L-ISA immersive technology and Mixhalo powered an enhanced listener experience at Aerosmith’s Deuces Are Wild residency in Las Vegas (photo: Zack Whitford)
USA - Mixhalo, a low latency networking technology that unlocks high-fidelity, augmented audio for fans at live events, has announced L-Acoustics’ comprehensive spatial audio ecosystem, the L-ISA 3.0. will now come pre-loaded with Mixhalo’s proprietary wireless networking technology as part of L-ISA 3.0 release.
Mixhalo is the first external application L-Acoustics will offer via L-ISA Processor II. Clients using L-ISA Processor II will now be able to leverage Mixhalo to deliver ultra-low-latency spatial audio directly to fans via their own phones and headphones. Because Mixhalo’s technology automatically and dynamically time-aligns with loudspeakers, it can complement a PA system perfectly, offering multiple mixes - such as a guitar mix in music, real-time play-by-play in sports, a foreign language interpretation at a conference, or L-ISA spatial audio over headphones - or even augmenting the audio in areas of a venue that are difficult to reach otherwise, says Mixhalo.
“I realised from the moment I first experienced Mixhalo that it had the potential to elevate and augment the listening experience at live events in a unique, transformative way,” said Laurent Vaissié, CEO of L-Acoustics. “Now, by pairing Mixhalo with the versatile and field-tested L-ISA Processor, we are taking those possibilities to new heights, giving partners options they never before had and supporting them as they embrace the future of live audio.”
By leveraging L-Acoustics’ global sales team and worldwide distribution network, Mixhalo’s reach will expand. Additionally, whereas Mixhalo has historically relied on on-site engineers to deploy and custom configure hardware, the partnership with L-Acoustics will allow Mixhalo to simplify the deployment of its technology and complete the transition to a pure SaaS model.
“L-Acoustics has spent decades establishing distribution channels across live music, sports, conferences and more,” said John Vars, CEO of Mixhalo. “Striking this kind of global distribution partnership with literally the best in the business, will change who and what Mixhalo fundamentally is for the better - this partnership just made Mixhalo more prolific.”
L-Acoustics and Mixhalo first collaborated in 2019 on Aerosmith’s Deuces Are Wild residency in Las Vegas where the pair offered a live immersive audio experience which combined L-ISA immersive audio with a Mixhalo VIP onstage experience. In 2021, L-Acoustics became a major investor in and exclusive professional audio partner of Mixhalo.
Additionally, Mixhalo’s foundational core technology that attracted L-Acoustics - and is now embedded in L-ISA 3.0 - has been granted another U.S. patent (US-11,625,213). Mixhalo now holds a total of five U.S. patents and four international patents.

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