One of Europe’s leading manufacturers of silent dimming solutions, IES will be launching new models of low-noise IGBT installed and distributed dimming options for theatres, concert halls and TV studios, at PLASA 2001. The range includes iTEC reverse-phase IGBT dimmers and second generation iSINE Sine Wave silent dimmers - technologies which have been supplied throughout Europe in the past year.

The new generation iSINE technology offers compactness, lower weight, higher efficiency and reduced cost compared to its predecessors. The sinusoidal output dims with no discernable filament noise, and the harmonic distortion is less than 1% greater than the supply. Able to control a wide range of light sources, iSINE dimmers also benefit from the tried and tested features of IES’s other IGBT dimmers - automatic short-circuit protection, voltage regulation, current limitation and comprehensive remote programming, status reporting and fault analysis using networkable DimSTAT software. Recent dimmer developments include arc-sensing for switching HMIs and direct Ethernet connection.

IES will be showing its expanding range of PowerModules and PowerBars from 1.25kW to 12kW per channel, incorporating either iTEC, iSINE or the budget-priced triac technologies. The Executive dimmer pack is available as a plug-in chassis with a choice of either iTEC or iSINE dimmer channels. To complete the IES portfolio, a range of DMX distribution (including RJ45) will be on show, along with small- to medium-scale manual and memory controls, economy triac dimmers for distributed, touring and permanent installations.

IES can be found on stand F16.

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