Midas PRO6 on The Script
Tuesday, 3 March 2009
Midas PRO6 on The Script
UK - The Script's FOH sound engineer John Delf has been using a Midas PRO6 for the band's UK tour. Delf spec'd the PRO6 - supplied by Entec - after mixing the Irish band on a Midas XL8 for the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in Oslo last December.

"It was my first time using an XL8 and even after just one sound check I had fallen in love with it," he states. "We were performing with a full orchestra and the production was running two XL8s at FOH and three PRO6s for monitors and recording. The house engineer was mixing the orchestra on one XL8 and I was mixing the band on the other. It just sounded so sweet and it was really easy to find my way around the desk. We were up and running really quickly and everything I needed to do mix wise was at my fingertips."

He continues: "Sonically the PRO6 doesn't disappoint and in my opinion sounds better than an analogue one. You have the flexibility of digital but with the warmth, clarity and separation of a Heritage or an XL4. I got to hear the desk through many different PA systems during the tour, and every night it sounded superb, while its size makes it so much easier to load in and out of the smaller venues."

(Jim Evans)

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