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robe-puscifer-existential-reckoning-at-arcosanti-du5a7550Robe joins Existential Reckoning in the desert
Friday, 11 December 2020

USA - The arid arena of the Arizona desert and the Arcosanti community united for the staging of Existential Reckoning, a site-specific streamed concert of the new album by ‘supergroup’ Puscifer initiated by Maynard James Keenan.
Lighting designer Sarah Landau was asked to light the concert livestream, having been fascinated with the idea of Arcosanti for some time but not yet visited. She added Robe MegaPointes and PixelPATTs to her lighting design for this intricately constructed performance movie.
Keenan lives about an hour’s drive away from Arcosanti, the ‘arcological’ postulation of Italian American architect Paolo Soleri, designed to connect architecture and ecology as a philosophical base for democratic society.
The album backstory involves an alien landing on earth and trying to assimilate.
The Existential Reckoning video shoot was directed by Adam Rothlein of Ghost Atomic Pictures together with the band’s manager Dino Paredes, and took place in three different locations around Arcosanti – the central amphitheatre; the vaults (two large barrel-shaped structures above ground) and in the middle of a patch of desert just outside the main development.
The set was designed by Mat Mitchell, guitarist, and producer of the album, who also mixed audio for the stream. He presented the overall concept to Sarah when they first discussed the project in early August.
Lighting was left entirely up to Sarah’s vision and interpretation, and the six cameras then had their shots adapted and positioned according t

astera-funny-girl-malmo-opera-3794Astera lights Malmö Opera’s Funny Girl
Friday, 11 December 2020

Sweden - Malmö Opera presented well-received production of musical classic Funny Girl as part of the autumn / winter repertory programme which continued to run despite the pandemic. Audience figures were dramatically reduced to 50+ a livestream which could be enjoyed by all who had bought a ticket for each performance.
Planned two years earlier and fully sold out many months in advance, Malmö Opera decided to go ahead in delivering all their seasonal main house productions as the budgets were already allocated and spent.
Leading Swedish lighting designer Fredrik Jonsson was delighted to be back working on a live show and helping to create the aesthetic for this vibrant, funny, and poignant piece known for its intricate production numbers.
Malmö Opera has a quantity of Astera fixtures in its lighting inventory which are used for multiple situations and solutions across their range of productions, and Fredrik made the most of the tiny Astera AX3 LightDrops to highlight important details on the elaborate Funny Girl sets designed by Martin Chocholousek.
Ten AX3s were hidden behind custom golden shell casings that emulated classic 1930’s Ziegfeld Follies era footlights in line with period setting of the piece.
The AX3s were attached magnetically to metallic plates behind the plastic shell shapes, slightly angled up to authentically simulate footlights coming from the orchestra pit area.
Fredrik added some AX3s inside the two large ventilation funnels of the battleship set to highlight the interior of the funnel ends

laser-beams-1Laser V art to shine over Sheffield
Friday, 11 December 2020

UK - In a bid to lift the spirits of the local community and celebrate the efforts of the NHS, a team of entertainment industry lighting and laser engineers based around the north of England have set out to create laser lighting art.
Sheffield-based lighting designer Jonathan Dawson-Butterworth wanted to set up a morale-boosting event that could also help the Sheffield Hospitals Charity appeal.
“I thought it would be nice to organise something that people could look at and enjoy, and also do something to help charity. With the terrible situation brought upon us all by the pandemic, I thought it would be great to involve the hospitals charity and say ‘thank you’ to the NHS,” he explains.
Taking place on Monday, 14 December, with powerful laser beams firing from three different areas of the city, with the organisers hoping to deliver an entertaining display, including a laser beam pyramid.
“We were hoping to use NHS sites for the locations for the lasers, but because of COVID precautions and protocols, they weren't able to let us to use them. So we had to look the three new locations at the last minute, but these are now being very helpfully provided by three local organisations,” adds Dawson-Butterworth.
During the planning stages, he contacted Northamptonshire-based Kvant Lasers UK, who are supplying one Atom 15 and two LD Spectrum 30 lasers for the occasion. Meanwhile, three lighting professionals - freelancers Andy Brown and Tim Fawkes, and Nick Thompson of Limelight Presentation Systems - will supervise the locations on th

nordhofjpgSchloss Burg seen in a new light with GLP
Thursday, 10 December 2020

Germany - Situated near Wermelskirchen in the Bergisches Land, Schloss Burg is one of the largest completely preserved castle complexes in Germany. Built in the 12th century as the ancestral seat of the Counts and Dukes of Berg, and extensively restored between 1890 and 1914, the castle is one of the landmarks of the Bergisches Land and has been used for years as a museum and for various cultural events.
After a planning period of almost a year, Burg Castle became the scene of the Castle Illumination for the first time this October - and despite, or perhaps because of, the current coronavirus situation, the event was a complete success.
"In the course of the year we had to reschedule several times and, at some point, threw the entire concept overboard," stated Uli Hoppert from Siren, the technical service provider for the event. “We said goodbye to the original idea of not only livening up the castle with a light installation but also with real actors at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis,” he recalls. “The upcoming renovation work also repeatedly thwarted our plans. Medieval castles were simply not planned for a modern event such as this. Narrow corridors, steep slopes, and the extensive protection of historical monuments demanded a lot of inventiveness from my team.”
A colourful and quite unusual mixture of spotlights and lamps were used. “With the exception of the battlements and some interior rooms, only IP65-rated fixtures were deployed,” continued Hoppert, “as the devices had to withstand the Bergisch weather for around six

martineraprofile600800bannerpr1170x407More Martin profiles round out the ERA range
Wednesday, 9 December 2020

USA - Harman Professional Solutions has announced the Martin ERA 600 and 800 Profiles which join the ERA 300 Profile to round out the full-featured range of ERA Profile and ERA Performance fixtures (see LSi December for an in-depth review of the ERA 800 Performance).
The new profile fixtures are suitable for rental and entertainment applications needing an all-in-one moving head that is both compact and lightweight but also bright, efficient and feature-loaded. Whether being used for concerts and touring or corporate shows, cruise lines, houses of worship, and live TV, the new fixtures are designed for a long list of scenarios, requiring a truly versatile LED profile, says the company.
The new ERA 600 and 800 Profiles deliver "incredibly bright yet efficient output - 19,000 lumens (ERA 600) and 34,000 lumens (ERA 800) as well as sharp image projection with a flat field". Additional benefits include 1:8 zoom, electronic dimming/strobe, CMY/CTO, iris for beam adjustment and dual rotating gobo wheels, plus an additional static wheel, loaded with gobos from the Martin MAC range.
“We are thrilled to roll out the new 600 and 800 Profiles to round out the range and ensure that there is an ERA profile equipped to support any sized stage or venue,” said Mark Buss, Martin lighting product manager, Harman Professional Solutions. “Designers have been sharing how many applications our new ERA

amber-two-wire-dimmerAmber Solutions debuts two-wire dimmer
Tuesday, 8 December 2020

USA - Amber Solutions has introduced a solid-state two-wire dimmer solution that works without a neutral wire, is compatible with most types of LED lighting and offers ‘flicker-free performance with a wider range of LED bulbs and fixtures, and provides smooth, precise dimming from zero percent to max power’.
According to Amber founder and CEO Thar Casey, Amber’s two-wire dimmer architecture enables even older buildings and electrical infrastructures to provide wirelessly controlled dimming without any new wiring or construction.
“Amber’s newest solution underscores how its core technologies enable a fundamental restructuring of common electrical product architecture, significantly transforming their capabilities, reducing returns/support requirements and enhancing value,” said Casey. “Our solid-state redesign embeds intelligence that enables a substantially better quality, flickerless dimming experience in a form factor that is slimmer for easier install and is fully compatible both with existing building infrastructure and a substantially broader range of LED bulbs.”
Combining Amber’s patented solid-state AC/DC Enabler and AC Switch for digital control of electricity enables the Amber two-wire dimmer to intelligently monitor and control the flow of electricity, eliminating all mechanical pieces used in existing solutions. The results include the ability to deliver a superior dimming experience without flicker or drop-off and a low minimum wattage range to eliminate most ghosting.
“Our two-wire dimmer solution brings new t

turandotAyrton’s Khamsin-S illuminates Taiwan’s Turandot revival
Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Taiwan - When Taiwan’s National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying) hosted a revival of the German/Taiwanese co-production of Puccini’s Turandot earlier this year, Chien-hao Kuo, lighting designer and head of lighting, boldly chose to replace all the discharge moving lights of the original design with LED fixtures.
He carefully selected 26 Ayrton Khamsin-S profiles which were supplied to the venue from its rental stock by Hispot Workshop of Taipei, Taiwan, a company which has been dedicated to theatre design and equipment rental for over 26 years.
Kuo’s had used Ayrton Khamsin-S on several operas in the past and knew them to be both powerful and quiet. “Because opera singers perform without amplified sound, I was focused on methods of reducing the background noise in the theatre,” he explains. “Moving lights with discharge sources are notorious for having fans, the noise of which causes disturbance in this kind of performance.” An LED source was therefore the way to go, but without compromise on performance or versatility.
“I knew from experience that the Khamsin-S is a very versatile fixture: it is fully-equipped with everything you need, whether used as a spot or a wash, and has great gobo projection,” says Kuo. “I knew that, as long as I had all Ayrton Khamsin units hung on all the grids, I would never have to worry about anything the director requested during tech time! Ayrton Khamsin-S can reproduce any picture in my imagination very rapidly, and I can even use its graphic animation effect wheel to simul

wonderlandADJ launches Winter Wonderland contest
Tuesday, 8 December 2020

USA - As this difficult year draws to a close, ADJ is hoping to spread a little festive joy over the holiday season with its Winter Wonderland Lighting contest. The company is offering lighting pros and enthusiasts at all levels the chance to win one of three prizes simply by using their ADJ fixtures as part of a festive display or holiday event and tagging the photos or video on social media.
Says ADJ, “Entries could be a holiday project created for a client or you could simply use your ADJ lighting, video or effects equipment to decorate your yard, front porch or home for the holidays. It probably goes without saying, but in whatever you do to celebrate the holidays and enter the contest, please be safe, take any necessary precautions and practice social distancing.
“The ADJ team will be selecting the first, second and third place winners based on how good the photos/videos look as well as the creative use of ADJ products. The contest is open to anyone around the world and you can enter as many times as you like, just be sure to let us know what ADJ fixture(s) you have used in the description of your social media post(s).”
When the contest has closed at 12 midnight (Pacific time) on Sunday, 10 January 2021, the ADJ team will carefully search through social media for every post that uses the #ADJWinterWonderland hashtag and choose three winners based on the creative use of ADJ fixtures and the aesthetic appeal of the photos/video. The winners will then be exclusively announced via ADJ’s social media channels on Thursday, 14 January.

macys-paradeMavericks add new dimension to Macy’s Parade
Tuesday, 8 December 2020

USA - The colourful floats were there, 26 of them in all; so too were the giant helium balloons, bands and street performers, but the 2020 version of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was unlike any of its 96 predators. The usual throngs of fans were nowhere to be seen, and instead of following its normal route down 5th Avenue, the entire ‘parade’ took place within a designated area in front of Macy’s flagship store.
For the 20.7m who watched on TV, this year’s parade offered all of the pageantry, excitement and holiday spirit that people have come to expect from this popular tradition, pandemic restrictions notwithstanding.
Helping to create this image on television was a Geoff Amoral lighting design that artfully relied on lighting and props to support the parade with an engaging background, despite the absence of fans. “The normal look for the parade is a sidewalk full of people in bleachers,” said Amoral. “Without them the scene behind the floats would look empty. Our scenic designer, Ed Helbig, thought it would pull the scene together to fill the background with attractive visuals - and our producers Brad Lachman, Bill Bracken and Carmela Tripodi agreed.”
A key element of these critical visuals, in addition to tree and foliage props, were 40 Chauvet Professional Maverick Storm 1 Wash fixtures supplied by 4Wall Entertainment.
Arranging the high-output RGBW washes in two rows behind the parade staging area, Amoral and his programmer Tim Stasse used them for much more than filling space with light. They also relied on th

robe-exhibition-londonRobe lights Exhibition London
Tuesday, 8 December 2020

UK - Exhibition London is a new multipurpose live music and events venue in White City, West London initiated and operated by Broadwick Live and Venue Lab, offering 1400 seated to 2800 standing capacity. It is designed for conferences, exhibitions, gala dinners, awards presentations, location filming and live music events.
Opened in early 2020, Exhibition London’s complete technical infrastructure was specified and procured by consultant and technical production director Simon Jones of SJ-TPM who also coordinated and oversaw all elements of the technical installation and commissioning. Simon had started work on the project in the second quarter of 2019 after having been involved in other Broadwick Live venues.
He chose both Robe and Anolis products to be core house lighting system elements for the main show-space where the spec features 28 x Esprites and 30 x Robe Spiider LED wash beams plus two RoboSpot remote follow spotting systems with two BMFL Follow Spot fixtures to run with them.
Simon’s previous Broadwick Live project was the new Magazine London concept in Greenwich, where he spec’d nearly 100 Robe LED moving lights including T1 Profiles and Spiiders plus Anolis Divine 160 RGBW LED floods. Once again Anolis Divine 160s were selected for LED house lighting at Exhibition London.
Having had a great experience with the Robe moving lights at Magazine London, Simon looked again at the brand for its “reliability and cost-effectiveness”.
Simon was keen to utilise Robe’s latest technologies for the venue and wanted the Esp

claypakymoscowtheaterVakhtangov Theatre celebrates with Claypaky
Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Russia - Moscow’s Vakhtangov Theatre marked its upcoming 100th anniversary with a special 10-minute music and light show featuring more than 100 Claypaky Axcor Profile 900 LN high-wattage moving head LED spotlights and HY B-EYE K25 moving head LED wash.
The theatre’s lighting designers Ruslan Mayorov and Alexander Matveev created the lighting spectacular with Sergei Dobrikov, software engineer from equipment supplier and installer Doka Centre, choreographing the intricate play of beams to music by Faustas Latenas.
An invited audience was in attendance for the show, which featured forests of parallel beams, dancing beams, textured curtains of light and giant beams that broke the boundaries of the proscenium to sweep the audience. The theatre’s heads and the Russian government’s Minister of Culture were on hand to offer congratulations.
“When we were looking for lighting equipment for the Vakhtangov, we looked at many manufacturers, but somewhere deep in my heart, we made a choice of Claypaky fixtures long ago,” say designers Mayorov and Martveey. “We live at a time when lighting equipment loses its relevance in a year, and the challenges for this show were to use LED fixtures with no loss of intensity and colour and little noise backed up by reliability and support.”
They travelled to Claypaky’s plant in Italy with Doka’s Vasily Litvin, where they observed the entire Axcor line as well as the B-EYE and K-EYE products. “The most important thing is that Claypaky listened to our wishes and developed quiet, theatrical version

brexitPLASA to host two member-only Brexit sessions
Tuesday, 8 December 2020

UK - PLASA is hosting two sessions on Brexit during December to help PLASA members prepare for the new trading rules which will come into play from Friday 1 January 2021.
The first session on Friday 11 December at 2pm is a 30-minute introductory Q&A which will allow members to ask questions on the new rules and how they should prepare. This session is free, but numbers are limited to 20 to allow everyone to ask their questions. Pre-registration is required via the link below.
The next session will take place on Thursday 17 December and will run from 2pm to 4:30pm, allowing for a detailed look at exporting and importing post-Brexit. This workshop will help you prepare for the new rules of moving goods between the UK and Europe and will consider the process and cost obligations of navigating through new borders and the implications of procedures for both seller and buyer. This session is again limited to 20 people to allow for a more personalised approach.
Both sessions will be hosted by Business Training Ltd who have provided export-import training for public and private companies, Chambers of Commerce, UK Trade and Investment since 1975. The host will be owner Peter Thompson who has 20 years commercial experience in the logistics and financial aspects of international trade in the building services, civil engineering and energy sectors.
Find out more and register for the events via the links below:
11 December Q&A:
17 Decemb

oasis-drive-in3Chauvet backs Petty Junkies drive-in
Monday, 7 December 2020

USA - Under normal circumstances, Kyle Upchurch, doesn’t have to think much about the area directly in front of the concert stage, as it’s filled with fans. His goal as a designer is to create the kind of immersive looks that pull fans into the performance on stage. But during a pandemic, rules have to be rewritten.
When lighting a drive-in concert by The Petty Junkies at the new Oasis outdoor theatre in Marion, IL, Upchurch had to weave the empty area in front of the stage into his overall design. “With safety protocol, you typically have the area in front of the stage empty,” he said. “Unless you address it, this creates this jarring blank space in front of your design, which disconnects your stage from the audience.”
To avoid this, Upchurch extended his design by covering the area in front of the stage with bold gobo patterns and colourful crossing beams that flowed seamlessly throughout the area. “My goal was to make the stage and the entire space in front of it look like they were part of one integral image,” he said. “This made the show much more immersive for the people in their cars. It creates a more natural concert experience that people are accustomed to.”
Helping Upchurch accomplish this were 34 Chauvet Professional Maverick and Rogue fixtures furnished by Midwest Music Supply. “Having intense, high-output fixtures was essential to creating the look we wanted,” said Upchurch. “If the light in front of the stage wasn’t punchy, our plan wouldn’t have come off.”
Upchurch used six Maverick MK1 Storm Was

robe-queensland-theatre-que100657137Queensland Theatre chooses Robe
Monday, 7 December 2020

Australia - Queensland Theatre - usually - sits at the heart and soul of Brisbane’s lively arts and performance scene, producing around eight or nine main stage productions a year between the 351-capacity Bille Brown Theatre in the south of the city and at the four-venue Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC). The theatre also has a strong youth and educational programme which allows school-aged artists to stage shows with the company. On top of that, they also receive shows at both the Bille Brown and QPAC, and tour productions across Australia throughout the year.
The Theatre has Robe LEDWash 300+s, eight of which were in residence when technical coordinator Lachlan Cross arrived in May 2017, which has since increased to 32 fixtures.
The main increase in fixtures came when they finished renovating the Bille Brown Theatre in October 2018, after a A$ 5.5m renovation which converted it from the former 228-seat Bille Brown Studio into the space it is today, complete with corner stage.
The new lights were installed to facilitate the first show after the reopening, and more recently additional LEDWash 300+s brought the count up to 32.
This number gives enough stock for the option of being able to service more than one production simultaneously with LEDWash 300+s including their touring shows.
The Bille Brown Theatre has a flexible pipe-based rigging system and the LEDWash fixtures can be orientated in either direction above the corner stage as they have the single hook clamp. They are fitted with the top hat modules for soft diffusio

eclprofile-fw-press-release-img3Prolights releases ECL FW ellipsoidal
Friday, 4 December 2020

Italy - Prolights has released its new LED ellipsoidal, the EclProfile FW. This is a Full White LED profile, in tungsten (3,200-kelvin) and daylight (5,600-kelvin) variants.
The unit has been engineered in the same housing and optical design as the EclProfile CT+ fixtures, launched last October. However, the FW series were conceived with higher-brightness and quality on a specific white point, with LED sources selected to achieve the finest quality of whites, scoring over 97 CRI, as well as very high on R9 and TM30 values, since it was designed for demanding broadcast and studio environments. The FW range outperforms in luminous flux against any other ellipsoidal, with high-definition and smooth dimming features, selectable PWM control, and an easy user-interface that offers a classic user experience just like on older ellipsoidals, says Prolights.
The EclProfile range has a broad range of lens barrels available, with fixed or zoom high-definition, anti-reflection lenses for different applications, but it also accepts third-party accessories.

factory-purpleTFG paints Manchester landmark purple
Friday, 4 December 2020

UK - On 3 December, TFG Stage Technology teamed up with Laing O'Rourke to light up Manchester arts venue The Factory, currently being built in the heart of the city, in support of International Day for People with Disabilities.
PurpleLightUp is a global movement that celebrates and draws attention to the economic contribution of the 386m disabled employees around the world. It has been driving momentum for disability inclusion across hundreds of organisations, reaching thousands of employees in different ways. This includes lighting up prominent buildings purple, holding events, developing workplace policies for disabled employees and sparking conversations about disability inclusion worldwide.
The Factory is designed by Rem Koolhaas’s OMA and backed by Manchester City Council, HM Government and Arts Council England. It will be Manchester International Festival’s permanent home, commissioning and presenting a year-round programme of extraordinary, ground-breaking and interdisciplinary work by leading artists from across the globe.
TFG Stage Technology has recently been appointed to work alongside Laing O’Rourke and Manchester City Council as the specialist contractor supplying the stage lighting and audio-visual systems throughout Manchester’s new flagship venue.
“As a local company we are excited to be working on what will become one of the most important venues in the North West,” explained TFG sales consultant David Cusworth, “Not only do we get to deliver state of the art technical systems, but we expect that our employees wi

robe-skoda-enyaq-launch-estonia-dsf2689Robe joins launch of all-electric Škoda
Friday, 4 December 2020

Estonia - Robe featured on the rig for the Estonian launch of the new Škoda ENYAQ iV all-electric SUV.
The press / VIP event took place at the Škoda dealership centre – Aasta Auto – in Tartu, Estonia’s second city, with technical production coordinated by Andres Sarv of creative visual design and production company Pstudio, and lighting designed by Tõnis Sarv also working for Pstudio.
They work with Robe equipment as often as is possible and, on this occasion, chose to work with eight Robe LEDBeam 100s, 12 LEDWash 800s ,12 300E Spots and two CitySkape Xtreme LED floods. Pstudio has been involved with previous Skoda promotional events and delivers technical design and production for other car brands like Audi.
The show involved a presentation element followed by a reveal of the new vehicle, demanding a combination of different styles and approaches, and the creative brief for lighting was left entirely up to Tõnis who created a design that was suitably adaptable and flexible.
The main focus was lighting the cars well, both practically in an exhibition sense and also theatrically for the reveal. Tõnis worked with a creative team from Skoda Estonia who provided the direction and custom video content while Raul Roma supplied the music track.
The central car was placed in front of a large LED screen, flanked by two smaller screens to cover the width of the space, and ensure that the socially distanced audience in the viewing gallery all enjoyed good sightlines.
The LEDBeam 100s were rigged on vertical truss towers either si

anolis-porte-de-bourgogne-dsc0483-pAnolis illuminates Porte de Bourgogne
Friday, 4 December 2020

France - The city of Bordeaux has a new Anolis lighting scheme for its La Porte de Bourgogne landmark.
The Roman-style stone arch was built in the 1750s at the end of one of the major roads traversing Bordeaux, now called the Cours Victor Hugo, which is a thoroughfare for both cars and pedestrians crossing the city. It is also clearly visible from across the River Garonne.
With its prominent position and historical significance, the city council are keen for La Porte de Bourgogne to be a highly visible ‘communication portal’ welcoming people to the ancient centre, so they wanted a great looking, energy-efficient lighting scheme to replace the old one which was installed over a decade ago and was starting to look dated.
Above all, they wanted more dynamic lighting that could redefine and celebrate La Porte de Bourgogne’s significance as a symbolic gateway to the city.
The city council’s lighting designer Sylvie Bordes was already talking to urban planning specialist Citeos, a subsidiary of multinational Vinci Energies that partners with local authorities and communities to develop their environments. The scope of their work includes advising on architecture and lighting for long term projects.
Anolis – via Robe France’s architectural lighting specialists Bruno Francois and Eric Tabuteau – was already in the frame thanks to their local partner company Objectif Lumière, who convinced the city council and Citeos to undertake some tests. As it happens, Bruno had been involved with the previous lighting installation on the arch

backup-hardship-fund-mainBackup announces Round 2 of Hardship Fund
Thursday, 3 December 2020

UK - Technical entertainment charity Backup has announced Round 2 of applications for its Hardship Fund is now open.
The fund was launched in October with the aim to provide limited financial assistance to production crew and those working in the technical supply chain across the UK entertainment sector. Set up just ahead of the then-concluding Self-Employment Income Support and Job Retention schemes, it originally targeted those in the community who had been unable to receive any state or charitable assistance.
But Round 2 will be open to workers who have been awarded up to £5,000 in funding between 1 April and 30 November.
“The application uptake for Round 1 of the Hardship Fund reaffirmed to us how dire it is financially and that this help could not come soon enough for many or our colleagues,” comments Backup chairman John Simpson. “It has been heartbreaking to read the messages applicants included and we are thankful that Backup has been able to provide some small level of financial support to help keep our colleagues afloat.”
He adds: “With Round 1, the Hardship Fund was able to help over 100 colleagues that have not previously had any help. However, we are also aware that there is another larger group of people that have had some form of small support from government grants, but this is not enough to meet their day-to-day basic requirements and thus also find themselves in financial difficulty. This is why Backup is opening the Hardship Fund to for a Round 2, targeting these individuals with a widening of the criteria.”

calvary-christian-center-02Calvary Christian Centre adds ADJ panels
Thursday, 3 December 2020

USA - Visuals are an important part of most modern church services. More and more churches are switching to LED video walls due to the increased brightness and contrast they can offer. This was the direction chosen by Calvary Christian Centre, which recently installed a pair of ADJ LED video wall displays alongside a lighting package from sister company Elation Professional.
Located in Yuba City, Northern California, Calvary Christian Centre is a thriving and growing church which is part of the Assemblies of God fellowship. Pastor Michael Ciociola and his wife Dona have led the church since 1991 and head up a large team of both full-time staff and volunteers.
The leadership recently decided to upgrade the AV system in their 900 capacity sanctuary, replacing old video equipment with a new LED video wall system to display song words, scripture readings and other visual content. At the same time, they also decided to enhance their existing lighting system with colour mixing fixtures to illuminate the stage’s backdrop and improved stage lighting.
Aware that they wanted to upgrade to an LED video wall system, the church team researched local suppliers and selected Illuminate Production Services, based in Lincoln, CA. They have a strong track record of designing and installing bespoke AVL systems in numerous churches across California.
Having considered the church’s requirements, visited their campus and discussed budget, the IPS team – led by general manager, Kevin Allen - recommended a video system built around ADJ’s AV2X LED panel. A tot

tapestry1Tapestry Live Studio calls on Chauvet
Thursday, 3 December 2020

UK - For the thousands of fans throughout the UK who viewed the recent Lockdown Bingo Charity show, getting swept up in the immersive panorama supporting the livestream’s performances came quite naturally.
The tightly woven imagery captivated the livestream audience. But for the team at Tapestry Live Studio that created the visuals, the massive curved video wall and lighting rig were treated as two distinct design elements.
“The LED wall and lighting installation are two completely independent installations, but they complement each other beautifully,” said Sarah Winters of Tapestry Virtual Events, which created the studio in the face of the pandemic. “Our LED wall needs to be kept most flexible as it is used for a wide range of activities, but the lighting selected allows us to add different effects to suit every use of the studio. This ranges from corporate events to DJ sets.”
Tapestry Event owners Lynsey and Alex McLaren planned the virtual studio with a clear divide between video and lighting soon after the COVID-19 pandemic brought their normal live event business to a halt, believing that this arrangement would give the production facility greater flexibility.
“In the wake of COVID we found ourselves adapting to the ever-changing landscape of the events world,” said Alex McLaren. “We therefore created our Tapestry Studio and Virtual Events Platform to offer our clients a way of delivering their events, whether it be a conference, DJ sets, live band performances, AGMs, meetings and panel discussions, charity events and

southgate1Southgate sign shines again with FloppyFlex
Thursday, 3 December 2020

USA - The arched front-entry sign of Southgate Shopping Centre in Lakeland, Florida, is now shining brightly again thanks to Firefly FloppyFlex, the professional LED neon replacement. After being dark for decades, property managers Crossman & Company decided it was time to bring this beloved sign back to life. Retrofitting it with the latest technology, delivering a variety of bright colours and animated looks, promised to re-energise this historic commercial area.
“The main motivation behind the project to revive the Southgate sign was the love the local community has for it,” says Stephanie Carten, marketing manager for Crossman & Company. “We purposely kept the iconic look and stylized script, taking the sign back to its former glory but with a technical edge.”
The famous 26m-tall and 42m-wide Arch has been a pop-culture icon since it was built in 1957. It has appeared in several Hollywood movies, perhaps most famously Tim Burton’s 1990 hit Edward Scissorhands, featuring Johnny Depp. Disney used the shopping centre to shoot scenes for The One and Only Ivan, an adaptation of the Newberry-medal winning novel by Katherine Applegate, released in August 2020, listing actress Angelina Jolie as a producer.
Looking for the best replacement for the old glass neon, Crossman & Company contacted lighting distributors Lamp Sales, who knew exactly who to call. Shortly thereafter, Kyle Ledford, SESCO’s Regional Product Specialist, and TMB’s Chris Curran travelled to Lakeland to assess the task. After a brief review of

soloframestudioglambluETC releases HES SolaFrame Studio
Wednesday, 2 December 2020

USA - ETC has introduced the SolaFrame Studio automated luminaire, a fanless, convection-cooled fixture. Audibly invisible and visually impactful, the fixture’s feature set is designed for ‘exquisite projection control and gorgeous colour in a compact package’. Designed for theatres, concert halls, opera houses, film/TV broadcast studios and houses of worship, it uses a 300 watt High CRI Bright White engine to produce 10,000 lumens.
The fixture’s convection-cooled engine allows for completely fanless operation. SolaFrame Studio’s features include a high quality 13-lens optic system with patented Lens Defogger, powerful 5.5 - 57° zoom, CMY / CTO-Linear colour mixing system, seven position plus open replaceable colour wheel, full-curtain framing system for total control of beam shaping, 16-blade iris for tight beam effects, light diffusion with additional, optional heavy diffusion, seven position plus open rotating gobo wheel and linear prism for controlled pattern replication across a stage
Automated lighting product manager Matt Stoner comments, “The SolaFrame Theatre has been an exceptional fixture for us. Our customers have often requested a smaller version to expand the applications where fanless fixtures can be used. This led to the development of the SolaFrame Studio, with its broad feature set and smaller footprint it improves the silence made famous by the SolaFrame Theatre.”
High End Systems brand manager Tania Lesage adds, “With pioneering technology in moving lights and more recently in LED fixtures, our expertise in fanl

gaprstills12JDC Line helps Glass Animals into Dreamland
Wednesday, 2 December 2020

UK - One of the more widely acclaimed, and viewed, virtual concerts during lockdown has been the recent live internet performance from psych-pop stars, Glass Animals.
The Oxford-based quartet were all set to tour their chart-topping Dreamland album this Spring until lockdown came along. When their lighting team (Cassius Creative) were eventually called into play (by tour/production manager, Simon Lutkin), it was to produce a viewable online show only (Live In The Internet) -a dynamic concert masterminded by the band’s inventive front-man, Dave Bayley.
Set up nearly five years ago by Chris 'Squib' Swain and Dan Hill) Cassius Creative dipped into their armoury of GLP fixtures and at the same time became one of the first adopters of the new JDC Line hybrid strobe batten. This combines a powerful linear white strobe element and two separate RGB LED pixel mapping lines, all in a slimline format that complements the classic JDC1. To Swain and Hill it simply seemed like “a natural extension”.
The virtual venue chosen for this showcase was the LH3 rehearsal/prep space at Neg Earth, the lighting hire company who would have been delivering the tour inventory. During the hour-long performance, the band reimagined their live show for streaming, and were joined along the way by singer songwriter Arlo Parks and rapper Denzel Curry.
Using video content from Russian company Sila Sveta to create an ever-changing immersive environment, the show tested the lighting artists’ ability to combine the dynamic impact of a pop video, or TV promo,


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