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ims-indonesia-ayrton-teamAyrton appoints IMS as distributor for Indonesia
Monday, 13 February 2023

Indonesia - Ayrton has announced the appointment of PT Inti Megah Swara (IMS) as its new, exclusive distributor for Indonesia. IMS will be responsible for the sales and rental of the entire Ayrton product range in Indonesia. The appointment takes place with immediate effect
Established in 2000, IMS is the official distributor of many international brands of audio equipment, with a strong retail presence of approximately 40 Desound and JBL stores located across Indonesia. The company also has branch offices in Bandung, Surabaya, Makassar, Manado, Malang and Bali.
2022 saw a strategic decision from IMS to expand into professional lighting to better facilitate its customers in all aspects of production. Since this date, IMS has made both professional audio and professional lighting the main focuses of its business. This, in addition to its retail lines, enables the team to cater for all professional audio and lighting needs in a wide variety of settings.
“There is a rapidly increasing market for professional lighting products in houses of worship, hospitality venues like cafes and restaurants, and entertainment industries including ballrooms, function halls, theme parks, theatres, clubs and television stations,” says IMS’s Irvana Theo. “In addition to this, we have identified a growing demand in Indonesia’s professional lighting market, especially with the post-pandemic boom in events and concerts. We believe that Ayrton’s innovative product design and wide range of lighting solutions will satisfy the market needs across all the variety o

prolightsProlights Mosaico L lights season sustainably
Friday, 10 February 2023

Italy - In response to environmental and energy sustainability challenges, the city of Formia turned to the power of Christmas architectural projections as the most effective way to illuminate its urban landscape over the recent holiday season.
Six of the city's landmarks and community gathering places were dressed up with a light show, utilising Prolights Mosaico L projectors and personalised gobo images supplied by Prolights. The image-mapping technique was used to adapt the projections to the specific buildings, creating a different and dynamic display at each location.
The Mosaico L projectors proved to be the ideal tool for this project, with their flexibility and remote-control capabilities allowing for dynamic scenes to be displayed in sequence. The 300W LED source and efficient optical system of the projectors also significantly reduced energy consumption, resulting in a 75% reduction in operating costs compared to traditional lamp fixtures and a much lower environmental impact.
The display was met with widespread approval from both residents and visitors, with images of the illuminated buildings quickly going viral on social media.
"We are thrilled to be at the forefront of sustainable holiday lighting solutions and proud to bring this innovative technology to our city," said a representative from the city of Formia.

robe-george-ezraRobe shines for George Ezra in Auckland
Friday, 10 February 2023

New Zealand - George Ezra’s lighting director Chris Taylor and production manager Jake Vernum were very happy to see Robe on the lighting specs for the recent Australia and New Zealand legs of the UK singer / songwriter’s Gold Rush Kid tour.
Eleven Robe MegaPointes on the upstage truss have been present throughout the whole tour which kicked off in Spring in the UK and Ireland, then extended into a lengthy festival section as Ezra and his band delighted audiences across Europe.
The original show and lighting / set design by Cate Carter is being overseen and co-ordinated on the road by Chris Taylor, and the earlier sections of the tour have also featured two Robe RoboSpot systems running with two Forte moving lights.
The Auckland show, staged at the Spark arena, was an all-Robe rig – apart from the strobes and 10 2K fresnel ‘specials’ on stands – with all kit supplied by leading NZ rental specialist, Spot-Light Systems.
This was the only New Zealand date, preceded by a show in Dubai on the way there and followed up by the four gigs across Australia.
A total of 38 x BMFL WashBeams on the rig in Auckland were distributed on two side torms with the balance of fixtures along the floor at the back and on the front truss. They were used for front and cross-stage washes and specials, and the ones on the deck for high impact effects, both integrating and contrasting to the high level MegaPointes on the upstage truss.
Five Robe LEDWash 600s a side were positioned on the downstage corners of the stage for front kickers, and all

lighting-awardThe LIT Lighting Design Awards opens for entries
Friday, 10 February 2023

Switzerland – The LIT Lighting Design Awards is now accepting submissions for its annual event, recognising and celebrating the best in lighting design from around the world.
For the 7th edition, the LIT Lighting Design Awards is now featuring a new section dedicated to entertainment lighting design. This award is a billed as a cross-disciplinary platform from which to promote your designs to a truly international market’.
With 31 categories in architectural lighting design, 15 categories in entertainment lighting design and 44 categories in lighting product design represented, the programme aims to ‘unite creativity, and innovation’.
In 2022, the programme received over 650 submissions from 51 countries. L'Observatoire International was awarded the Lighting Design of the Year title for the Hermès’ collections at Milan Design Week 2022 and Expolight won the Lighting Product Design of the Year award for the Chandelier in the B14 UNIT City business space. Other winners in included Licht Kunst Licht, brandston partnership inc, dpa Lighting Consultants, Lucent Lighting Design and Consulting and Light Collab. Nominees in Lighting Product category were Maytoni, Ayrton, Nulty Bespoke, BuzziSpace, A-Light and many more.
The LIT Design Awards also recognises the importance of sustainability in lighting design and designers can now share their approach as a way to consider the long-term effects of lighting solutions on natural resources and the carbon footprint.
"At the LIT Lighting Design Awards, we strive to promote diversity and inn

vortexEliminator Lighting launches Vortex scanner
Friday, 10 February 2023

USA - Eliminator Lighting’s Vortex is a compact and lightweight entertainment lighting fixture that offers an impressive output. Combining a potent gobo flower effect with a rotating mirror barrel, it generates a myriad of sharp pattern projections that together produce a room-filling effect. It is suitable both for permanent installation in all kinds of entertainment venues as well as for use by mobile entertainers and performers.
At the heart of the Vortex is an efficient 80W white light LED engine, which is positioned behind a combined colour and gobo wheel. This offers a selection of 10 colour and gobo pairings – including open white, a beam reducer and a multicoloured pattern – which have been carefully selected for generating both stunning aerial beam effects and intricate surface pattern projections. A manual focus knob is located on the rear of the fixture, which can be used to ensure sharp gobos at variable projection distances.
Inside the unit, the light from the LED engine is directed through the colour/gobo wheel onto a bi-directional rotating mirror dish, which multiplies the single 5-degree beam. Finally, the multiple gobo patterns generated by the mirror dish are reflected from the external rotating mirror barrel to output a myriad of animated beams. In addition to continuous 360-degree rotation, the mirror barrel can also pan through 180-degrees, which allows the fixture’s beams to truly fill an entire room.
Through varying the rotation speed of both the internal mirror dish and external mirror barrel, a wide variety of effec

lightwareLightware celebrates 25th anniversary
Friday, 10 February 2023

Hungary - What started as a two-employee TV and projector repair business has grown into a global pro AV operation, as Lightware Visual Engineering turns 25 years old in 2023. The manufacturer celebrated this milestone at ISE 2023 by introducing new corporate and several other vertical market AV solutions.
Lightware will also strengthen its lines of educational, defence and intelligence market solutions throughout the year, with many on display in Barcelona last week.
The celebration comes at a time of rapid company growth, with Lightware strengthening the security profiles of its product range as collaborative AV over IP applications continue to soar in popularity across the globe.
New advanced security features incorporated into Lightware’s products - like isolated ethernet networks and data diode technology – promise unidirectional signal data flow while maintaining the flexibility to design collaborative environments.
The 802.1X authentication protocol gives the Taurus UCX access to the protected network after authentication. Lightware separates sensitive data from Internet connectivity, allowing users to access the LAN without risking security breaches.
Further, Lightware’s data diode option, available in the HDMI-3D-OPT-DD series extenders, guarantees data confidentiality while offering systems integrators greater flexibility to secure their network when connecting to third-party devices.
Lightware now serves customers in more than 30 countries, reinforcing its position as one of the leading global AV solutions provider

christieChristie RGB pure laser projectors deliver for IRCAD
Thursday, 9 February 2023

France - Christie Mirage 4K40-RGB pure laser projectors have formed the centrepiece of a new extension to a research centre at IRCAD (Institut de Recherche contre les Cancers de l'Appareil Digestif) located within the University Hospital of Strasbourg, France. IRCAD 3 is the latest addition to the globally recognised surgical research and training institute, and the 2,400sq.m (26,000sq.ft) hub building dedicated to robotics.
AV integrator DEYA installed a pair of Christie Mirage 4K40-RGB projectors in its 237-seat auditorium, delivering 3D and leading colour reproduction required for specialist learning. A Christie Terra SDVOE-based AV-over-IP solution is used to power content at the auditorium, and the building features a host of IP-connected AV elements throughout, including speakers, microphones, digital signage and video conferencing technologies.
“The aims of the auditorium were above all 4K and 3D, but also to ensure a very immersive experience,” says David Hiltenbrand, AV Technician at IRCAD. “We wanted, unlike the other auditoriums we had, to have a large, wide projection area so we could display at least five or six images to provide versatility. We were looking for a laser projector with beautiful colorimetry and strong 3D capabilities. The choice naturally turned to Christie, who was the only manufacturer at the time to offer this type of product. We also switched to video over IP throughout the building, and that’s a complete paradigm shift.”
The auditorium is equipped with a fully modular stage space, with the 11.6m (38ft) di

markschererBandit Lites promotes Mark Scherer
Thursday, 9 February 2023

USA - Bandit Lites has announced the promotion of Mark Scherer to client representative. Scherer is the latest addition to the leadership team at Bandit where his recent adventures on the road will ‘offer a fresh perspective to clients as well as practical applications of the latest in lighting technology’.
Scherer joined Bandit Lites fresh out of college and quicklyestablished himself as a vital team member, working as a lighting tech on Chris Young, the dimmer tech for Carrie Underwood’s Cry Pretty Tour, crew chief on Alanis Morrisette’s Jagged Little Pill Tour, dimmer tech on Shinedown’s Revolution Live Tour, and most recently as the lighting director on Maren Morris’s Humble Quest Tour, as well as many other roles over time.
“I am excited to step into the role of Client Representative at a company that has taken care of me from the beginning,” said Scherer.
“Mark is an amazing person,” says Bandit chair Michael T. Strickland. “We all know that Mark will go a long way in his new role, helping propel Bandit even further into an already bright future. Thank you Mark and enjoy.”

lucianomajesticChamSys drives Luciano’s Majestic Tour
Thursday, 9 February 2023

Germany - Rapper Luciano had six albums chart in the Top 10 and sold out Germany’s leading concert venues. Last year, in September, he became the first German rapper to reach over seven million Spotify listeners. But through it all, musical phenom Luciano hasn’t lost touch with the creative forces rising from the streets of the Schöneberg district of Berlin; they continue to drive his music today, just as they did when he burst upon the scene in 2012.
“I come from the street. I have characteristics from the street, and the streets can teach positive lessons as well,” Luciano once told an interviewer. However, as his career has flourished, the irrepressible rapper has enlarged his musical footprint and stage charisma, creating a uniquely powerful style. His impressive presence was on full display on his recent Majestic Tour of Germany and Austria.
Reflecting the spirit of Luciano’s impassioned performance visually was a bold and ambitious light/video show that was programmed by Stefan Gunkel on a ChamSys MagicQ MQ500M Stadium, and run by lighting operator Norbert Wolf using two MagicQ MQ250M units supplied by Robin Masters Veranstaltungstechnik (Björn Dietsch), who recently invested in the consoles.
“The show captivated audiences, not only through its music, but also with a lighting and stage design that were majestic too,” Gunkel explained. “The central element in the show was made up of two 10m high LED blocks, which were covered with content as well as live camera images.”
Playing off against the transformative images on

connor-thinnesPixellot appoints VP of sales for North America
Thursday, 9 February 2023

USA - Pixellot has announced the appointment of Connor Thinnes as the vice president of sales in North America.
Connor brings considerable sales and marketing experience to Pixellot, with over 20 years of accumulated knowledge in these fields. He has worked in sales for 10 years and marketing for an additional 10 years. Prior to joining Pixellot, Thinnes held the position of VP of marketing at HomeTown Ticketing, a provider of digital ticketing services primarily for the high school market. In his new role, Connor will be responsible for leading both the club sales team and the Vidswap analytics sales team in the US.
"We are thrilled to welcome Connor to the Pixellot team," said David Shapiro, president of North America, Pixellot. "Connor's background in both sales and marketing, combined with his deep understanding of the High School and club sports market, make him a valuable asset to Pixellot's team.”

cameoflyingdutchmanCameo lights The Flying Dutchman in Lithuania
Thursday, 9 February 2023

Lithuania - The open-air production of the Wagner opera The Flying Dutchman in the historic Paul Willy Lindenau shipyard in Lithuania was was broadcast live on the OperaVision streaming platform. Lighting designer Andrius Stasiulis and event technology service provider Baltic Production Service relied on more than 200 outdoor-ready Cameo spotlights for the lighting production of the spectacular stage.
The Wagner protagonists performed on a 50m stage, and often moved far from one another on the ship and the laterally rigged superstructures, sometimes being up to 40m apart. In addition, Andrius Stasiulis and Baltic Production Service were faced with the challenge of creating a lighting setup that was equally suitable for live and camera use. The team used a total of 38 Opus X Profiles for spot and front lighting, while the 32 Opus H5s were primarily used for show elements.
With the Opus X Profile moving head, Baltic Production Service was particularly impressed by the enormous brightness of the 33,000 lumens, as well as the even colour mixing. The Opus H5 also impressed with its CMY colour mixing, making the beam-spot-wash hybrid the ideal choice for theatre productions for Baltic Production Service’s Jurgis Uborevicius.
The Zenit W600 and W300 models and the Zenit P130 LED PARs were used for wash and uplight tasks. Here in particular, the magnetically interchangeable diffusers played to their strengths when it came to adapting the lighting to different scenarios.
For the provision of the Cameo spotlights, Baltic Production Service w

dallasVari-Lite Profiles texture Northwest Bible Church
Wednesday, 8 February 2023

USA - The multi-generational Northwest Bible Church in Dallas, Texas, ramped up atmospheric looks and festive lighting effects for a series of concerts in December, rigging Vari-Lite VL1600 Profile luminaires from Signify.
The church’s lighting director Matthew Hughes worked with Tyler Gannaway, Vari-Lite business development manager Central and Eastern rental & touring at Signify, to source the VL1600 fixtures. Hughes’ aim was to utilise the VL1600’s VL*FX wheel to add movement to the textures projected on the walls, and the tuneable white engine and wide colour range to create the perfect atmosphere for the concerts.
“I wanted the service to have a delicate feel, as Advent services are often full of reflection and preparation and require a bit of theatrical finesse to pull off in a tasteful manner,” says Hughes. “Many of the songs we did were very slow, so it was important that the transitions moved seamlessly from one moment to the next.”
The concert opened with a modernized rendition of the Christmas classic, Little Drummer Boy, which included percussive and rock elements. “The VL1600s provided strong backlight and texture that really helped pull the look together,” says Hughes. “They made a significant difference in the overall look of the service and allowed me to achieve exactly the mood and atmosphere for each moment that was needed. These fixtures were a great fit for us because they worked within the power constraints of our space and at the same time provided enough punch to render clear images even after la

ecom-eventsChauvet adds to enchantment of Fiers à Cheval
Wednesday, 8 February 2023

France - “We think of our creations as an invitation to dream,” Jean-Baptiste Duperray, founder and artistic director of La Compagnie des Quidams has said. This invitation was eagerly accepted recently by all who visited the historic Château des ducs de Bretagne on the banks of the Loire in Nantes to see the street art group’s Fiers à Cheval performance. There, as the show’s large, self-lit inflatable horses floated in the air, flowing in harmony with metamorphic human artists, the imagination of spectators took flight.
Like all Compagnie des Quidams performances, Fiers à Cheval (Proud on Horseback) is an enchanting and colourful open air presentation, where music combines with the swirling, synchronized motions of humans and large (3.5m high by 2.5m wide) self-lit inflatables to transform any public spaces into a dream-like wonderland.
Enhancing the magic of the moment at the group’s Château des ducs de Bretagne performance was artful lighting design by Mathieu Simon and the team at Ecom Events that featured Chauvet Professional fixtures.
“Our client wanted lighting that could fill a variety of roles,” said Simon. “We created different lighting atmospheres. There was the need for homogenous lighting throughout the event, scenic lighting on the grounds, and architectural lighting, all with a harmonious color scheme. The vision was to highlight the performance without distorting the elemental way it connects to people. To accomplish this required outdoor-ready wash lights with excellent colour qualities.”

christmas-cathedralWhite Light on track for Christmas Trails
Wednesday, 8 February 2023

UK - For the past several years, White Light (WL) has worked closely with Culture Creative and Sony Music to supply the lighting and technical support for their Christmas trails. Taking place at locations across the UK, the trails feature trees and woodland drenched in Christmas colour, shimmering waterside reflections, tunnels of light as well as fire gardens. WL once again supplied the Trails in 2022 and not only invested in several new fixtures for the illuminations but also helped develop a new unit that is now part of the company’s extensive hire stock.
The 2022 Christmas Trails featured a more expansive list of locations than ever before, ranging from Kew Gardens and Blenheim Palace to Leeds Castle and the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh. As always, WL’s role was to work closely with Culture Creative, Sony and the designers involved to bring their vision to life.
WL’s technical director Dave Isherwood comments: “We’ve worked with Culture Creative and Sony for over a decade now and have a very strong, collaborative relationship. We also work specifically with their lighting designers, such as Tony Simpson and Adam Povey, in order to help fulfil their designs for the various locations. With the trails taking place outside, it’s vital we supply them with the appropriate equipment; fixtures that are able to sustain the often quite harsh weather conditions whilst also being flexible enough to deliver their artistic vision.”
For the 2022 Trails, WL decided to specifically invest in a range of new fixtures. Dave explains: “Over the p

othelloNT moves to LED with Martin Professional
Wednesday, 8 February 2023

UK - The Lyttelton Theatre - the middle-sized of the three venues that make up the National Theatre complex on London’s South Bank - has recently undergone a complete lighting upgrade, replacing the last of its tungsten and discharge automated heads with an almost all-Martin LED rig.
This brings it into line with the other spaces, including their premier Olivier and Dorfman Theatres. Both have also systematically transferred exclusively to LED rigs, using Martin by Harman MAC Encore Performance wash lights (both CLD and WRM versions) and recently the new high-powered MAC Ultra Performance profile.
Laura Curd, lighting supervisor for the Lyttelton, confirms that in recent months the theatre has taken delivery of nearly 80 mission critical fixtures from the Martin portfolio, including a further 54 Encore Performance WRM and CLD ‘top-ups’ and seven MAC Aura PXL - but most significantly, 16 of the new MAC Ultra Performance. These were sourced from a variety of suppliers including Stage Electrics, White Light and Flashlight - all dealer partners of Sound Technology, Martin’s UK distributors.
“Our new rig is now in the final stages of development and is completely LED,” she confirms. The Lyttelton was fortunate in being able to review the MAC Ultras when they were trialled originally in the National’s largest 1150-cap Olivier Theatre. “The Olivier was the obvious first choice for the Ultras. The output is immeasurable compared with other units and they have proved to be brilliant. Therefore, they have been increasingly used in the Dorfm

robe-intel-extremeRobe lights Extreme Masters events
Tuesday, 7 February 2023

Germany/Poland - Event technology service provider DLP Motive supplied full technical design and production – staging, automation and kinetic elements, lighting, sound, video, and LED screens – to ESL Gaming for the 10th anniversary of the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) e-gaming tournament, including two three-day events staged at the 10,000 capacity Spodek Arena in Katowice, Poland, and the 18,500 capacity Lanxess-Arena in Cologne, Germany.
Striking lighting designs by Andreas (Andy) Mohl for these two events included over 250 x Robe moving lights, part of 15 trucks worth of production kit that helped ensure the delivery of a colourful, adrenalized, all-action three days of superlative e-gaming enjoyed by both live and streamed audiences.
The Robe luminaires included 48 x Esprites, 70 x Spiiders, 60 x LEDBeam 150s, 54 x Pointes and 22 x MegaPointes, and the event included all the games and associated elements plus a series of live show segments which were presented onstage in the Arena.
Starting points for these two stage and lighting designs included presenting the show and players who were right at the centre of the action; and simultaneously ensuring the whole ‘being there’ experience was memorable for the live audiences. Highlighting the artist segments onstage was a big part of this objective.
Over 400sq.m of LED screen were integral to the set and staging which followed the same concept but was physically different for the two events.
Bespoke video content produced by ESL’s creative team infused each event and each indi

space-needle-nye-2022Elation lights Needle New Year’s Eve show
Tuesday, 7 February 2023

USA - Once again, the company responsible for creating the light show at Seattle's New Year's Eve event at the Space Needle, Illuminate Production Services (IPS), turned to Elation Professional's line of IP-rated products to bring their vision to life.
New to this year’s design were Elation Proteus Rayzor Blade linear effects, which joined other Proteus range luminaires and other Elation IP-rated lights on the dazzling show.
The New Year's Eve celebration featured a choreographed 11-minute show with synchronized drone footage (Sky Elements), fireworks (Pyro Spectaculars), and Elation lighting. The show was set to a playlist highlighting significant music and pop culture events of the year and included a tribute to Ukraine. Broadcast locally on KING 5 and streamed online, the night also included two 10-minute light shows prior to the New Year’s countdown used to build anticipation.
IPS president Rick Franke managed the lighting project for the IPS team while IPS vice president of design & operations, Caleb Franke, served as lighting designer and programmer.
New to this year’s design were 30 Proteus Rayzor Blade linear lights used to illuminate the structure’s core. “We were extremely pleased with the addition of the Rayzor Blade fixtures on this year’s show,” stated Caleb Franke. “Their movement and strobe aspect for the Space Needle’s core was phenomenal.” Driven by independently controlled 60W RGBW LEDs, the Proteus Rayzor Blade is a visual combination of linear wash, high-intensity strobe line and SparkLED FX inside

avolitesAvolites announces replacement for Titan Mobile
Tuesday, 7 February 2023

UK - Avolites has announced the replacement of the Titan Mobile, which has now ceased production.
Avolites launched its smallest control surface the Titan Mobile in 2010, together with a companion wing. Over its 12 years of production, it has become trusted and depended upon world-wide by many thousands of users. Over the years the Titan Mobile has been equally at home powering live productions on all sizes of stage to major installations. Anywhere were a small footprint, reliable hardware and a powerful lighting software platform has been needed.
Created in collaboration with leading lighting designers, the new T3 is the lightest, smallest, most portable console Avolites has ever produced. It shares the new design language first seen in the Diamond 9, and together with the companion Wing they form an unbeatable portable control surface. The new T3 is the leading product in the PC powered, T- Series comprising of exiting products T1 and T2, now with the T3 and T3-W.
Paul Wong, Avolites managing director says: “We are hugely excited by the introduction of the new T3. Not just because it combines a user centred design approach, with high quality materials and components. But because we believe its reliability, affordability, familiarity, and ease of use will all contribute to the T3 being the ultimate tool for every Lighting Designer or Operator, for many years to come.”
The Titan Mobile Wing is still available to purchase to use with a Quartz console.

starsAyrton supports Swiss festival season
Tuesday, 7 February 2023

Switzerland - As the European festival scene kicked back into action following the upheaval and restrictions of the pandemic, Ayrton teamed up with some established Swiss rental companies to support festivals across the country and showcase some of Ayrton’s latest fixtures. Stagelight AG Showtechnik supplied kit to the largest hip-hop festival in Europe at Frauenfeld, the Gurten Open Air festival in Bern and Schaffhausen’s Stars in Town across July and August.
Stagelight AG Showtechnik used the same equipment package from Ayrton for each festival: 16 x Zonda 9 FX; 16 x Cobra and four Domino LT with every fixture adding its own features to the stages.
“Each of these fixtures brings a new dimension to meet open-air design challenges,” opens Stagelight’s Stefan Rüttimann. “We have a long and mutually trustworthy relationship with Ayrton, and having Marc (Lorenz - Ayrton designer relationship manager for Europe) on board gave us the confidence this kit would really perform for us across all three festivals – and they didn’t disappoint!
“At Frauenfeld in early July, Zonda 9 FX provided an excellent solution for that essential fill lighting - particularly for floor/groundrow effects that can provide perspective and effects. I loved its LiquidEffects layers which give a really exceptional background. Plus, they are so, so bright - and you have the endless pan and tilt features which, for hip-hop, is great. This was my first experience of the Zonda but it certainly won’t be the last.”
Marc Lorenz observed how enthusiastic the v

kl-panel-xl-ipElation IP65 KL Panel XL now available
Monday, 6 February 2023

USA/Europe - Lighting designers have been quick to adopt Elation’s KL Panel XL for soft light illumination in broadcast and film environments of all types. Now the full-colour-spectrum soft light is available in an IP65 version - the KL Panel XL IP - that makes it an even more versatile broadcast-quality luminaire.
The fixture’s IP65 design means the KL Panel XL IP can be used in a wider range of applications and locations. Suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor settings, it is an ideal soft light solution for on-location applications. Its weatherproof design allows it to function properly in harsh environments and adverse conditions, eliminating the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance and saving both time and cost.
The KL Panel XL IP offers ‘exceptional output with precise control over colour temperature and full-spectrum colour rendering for an even wash coverage’. Optimized for the tuneable white light requirements of film and television, it provides bright, highly variable lighting for key, fill, and backlight.
The KL Panel XL IP’s LED array is equipped with multi-zone control, enabling dynamic colour access, visually striking effects and realistic reproductions, such as fire, lightning, emergency vehicle flashes and various strobe effects.

alteregoDierson creates ALTer Ego rig with Chauvet
Monday, 6 February 2023

USA - For Patrick Dierson, it was a case of really bad timing. The day before he was scheduled to travel to The Kia Forum for the iHeartRadio ALTer Ego concert, he had to cancel his flight after testing positive for COVID.
“It was a real bummer, as this is one of my favourite projects,” said Dierson, the production designer for the big alternative music concert. “It was particularly disheartening given what a non-event my sickness turned out to be. So, I had to work on this one remotely. In the end, though it proved to be way more of a personal disappointment than an actual production challenge.
“Things went smoothly because of the team we have onsite, beginning with our project manager and gaffer, Zack Guthimiller, and our LD, Justin Cheatham, as well as the crews from 4Wall Entertainment, C2W Rigging, and Diversified Production Services.”
There was another reason why the livestreamed concert came off without a hitch, and it went way beyond the skill of a hardworking onsite crew. It was the result of the effort that Dierson and his team at Th3 Activity put into designing a rig that could be set up quickly, while having the flexibility to meet the needs of visiting LDs – and, of course, still coming in within budget.
“The main goal for us with any of these rigs is to provide all the various types of lighting elements that will help our guest LDs have the tools they need to clone over their existing shows easily,” said Dierson. “This event had only a single load-in day, followed by overnight programming, which led straight int

robe-gesGES circle round with Robe at the Cirkus
Friday, 3 February 2023

Sweden - Pop supergroup GES (an acronym derived from the surnames of three of the country’s biggest singing stars – Anders Glenmark, Orup (Thomas Eriksson) and Niklas Strömstedt – continued a rollercoaster tour that started in 2021, wrapping up 2022 with a 33-date sold-out residency at Stockholm’s Cirkus venue.
The lighting and visual stage design was created by Palle Palmé, based around the architecture of this circular-shaped venue which was also where the tour had originally kicked off all those months ago after the first Covid restrictions were lifted.
The design featured two truss circles – large and small – and a curved LED screen on an automation system, with an all-Robe lighting rig in the air.
Backed by a versatile band, the whirlwind-paced show romped through a string of hits from the collective and individual careers of GES to which the audience knew all the words! Palle’s major task was keeping everything looking fresh and vital for two hours.
The overhead rig comprised 64 x Robe LEDBeam 150s, 16 x MegaPointes, 17 x BMFL WashBeams, with three RoboSpot systems running six of the BMFL WashBeams – two for each member of GES. The RoboSpot system had also been an important element of the touring lighting system.
All of these Robe fixtures, supplied to the Cirkus dates by rental company Musiklagret from Borås, were chosen for their versatility and power, the essential requirements needed to create lots of dynamics and fluidity.
The 64 x LEDBeam 150s were equidistantly spaced out around on the larger 10 m

elum700Prolight Concepts releases Elumen8 Evora 740ZP
Friday, 3 February 2023

Europe - Prolight Concepts Group has introduced the Elumen8 Evora 740ZP LED Zoom Wash produces a high output from a very compact and durable chassis, making it a versatile yet affordable solution for both rental and installation applications.
The first-class optical system presents a high intensity adjustable zoom; the narrow 4 degree beam angle creates sharp mid-air effects, whilst the wider angles produce uniform colour mixing, bathing concerts and events in rich colours.
Full pixel control over the seven 40W Osram Ostar quad-colour LEDs gives lighting designers a further level of creativity, whilst colour calibration ensures colours match from batch to batch.

anolis-gerland-parkAnolis helps re-light Gerland Park in Lyon
Friday, 3 February 2023

France - Anolis ArcPar 150 Outdoor architectural luminaires have been installed for an urban lighting renovation scheme – halving the power consumption – in and around the vibrant Gerland Park district of Lyon.
Gerland is a dynamic residential area that has also become a hub for emerging tech companies and commerce and a hotspot for sports and entertainment events with several world-class venues located in its 7th arrondissement catchment area.
Lighting designer Laurent Fachard, founder of Les Éclairagistes Associés (LEA), has worked extensively in and around this area, and recently two of his key landscape lighting projects were updated with new LED technology that had subsequently come to the market.
The new Anolis lighting authentically replicates his original illuminated art, simultaneously making these landmark urban lighting designs more energy efficient and sustainable.
The two areas that have been re-lit using the Anolis fixtures are the Chromatic Garden in Gerland Park, running adjacent to the river Rhône, and a landscaped roundabout on the Place des Docteurs Mérieux, part of the major road gateway into the city of Lyon.
The job of completing this diligent and meticulous task fell to Thierry Marsick, head of the city of Lyon's urban lighting department (DEU), who commented, “With LEDs coming onstream, apart from the energy efficiency, it was also an opportunity for us to utilise fixtures with much finer colour control and tuning”.
A main requirement for the new luminaires was to reproduce the original lighti


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