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Australia - Sydney Opera House is about to undertake the largest technical infrastructure development since the world renowned performing arts centre and architectural icon opened in 1973.

Called the Stage Management System Project, the new infrastructure aims to prepare the house for the production of content for all its major clients by integrating broadcast quality high-definition camera and video systems along with an audio distribution network, communications systems and new studio facilities especially designed to house the operation.

Sydney Opera House has awarded the tender for the Stage Management System Project to a partnership between Australia's Rutledge Engineering and German company Salzbrenner Stagetec.

Custom made Stage Management desks will be constructed in Germany to control paging, communications and show relay. The project will also completely update all foyer and back-of-house sound systems with d&b audiotechnik.

Sydney Opera House director, theatre and events David Claringbold noted, "The future is all about engaging and developing audience via the multiple platforms the digital world now enables. We approached this project as building a new stage for our artists and to fulfil our strategic goal to democratise the content of Sydney Opera House, while providing the best possible experience to our audience, wherever they may be."

The studios are planned to be operational in October 2012, the complete project is expected to be finalised by June 2013.

(Jim Evans)

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