The chapel of Divina Misericordia in Acarigua

Venezuela - The chapel of Divina Misericordia is a new catholic house of worship located in the recreational area of the giant Arroz Mary food processing plant in Acarigua.

Architects were determined that the requirement for a high-quality sound system with impeccable speech intelligibility should make the lowest possible visual impact, so Nexo distributor Sun Music Pro proposed a Nexo system using ultra-compact ID and ePS Series speakers.

“In the first phase carried out in October 2023, a temporary black system was installed to allow the inauguration of the chapel and the celebration of masses while a custom-finished system was being prepared,” reports  Sun Music Pro commercial manager Valeska Grüber.

The finished installation includes a pair of Nexo ID84 column speakers with a central ePS10 at the front, all finished in a custom RAL colour that matches the space. A series of six ID24 speakers in white covers the nave.

Amplification and processing come from a Nexo NXAMP4X1Mk2 and DTDAMP4X1.3, providing power and precision.

"We are very satisfied with the results of this audio project," comments Valeria Di Lanzo, architect of the Divina Misericordia chapel. “The aesthetics of the audio system met the expectations of being in line with the chapel's finishes, and the sound quality is exceptional.

“The Nexo audio system has made it possible to create a perfect acoustic environment for the religious celebrations that take place in the chapel.”

“Sun Music Pro is proud to have contributed to the creation of a unique spiritual space in the Divina Misericordia chapel,” says Valeska in conclusion. “Thanks to the installation of this Nexo system, we were able to meet the highest standards of performance and aesthetics.”

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