The biggest challenge was to light the large arena in an even wash (photo: Lucas Kemper)
The Netherlands - In October, MHB of the Netherlands provided sport lighting for Indoor Friesland, one of Europe’s top equestrian competitions. MHB delivered, using their recently expanded inventory of Elation KL Panel LED softlights.
Indoor Friesland returned after a 15-year absence as top national and international riders competed in dressage and horse jumping at the WTC Expo in Leeuwarden.
MHB collaborated with the event for the first time as technical AV partner, providing sport and show lighting as well as LED screens and other technical essentials.
MHB has plenty of experience designing and suppling AV solutions for sporting events, having worked with clients such as Triple Double sports marketing and EMG media group. The company added to their inventory of KL Panels in September with 100 additional units and immediately deployed the full-spectrum LED softlights on the equestrian event.
The biggest challenge was to light the large arena in an even wash of consistent colour temperature daylight white, light that would neither distract nor ‘dazzle’ the horses. A smooth field of light also meant that spectators could view the competition without dark areas or strong shadows, and the high illumination levels and uniform field also benefited the broadcast cameras.
Because of MHB’s positive experience lighting the Olympic Qualification Tournament in curling with KL Panels last December, MHB owner Marten Hylkema again opted for the Elation unit. After contacting Elation’s Bert Schmeits, key account manager Benelux, to set a plan in motion, the 100 units were delivered in time for the event.
“We only invest in products that we believe are the best in the market and the KL Panels are of proven quality,” Marten Hylkema stated. “We look for durability - a minimum of 10 years lifetime - and an environmentally-friendly design and the KL Panels have both. The output and colour quality is very good and we can use them both as sport and show lighting.”
MHB’s September investment also included 100 KL Fresnel 4 warm-white LED Fresnel lights, which were all employed at Indoor Friesland’s equestrian straw village to light the stands of various equestrian shops, horse transport companies and other related businesses.
“The reaction of the participants, the audience and the organisation show that Marten and MHB had found the perfect solution for this big challenge,” Elation’s Bert Schmeits remarked. “People had rarely seen such good lighting!”

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