The operatic work was performed at the historic Teatro Coccia in Novara.
Italy - Claudio Mazzucchelli created Papa Watch My Fly, a livestreamed multi-media operatic work performed at the historic Teatro Coccia in Novara.
Featuring over 70 socially distanced performers, representing a wide range of musical genres from classical and jazz, to pop and rock, as well as aerial dancers and a “live” painting by Giuseppe Ravizzotti, Papa Watch Me Fly portrays the evolving relationship between Mazzucchelli and his father over a 54-year period, from 1962 to 2016.
Reflecting the passions and nuanced emotions of this story, was a Nicolò Damiani lighting designed that featured 26 Maverick MK2 Wash and 18 Maverick MK2 Spot fixtures. Audiosales Entertainment Solutions, which managed the production, rented the Chauvet Professional fixtures from Fumasoli Audio & Lights.
Led by sales manager Marco Alterini and product specialist Giovanni Pigino, the Audiosales team rented the moving fixtures to enhance the powerful story-telling dimension of the show. “Our first aim was to create a variety of true ‘lighting pictures,’” said Damiani. “The director needed to have the best lighting conditions at all times in order for the impact of this show to come across on a livestream.”
This impact was precisely what Damiani delivered in his camera-friendly design. Positioning the wash and spot fixtures on different balcony rails, he relied on their output, throw distance, and tight focus to conjure up a variety of looks. He also created crisp gobo patterns to add depth and texture to the stage.
“I never used Mavericks before and I was impressed by the quality of their light,” said Damiani, who ran his show on a ChamSys MagicQ MQ500M console supplied by MG Service, which supplied most of the gear for the production. “Throughout the show, I was able to create soft atmospheres and change colours without compromising.”
As he adroitly moved through different colour combinations and focal points to reflect different moods, Damiani was also able to weave a consistent look throughout his design to bring its many different facets together in a cohesive look.

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