The installation marks the single largest delivery of Panasonic laser/LED projectors within Higher Education across Europe
UK - GV Multi-media has completed the rollout of Panasonic projectors at Kingston University, part of a £30m investment towards improving the learning environment and IT facilities.

One hundred and seventy Panasonic PT-RZ370 laser/LED projectors were installed by GV Multi-media, in lecture and seminar rooms across the University estate.

"Our academics love them," said Simon Harrison, acting pro-vice chancellor (operations) at Kingston University. "The projectors are fast start, so they can get the material up almost immediately. What's more, content looks great, exactly as our academics intended it to be presented.

"When choosing what projectors were right for the University, we looked at a number of factors such as brightness, image quality, supportability and value for money. Panasonic was the clear winner."

The project was won, initiated and implemented by GV Multi-media. Kristian Cutting, sales director, said, "The University has made a significant investment in improving the learning environment. What's more, the switch to laser shows a commitment to carbon reduction and to providing best value for students."

Denza Gonsalves, president of the Kingston University Student Union, said, "The new technology is very eco-friendly and being green is increasingly important for young people, so all of this technology plays an important role in making sure that side of things is looked after by the University.

"Students have told me that last year they had problems seeing lecture slides clearly from the projectors, but now it's much better especially with the HD quality. Previously the projectors were very yellowish, but students now can easily distinguish all colours, which is of great benefit to engineering as well as art and design courses," she continued.

The installation marks the single largest delivery of Panasonic laser/LED projectors within Higher Education across Europe, reinforcing Panasonic's strong heritage in the education sector.

The installation was completed alongside the rollout of 3,500 high speed Wi-Fi hotspots and 2,500 new PCs.

"GV Multimedia was under real time pressure," adds Kristian Cutting. "We had to deliver 170 projectors across four campuses in around four weeks. The start date of the students returning is fixed, it was a big challenge which we managed to meet."

(Jim Evans)

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