MJ's Theo Rood, Mike Jones and Bentley with DWR's Duncan Riley
South Africa - Johannesburg-based MJ Event Gear, the technical supply company founded by Mike Jones in the early 90s, recently invested in lighting and audio equipment from DWR Distribution.
Mike Jones asked his team to come up with a wish list, with a focus on adding essential gear to their inventory. They decided on a grandMA3 compact XT, eight Robe LEDBeam 350s, six Longman F6s, two Le Maitre MVS Hazers, and two Antari M5 foggers. Additionally, they acquired a DiGiCo S21 console with a D2 rack and an Audix DP 5A Drum Kit, catering to their audio needs.
"The Robe LEDBeam 350s immediately impressed us during their first gig,” says Mike. β€œThe fixtures were used outdoors and being positioned on the lawn, the programmer selected a narrow beam with the audience in mind. Then he gave a demonstration of the units being used wide open and it truly blew me away.”
The F7 PAR cans are proven workhorses and MJ now have their magic number of 48 units. Mike would have 48 of every light fixture in his shop if he could. The grandMA3 compact XT, set to arrive in February, fulfilled the demand for a newer desk and was prompted by frequent customer requests.
The company also doubled their Le Maitre MVS Hazers due to their consistent popularity in rentals and MJ bought new Antari foggers. Additionally, this is the first time that MJ is buying DiGiCo. "The DiGiCo S21 console is highly requested, and it's perfect for smaller gigs. Our team is thrilled, and I look forward to sending them for training. The desk has already gone out on its first rental,” says Mike. Lastly, an Audix Drum Kit, as recommended by his son, Dylan Jones, is on its way.
Theo Rood, a director and a valued team member of 26 years, commented: "The recent months have been our best, post-pandemic. We're thrilled to reinvest in the company, enhancing our gear and lighting fixtures. These acquisitions will not only make our crew's lives easier but make our hire clients happy."
In related news, the company has announced a new member - Bentley, the Yorkshire terrier who focuses on quality control and security.

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