Lightswitch has grown into a multi-studio practice
USA - Lightswitch is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a branding shift that embodies the company’s philosophical approach to design
The company’s new brand identity, inspired by three intersecting beams of light, illustrates their ‘responsibility as designers to balance clients' creative, logistical, and financial objectives’.
Says the company, “Since our founding, Lightswitch has grown into an industry-leading, multi-studio practice that stretches across the U.S. and beyond. Our dedicated team creates distinctive and award-winning projects around the globe in the fields of entertainment, events, museums, architecture, and immersive experiences.
“Now, with three decades behind us and many more to come, we’re introducing a new brand identity that speaks to our philosophy. Inspired by three intersecting beams of light, this symbol visually defines our responsibility as designers to balance our clients' creative, logistical, and financial objectives. We are not only artists who focus on the creative vision, nor are we only managers who prioritize the pragmatic. We are designers, whose ultimate job is to maintain balance as we bring our clients’ goals to life.
“At Lightswitch, this foundational philosophy has guided us through our first 30 years in practice — and this brand identity represents who we have always been. The discipline of design is fluid, pushing and pulling between the three elements of finance, logistics, and creativity.
“We think of the future of Lightswitch in the same way: not static, but dynamic, and always evolving with each new endeavour. Thirty years in, we are looking forward to even more growth and success as we continue to fulfil our duty as designers: balancing all aspects of design while bringing light to our corner of the world.”

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