely with the Avolites engineering team on their media server development, and the company has delivered many impressive projects including the multi-site Passion conference as well as countless custom projection mapping projects around the world.
However, it is their work in providing creative problem-solving support to other dealers and integrators, which makes them such a great fit for an AVOLab partnership. For example: Andrew Huff of Limelight approached Visional to provide media server and projection expertise at his install at a

claypakyspiritsports5Claypaky Sharpy Plus joins Ultimate Battle
Wednesday, 6 April 2022

USA - A large complement of Claypaky’s Sharpy Plus hybrid beam lights and spotlights were something to cheer about when Richmond-based Lite-Tek Entertainment deployed them on the Spirit Sports Ultimate Battle cheerleading competition on 25 March.
The Myrtle Beach (SC) Convention Centre hosted Ultimate Battle, a one-night event showcasing the talented teams that have reached the pinnacle of cheerleading excellence and are headed to the 2022 Cheerleading World Championships in Orlando. Lite-Tek spends most of the winter months working on cheerleading events throughout the southeast; the rest of the year the company acts as a tour vendor and local lighting vendor for numerous music venues. Lite-Tek was the first company in the US to take delivery of Claypaky’s Sharpy Plus, and the fixtures have been busy ever since.
Lite-Tek founder Darren Lewis designed the rig, acted as production manager and served as co-designer with programmer John Adamo for Ultimate Battle. Their goal was to make the event “look massive, like an arena show” Lewis says, with Sharpy Plus dominating the dynamic show open and creating big ballyhoos to generate excitement as each competing team was introduced.
“The show open was done to the AC/DC song, Thunderstruck, so we decided to pay homage to the original music video, which was all white light,” Lewis explains. “We stuck with white light throughout the show adding green lasers to the mix. The most fun was that the lights were the star of the show open - spectators couldn’t see anything but lights. We had fr

credit-glyndebourneproductions-ltd-auditorium-fisheye-leigh-simpsonALPD announces Design Lumière Scheme 2022
Tuesday, 5 April 2022

UK - The Association for Lighting Production and Design (ALPD) has opened its Design Lumière Scheme 2022 for applicants. The aim of this professional development scheme is to establish assistants who are employable by producers and lighting designers. The Lumière will gain first-hand experience as an assistant lighting designer with industry-recognised skills.
This year, the ALPD has partnered with Glyndebourne, one of the world’s most celebrated opera houses.
Charlotte Burton, ALPD’s Lumière Working Group Chair, comments: “It is a joy to be partnering with Glyndebourne for the Design Lumière Scheme in 2022. It will give the Lumière a unique experience to work in one of the world’s most renowned opera houses alongside the incredible in-house lighting team and this season’s wonderful lighting designers.
“As a former Lumière, I know that work experience in a venue can help to develop skills before branching out to assist lighting designers on productions around the UK in the second stage. We cannot thank our generous supporters - those who donated to A Light Walk last year and Glyndebourne - enough for their continued support. They have made this year’s Design Lumière Scheme possible.”
The scheme is a six-month programme of mentoring and practical experience. The successful applicant will spend the first stage of the programme at Glyndebourne, assisting visiting lighting designers within the lighting and AV department. The second stage of the scheme will match the Lumière with several lighting designers for three months

foggerShowtec unveils QubiQ smoke machines
Tuesday, 5 April 2022

The Netherlands - Showtec has introduced a new series of smoke machines, named QubiQ. Three new foggers and a fazer are featured in this series, the QubiQ S1000, QubiQ S1500, and QubiQ S2500 fog machines, and the QubiQ F1500 fazer, with more models in the pipeline. They are billed as ‘feature-rich, safe, and reliable, with a practical and unique-looking design’.
The QubiQ series of smoke machines are Showtec’s latest addition to their arsenal of FX hardware. All four of them are controlled manually, through DMX, or via remote control, offering the usual control parameters like output level (0-100 %) and timer settings. The heater temperature can be monitored in real-time on the display (in % of the normal operating temperature). This offers the possibility of adjusting the output to a level at which the vaporiser isn’t cooled down to a point where it would cause the machine to seize its operation to heat up again. This way a continuous operation can be ensured until the tank is drained.
The QubiQ series is equipped with a dual over-temperature protection and a fluid level detector that indicates an almost empty tank. This makes it a reliable and safe partner for stage productions as well as parties. The QubiQ S1000 is a 1000-W fogger with a 1-L tank, the S1500 uses a 1500-W heating element and a 1.5-L tank, while the S2500 offers 2500-W of heating power and a 2.3L tank. The QubiQ F1500 is a 1500-W fazer with a 2.3-L tank capacity, offering a finer mist than the foggers.
A remote control with timer function is included but can also be purcha

red-bull-symphonic4Pop meets classics in Vienna with ChamSys
Tuesday, 5 April 2022

Austria - Designer/programmer Niklas Fuchs was called upon to light Red Bull Symphonic, an event where ‘Austropop meets Classics’, held on three consecutive February nights at Vienna’s historic Wiener Konzerthaus concert hall. In this capacity, he would have to reflect the music of a symphonic orchestra in light, in addition to supporting the usual pop and rock artists that he typically lit.
“I was asked to light the three concerts they did with Max Steiner Orchestra conducted by Christian Kolonovits,” said Fuchs. “For me it was a new challenge to design a lighting system for an orchestra, especially challenging was lighting the orchestra and the band in a way that is suitable for a TV recording as well as a live audience.”
Helping Fuchs rise to the occasion was his ChamSys PC Wing Compact and Extra Wing Compact. “I used the Extra Wing only for Master Intensity Faders and stuff that’s important for key lighting. The whole show was programmed from scratch, with the PC Wing. I didn’t use a single cue from my usual Seiler & Speer Showfile.
“A really good thing about ChamSys is that it allows you to do a lot of stuff with very little hardware,” continued Fuchs. “I’ve played headliner shows on very big stages with up to 36 DMX Universes, just with my laptop and a PC Wing. During one of those times, I would be standing between 12 full-sized lighting consoles from other major brands that cost a fortune. It was hilarious to see the stunned faces of the other LDs seeing what this ‘tiny’ setup is able to do.


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