Stonewood Audio Ltd is launching three new products to complement its existing Professional Intercom Range. Firstly, the Stonewood Audio SA-WBP1 is a multi-channel full duplex wireless belt pack (pictured). Features include frequencies programmable via PC, 16 selectable channels, fully EMC and ETS 300-422 approved, channel spacing 12.5kHz or 25kHz, and powered by four AA alkaline batteries to give better than eight hours use.

Secondly, Stonewood now offers a Professional Intercom System for Off Shore/Marine use, where system reliability under extreme conditions is a necessity. This product has been engineered so that all switches, level controls, connectors and the cases are to IP67 ratings, allowing the belt pack to be submersed in water. To complement the SA-OSBP1 two more products rated to IP66 are now available which are a full duplex loudspeaker outstation and a loudspeaker station with a Xenon beacon.

Finally, Stonewood has further developed its headphone range and has introduced the CD-quality Armoured Cable Stereo Headphones. Primary designed for the CD listening market in music stores and superstores, where music quality and durability together with security are of the utmost importance. A built-in thumb-wheel volume control is an optional extra.

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