The Alfie Boe tour was the first time that Lite Alternative used the MAC Quantum Profiles
UK - Tenor Alfie Boe's career has only gained strong momentum ever since he was famously discovered polishing cars at Blackpool's TVR Factory at age 17. He recently undertook a major UK tour, where Martin Professional's newest MAC Quantum Profile fixtures proved that they are perfectly at home in live arena-sized productions.

Running from 29 November 29 to 13 December, 2014, the 11-show tour stopped at most of the UK's major arenas. Lite Alternative supplied lighting, with the rig including five Martin Professional MAC Quantum profiles and 15 Mac Vipers.

"We were trying to create a 1930s club scene," said John Ginley, Lite Alternative Project Manager and Alfie's Lighting Designer. "Alfie wanted to keep it Art Deco, with lots of shadows and shapes in the light. We decided to use the MAC Quantum Profiles and MAC Vipers together because they are both very efficient for this."

The Alfie Boe tour was the first time that Lite Alternative used the MAC Quantum Profiles.

"We invested in the MAC Quantum Profiles primarily for the corporate side of our business because, as a smaller and much lighter unit, they are ideal for that," said Ginley. "But Mike Walker, UK sales manager let us get our hands on them early, so we thought we'd put them out on this tour and see how they performed against the bigger units. I was very happy with how the MAC Quantum Profiles were working alongside the MAC Vipers. They certainly hold their own next to the bigger units and pack a real punch."

To Ginley and his team the compact size of the MAC Quantum profile worked especially well on this tour because truck space was at a premium. Also, the MAC Quantum Profiles are easily rigged, which means time saved during load-ins. As the MAC Quantum Profile is Martin Professional's newest lighting fixture, Ginley took a couple of spares on the tour - just in case. Ginley and his team were happy to learn that they weren't needed after all.

"The Quantums were completely reliable," said Ginley. "We had no problems and everybody was really happy with them. We know the guys at Martin are always there if required, but it's a testament to the product that we didn't need the support."

(Jim Evans)

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