All of the furniture is either imported from Ireland or custom made by New York craftsmen
USA - Bounding off the success of its midtown location, upscale gastro-pub and sports bar Stout opened a second location in Manhattan's financial district. Dubbed Stout FiDi, the new establishment operates out of a 6000sq.ft space and incorporates many of the distinctive design elements of the original Stout, including a 50ft red cement bar, cobblestone floors, stone walls, and custom iron work. All of the furniture is either imported from Ireland or custom made by New York craftsmen.

Local AV integration firm Starview Satellite designed and installed a superior fidelity background and foreground audio system to complement the décor and based it around the unparalleled flexibility of a Symetrix SymNet Radius 12x8 DSP with ARC-WEB browser-based control interface.

Inputs to the system include a DJ port, iPod output and several video sources, including DirecTV and cable, which are accommodated by the 12 analogue inputs on the SymNet Radius 12x8. Its outputs feed six Powersoft M-28Q amplifiers which power a distributed collection of Renkus-Heinz TRX-Series loudspeakers and Innovox subwoofers. The audio system supports two zones, one associated with the video projection screen at the front of the room and another associated with the video projection screen at the back of the room.

"SymNet Radius 12x8 had everything we needed: I/O count, flexible programming, and the right price point," said John Paturno, co-owner of Starview Satellite. "In addition, we got great configuration and commissioning help from Rich Trombitas [of Symetrix' New York rep, CSA]. The system sounds great, and the client is very happy with it," he continued. "They're especially pleased with the system's ARC-WEB remote control, which allows them to control input selection and zone volume from their smartphones."

A hardwired Symetrix ARC-2e wall panel remote provides redundant backup control in the event that authorized staff members aren't around with their smartphones. Although the system does not yet make use of the Dante network that is native in SymNet Radius 12x8, its Dante capability will make future expansion easy should the need arise.

(Jim Evans)

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