The Netherlands - Luminex Network Intelligence, a Belgium-based developer of Pro AV and lighting control data distribution equipment, will introduce its latest developments at ISE 2015 in the RAI Amsterdam at stand 7, C220.

The AVnu Alliance member has been developing its AVB functionality into the switches' software stack and is now ready to give the industry a sneak preview.

Validated by many third party manufacturers of audio protocols and standards (AES-67, Dante, Q-Sys Q-LAN and others), Luminex Network Intelligence is excited to enter the audio dance with AVB.

Interoperability validation of its switch technology and configuration for the Pro A/V and lighting industry has been one of Luminex's focuses since the release of the GigaCore switch family.

Bart Swinnen, Luminex CEO, comments, "We're proud to get our development in line with solutions that can simplify AV networks in a live sound environment. We're really happy to be a provider of professional solutions for AVB and to serve this innovative market."

Luminex plans to complete validation with manufacturers, to make the AVB implementation public and to have its products certified by an AVnu Alliance-approved test lab.

(Jim Evans)

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