The Ten Tonors are currently touring Europe
Germany - The Ten Tenors are one of the hardest-working acts on the classical-rock scene, reportedly performing an average of 250 shows per year. For this Australian ensemble, currently on tour in Germany, the Netherlands, Holland and Austria, the big news has been a Nexo STM modular line array featuring the STM M28 compact main cabinets.

This is the first significant international tour for Nexo's new M28 compact module. Rental provider Sound Linear was one of the early-adopting PA companies, embracing the STM Scale Through Modularity concept and engineering when it was first introduced by Nexo in 2013, and owner Kalle Hogrefe was at the front of the queue to snap up the recently-added M28 omnipurpose module to add to his inventory.

With the arrival of the compact lightweight STM M28 cabinet, Nexo's Series of STM modular line array modules is complete. M28 greatly enhances the STM series: as well as providing down-fill coverage in a large-format STM system, the M28 can be used as a main cabinet in groundstack and line array configurations with other STM modules.

Sound Linear's design for TTT is one of the first touring systems to use the M28 as the main STM cabinet, arraying them left and right nine per side with six S118s providing the subbass required for a rock-opera group which pushes the definition of a tenor. On stage, TTT is using Nexo PS8 and PS15 as fills, and four of Nexo's distinctive 45°N-12 wedge monitors. All power is provided by NUAR (NEXO Universal Amp Racks).

Says Kalle Hogrefe, "The beauty of STM is that it is modular and therefore you can specify systems of many sizes from one inventory. On their tour, TTT are playing all different sizes of venues, and STM can be scaled up or down in size to fit, to handle weight probems or to reach balconies. The S118 subs can be used in omni or cardioid mode, or even flown, depending on the venue's requirement."

(Jim Evans)

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