The Drive series is a two-way, active, portable injection-moulded PA cabinet
USA - At this year's NAMM Show in Anaheim, Studiomaster showed its latest offerings for the pro audio retail market. The Vision and ultra-compact ClubXS mixing desks debuted alongside Drive, the company's new high spec injection-moulded powered PA cabinets, and an uprated replacement for the existing VPX and VSX series.

The Drive series is a two-way, active, portable injection-moulded PA cabinet. Best-in-class performance and build specifications, and a highly competitive price tag, greatly improve on the VPX and VSX series Drive replaces. Premium competitive features include exemplary weight-to-power / SPL ratios; making the Drive smaller lighter and louder than most leading comparable PA series.

The new Studiomaster ClubXS is a price / specification competitive portable mixer series, aimed at gigging musicians, sub-mixing, small venue install, corporate and other enterprise applications. Two models, the XS8 and XS10, feature onboard FX, integrated USB / SD card stereo media player, USB / SD card recording from main mix, Bluetooth connection for playback from mobile or media devices, 60 mm faders, balanced XLR outputs, control room output, two sends and a stereo return.

The much anticipated Vision mixers are positioned immediately beneath the top of the range Horizon series, offering its larger sibling's quality construction, design, and operational and audio performance in an even more compact, price competitive form. Vision is available in unpowered (Vision 8) and 2x500W powered (Vision 1008) and 2x1000W (Vision 2008) variants, featuring ultra-lightweight audiophile quality Class-D amplification. All models feature 8 channels - 6 mix and 2 stereo - the same studio quality twin DSP effects as on the Horizon, and 9-band graphic EQ.

Introducing Vision, Studiomaster and Carlsbro assistant general manager / marketing manager, Patrick Almond said, "Like the Horizon series, Vision immediately distinguishes itself from the mass of small-form plastic mixers flooding the market, with superior build quality, design and performance. It comes in at a very attractive price point, well below Horizon but offering the same seriously pro quality, rich analogue sound and robust construction that will provide years of serious touring service."

(Jim Evans)

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