Bert Koenders of Iemke Roos, with Martijn Klein Gibbink, owner of Frontline
The Netherlands - Frontline Audio & Vision of Lichtenvoorde in Holland has chosen STM M28, Nexo's new compact modular line array, as the tool for its future expansion, building on a substantial existing commitment to Nexo PA technology.

In just three years, Frontline has acquired a considerable inventory of Nexo loudspeaker cabinets, including PS15 full-range compacts, RS15 subbass, and 45°N-12 line monitors. Taking the next step forward, Martijn Klein Gibbink's company has made its first investment into Nexo's STM Series of modular line array, buying 18x STM M28 main cabinets together with 4x RS18 subbass and a NUAR (Nexo Universal Amp Rack) containing two NXAMP4x4s. All equipment has been supplied by Nexo distributor Iemke Roos.

"The M28 is the ideal line array for us," says Klein Gibbink, "it is very small with high output, and the consistency of its coverage and power is amazing. It is completely flexible, ideal for a company like ours that works in music and theatre, as well as corporate events and in theme parks. We purchased four sets of rigging so we can split the inventory into systems of four to six cabinets per side to run simultaneous smaller events or bring it all together for a large stage."

Frontline selected the Nexo RS18 as the subbass element because it is widely used by other rental companies in the region. "Pairing M28 with RS18 gives us the best cross-hiring opportunities, but this only a starting point - I anticipate that we will be buying into the STM B112 Bass and S118 Sub cabinets in the near future. That possibility to expand easily is what makes the STM Series so special."

(Jim Evans)

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