Love F Hotel by fashiontv is located among the chic boutiques and glitzy bars of Legian on the island of Bali
Bali - Master Audio has supplied a complete suite of sound systems for the first ever hotel from the prestigious fashiontv brand. Love F Hotel by fashiontv is strategically located among the chic boutiques and glitzy bars of Legian on the island of Bali.

Supply, design and installation of the sound systems, in the hotel foyer, restaurant, café, Jacuzzi Bar, Private Cabana and F Love Bar, was carried out by Iken Thio of Master Audio's Jakarta based Indonesian distributor, Ken's Audio.

The hotel was designed by the internationally renowned firm of Marques and Jordy, who realised the luxury and glamour of the fashiontv brand in the hotel's uncompromising comfort and style. The six discrete audio installations demanded extensive and various system design solutions - ranging from outdoor line arrays to discrete diffuse background audio - incorporating product from across the Master Audio product range; including Xcellence and Joker series systems.

F Love Bar is the hotel's club and the largest installation environment, with stage, DJ booth and - of course - a prominent catwalk. Here the main PA system comprises four Xcellence X15LTE active two-way 15" speaker systems and two X218W active subwoofers, with additional reinforcement throughout the venue provided by eight X12CE active 12" coaxial systems and four X18WE active compact subs. Two further mounted X12CE cabs provide coverage for the VIP terrace, while four additional X12CE cabs provide stage monitoring (in wedge profile) and two more are mounted as DJ monitors are the booth position.

The Xcellence X15LTE matched with the advanced 2400 W dual 18" X218W sub, provided the high power / low profile FOH solution for the venue. During set-up of the installation, the Xcellence systems' Ethernet connectivity and powerful integral DSP enabled real-time system configuration. The DSPStudio app was used to fine-tune the entire installation wirelessly from an iPad, easing system adjustment and equalization throughout the venue.

Other highlights of the project include the extensive Xcellence system in the visually striking hotel foyer; enabling its use as a separate entertainment venue in its own right, where fashion model shows with DJ are held. Here four X15LTP 2000 W rated point source cabinets are matched with two X18WE ultra compact high self-powered subwoofers, for a superb high performance / low profile highly versatile sound system.

Outdoors on the sun terrace, audio at the Jacuzzi Bar is provided by the MA206 line array. Two hangings of four Class-D self powered MA206D system cabs - 1000 W (lo/mid) / 500 W (hi) - with integral DSP control, and two 2000 W rated MD215 subs, provide high SPL coverage across the entire jacuzzi and sun deck, with all the sound quality and headroom partying guests could wish for.

Elsewhere, the Private Cabana, with its ocean view, gets four X12CE with two X18WE ultra compact subs, and throughout the rest of the hotel, in the Black Diamond restaurant, Love Café, high performance, ultra compact Joker series JK26 hi/mids and JK18W1 subs provide exceptional quality playback systems.

Commenting for the Love F Hotel, Jonathan Dowling, chief marketing officer of Budsan Hotels, the company managing the hotel, says, "Music is an essential feature of the Love F Hotel experience and it is essential that that experience should be of the highest quality. With Master Audio we have achieved superior sound quality throughout the whole of the hotel. Without doubt, we have the best quality sound in Bali and the DJs who perform here all congratulate us on the system."

Adding the perspective of the installer, Iken Thio says, "Specifying a project like this, with such a range of different environments and requirements, a major difficulty is achieving the same high quality sound consistently throughout the site. Master Audio systems are perfectly complementary in this respect; the product range is all of the same state

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