The textbook’s contributors represent a diverse cross-section of production experience
UK - Growth during the pandemic has left the video community wondering what virtual production will become in the future. Laura Frank wants the next generation to find out.
Built on decades of technical production experience, Laura Frank’s book Real-Time Video Content for Virtual Production & Live Entertainment (Routledge publishing) is ‘an attempt to capture history in the making, while drawing a roadmap for those who are learning how real-time video technologies relate in a fast-moving industry’.
“This textbook not only reinforces the path many chose to focus on during 2020, but also encourages the variety of the skills acquired for virtual production in other entertainment environments,” says the author.
When pressed on who this textbook is for, Laura explains: “A student may find the topic of real-time creative video overwhelming and not know where to start - this textbook describes the evolution of real-time video from the 1950’s until the present, and the various entertainment applications that have occurred along the way. This might inspire students in studies outside the entertainment industry to pursue a career path in real-time creative video production.
“I feel a real responsibility to see the creative video community grow and thrive. That includes encouraging more women into this profession, and promoting more diversity and stronger labour practices. This textbook is only part of my mission to promote this change,” she adds.
“What struck me was that our community has not documented our history very well. I expect our reliance on digital tools gave us a false sense of its permanence or ease of recall, but that is not what has happened. There is still debate on what is considered the first video game. There is loose anecdotal information on the history of the video media server. This textbook serves as a reminder that creative video is a career of constant learning and will provide a snapshot for future readers of this incredible moment in time on the history of real-time creative video production.”
The textbook’s contributors represent a diverse cross-section of production experience. Contributors and creative collaborators include Bild Studios, Bluman Associates, Lux Machina, EVOKE Studios, Luke Halls Studios, Notch, disguise and VYV.

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