The larger of the two auditoriums can accommodate an audience of 900
Vietnam - Hanoi’s prestigious Ho Guom Opera House has a new Unity dimming and power switching system from LSC Control Systems at the heart of its technical installation. The extensive new LSC system is part of a recent major investment in the theatre’s technical infrastructure - a state-of-the-art specification which makes the new venue the most technologically advanced in the country.
The flexible Unity system from LSC offers a choice of free-standing, prewired cabinets (96, 72, or 48-circuit models) providing high-performance dimming and power switching with advanced control and monitoring, suitable for any application using the latest video, audio and lighting equipment. It was because of this flexibility and peace of mind that the Unity system was chosen.
The modular possibilities of its spec to suit specific needs, with the availability of either a PTFD dimming module with TruPower technology, or a relay rack module with zero-cross switching and a dedicated LED dimming module made Unity an attractive solution. Thanks to its ability to deal with any lighting load, to ensure protection for equipment from start-up onwards, and its comprehensive monitoring and safe hot-swap design, assurances remain high and maintenance costs remain low.
Situated in downtown Hanoi, the Ho Guom Opera House hosts a variety of performances, from theatre, ballet, musicals, Western symphonies and Vietnamese traditional and modern music, as well as other art forms. Intended as a cultural centrepiece for Vietnam's capital city, it embodies elements of ancient tradition and modernity in its architecture, and boasts two auditoriums, both equipped with modern facilities and equipment. Work on its construction began in 2021.
The venue aims to meet the highest standards of stage production. The larger of its two auditoriums can accommodate an audience of 900, while the smaller space has a capacity of 500. The main stage is rotatable and big enough to seat up to 90 musicians, and the design of the auditorium maximises sightlines for the audiences.
The Ho Guom Opera House uses six 96-way Unity cabinets, and its technical team has been very happy with the results. Unity was specified by London-based theatre consultancy Charcoalblue, operating from its Melbourne office, and installed by a team from Pro-AVL.

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