Rich Zwiebel, VP of systems strategy at QSC and chair of the MNA
USA - The Media Networking Alliance is both exhibiting and engaging in a range of activities at InfoComm15 to promote the understanding and uptake of AES67, the interoperability standard for high-performance audio-over-IP streaming.

The alliance's booth on the show floor (# 693) will be staffed throughout the exhibition by MNA member engineers and experts, enabling InfoComm attendees to obtain information and advice concerning AES67, and discuss with member companies their experience in implementing the standard. Visitors can inquire about the MNA and the benefits of becoming a member.

The alliance is also hosting two open events in meeting room W304F in the convention centre West Hall. The first of these, from 15:00 to 16:30 on Thursday 18 June, is a panel discussion How is AES67 going to change our industry? It will provide an opportunity for InfoComm attendees to discuss issues and interact with a panel of knowledgeable experts. The panel will be moderated by Rich Zwiebel, VP of systems strategy at QSC and chair of the MNA, and will comprise: Johan Wadsten, software product manager at Merging Technologies; Phil Wagner, president of Focusrite Novation Inc; Ethan Wetzell, platform strategist at Bosch Communications Systems, and Andreas Hildebrand, senior product manager for the Ravenna technology.

Also on Thursday 18 June, in meeting room W304F, the MNA will host a welcome reception for InfoComm attendees and press from 17:00 to 18:30. This will include a short presentation from alliance chair Rich Zwiebel and a number of brief testimonials, before affording the further opportunity to meet with and talk with MNA members over food and beverages.

Prior to these events, on Wednesday 17 June from 14:30 to 16:30, Rich Zwiebel and Kevin Gross, the newly appointed chair of the MNA Technical Working Group, founder of AVA Networks and a recognized expert at the intersection of real-time media and networking, will present the InfoComm Partner Training session IS68 Audio Networking Interoperability with AES67.

(Jim Evans)

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