Michael J. Christensen, co-owner and CSO of Neets
Denmark / USA - Neets is entering the US market in cooperation with its new distributor Starin Marketing. Starin is committed to creating the foundation to make Neets Control Systems the natural choice for classroom and meeting room control by integrators.

With over 100,000 control systems deployed, Neets has focused on developing reliable, user friendly and effective room control systems for the AV-integrators around the world. Configuration of the control systems is straightforward without code complexity with Neets Project Designer software.

Starin and Neets recognize the essential trifecta in a successful integrator partnership. Reliable product, dedicated support and profitable programs. Versatility to meet the end-users individual needs is also what sets Neets apart. Neets US keypad control systems will fit into standard US back-boxes.

For over a decade, Neets has specialized in effective solutions for monitoring and controlling AV-equipment. One button on a Neets controller can be used for multiple functions cutting back on user confusion. Automation processes can begin from the moment you turn on the system. Neets is the ideal solution for multiple uses from classrooms to conference rooms.

"Starin is a good match for us, since they have the necessary experience and network for integrating Neets into the US market. Furthermore, they have the right setup for their dealers regarding sales and a dedicated support team. Starin upholds the same values and ideals as Neets, which makes us very confident in this new cooperation," says Tue S. Andersen, founder and CEO of Neets A/S.

Michael J. Christensen, co-owner and CSO of Neets A/S shared, "Being present in more than 35 countries all over the world makes the expansion to the US market a natural expansion of our business and with Starin we look forward to a long term partnership on the US market."

(Jim Evans)

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