The band is visiting a wide variety of venues on this leg of the tour
UK - Cable specialists VDC Trading have recently supplied essential cabling assemblies to Paul Hatt at CS Audio for the 2016 Massive Attack Tour.

Paul explains, "I've worked with Massive Attack for the past few years mixing monitors, and also supplied equipment for their 2014 festival tour via my company, CS Audio. VDC Trading manufactured a new 64 channel splitter and line system for that tour, which I was very happy with.

"I was invited to work with the group again for the current European tour, for which again CS Audio are providing the monitor system & stage package.

I felt the time was right this time to invest in a new multicore system, and so approached Adam Jafrabati at VDC to assist with this."

The band is visiting a wide variety of venues on this leg of the tour, using house PAs in the smaller places and bringing in PA for the bigger rooms, and some locally supplied in Europe. So Paul was really looking for a solution that would cover all eventualities.

He continues, "Following consultation with Adam we arrived at four lengths of cable; eight-way Van Damme AES Supergreen and eight-way Van Damme Black Series analogue multicore, with VDM connectors and VDM-tail sets at each end, four-way Van Damme Tourcat multicore for the Avid S6L console at FOH, and 32A 1Phase power. The cables are manufactured to a very high standard as usual, have performed flawlessly and integrate well with the existing VDC supplied cabling elsewhere in the system, I'm very pleased with the flexibility the new multicore has given us, and the professionalism with which it was delivered."

(Jim Evans)

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