Sweden / Italy - LumenRadio has announced the appointment of RM Multimedia as the exclusive distributor of LumenRadio's CRMX product portfolio in Italy. Based in the Cattolica, Italy, RM Multimedia is the distributor of high quality products for the entertainment industry across Italy. Their portfolio already includes brands such as Robe, Anolis and Litecraft to name a few.

Commenting on the partnership, LumenRadio's technical sales manager, Marcus Bengtsson says, "We are very pleased to partner with RM Multimedia, a company that shares our strong objective to provide reliable technology, superior technical support and stands by their customers all the way to give the customers the best experience possible with the products."

Enthusiastic to distribute LumenRadio's award-winning CRMX technology and its benefits to the Italian market, Marco Bartolini, sales manager at RM Multimedia, comments, "With LumenRadio as a partner we are able to ensure even more reliability to our customers when it comes to wireless lighting controls. We are very thrilled to partner with LumenRadio to meet the growing demand for reliable wireless lighting controls in this essential and frequently expanding area of the market."

Operating licence-free on the 2.4GHz frequency, LumenRadio's patented Cognitive Coexistence technology ensures optimum performance even when other wireless systems are operating in the same area. As more and more wireless technologies occupy the same frequency range, this congestion can affect performance. However, LumenRadio's innovative CRMX technology continuously scans the wireless frequencies, detecting activity from other networks and where gaps are available. The radio modules then "hop" into these available frequencies, making best use of the available space whilst reducing the effects on other networks.

Bartolini continues, "Also the partnership comes to us as a natural evolution, since LumenRadio's wireless technology is available in many of the Robe, Anolis and Litecraft products, three of the main brands we distribute. I am convinced that we will maintain a successful business relationship and have a very bright future together."

(Lee Baldock)

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