The new feature introduces checklists to the picking process
UK - MCS Rental Software, provider of rental management solutions, has announced the launch of a new, innovative feature that will ‘revolutionise the way customers pick equipment to hire’.
The new feature introduces checklists to the picking process, as part of the pre-delivery inspections (PDIs), allowing users to perform comprehensive equipment assessments. This feature includes the ability to add specific notes for the picker(s), prioritise certain tasks for faster processing, and the creation of custom checklists. The checklists are versatile, supporting tick boxes, drop-down lists, as well as photos.
Nick Thomson, sales director at MCS Rental Software, explains, "We're excited to introduce our ground-breaking pre-delivery inspection feature. It's all about elevating efficiency and empowering our users to enhance their operational processes. With specific notes, task prioritization, and customizable checklists, we're simplifying equipment assessments and streamlining the entire rental process for our valued customers."
MCS Rental Software has enabled this new checklist feature to be made mandatory or optional by its users, ensuring that nothing gets missed during the equipment preparation process.
The PDI feature allows users to select and prepare equipment for dispatch. With flexible picking options, users can choose their picker, whether that’s an individual, a team, or a warehouse, and the enhanced search feature means it’s simple to find picking tasks by date, depot, contract type, or priority. With the ability to assign electronic picking jobs to a warehouse, users can ensure their teams have seamless communication.
Nick concludes, “Incorporating the Picking App - with its newly introduced custom checklists, versatile picking choices, and open channels of communication - into your equipment preparation signifies a substantial stride toward operational excellence. This development proves to be a smart approach for rental companies, streamlining workflows, minimizing errors, and ensuring consistent service.
“As for clients, it translates into convenience and assurance. They can rely on precise and efficient equipment selection and dispatch, which propels business growth and establishes pioneering benchmarks in the equipment rental service industry.”

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