Portugal - The recent concerts of the British band James in Portugal were promoted by PEV Entertainment and it was part of the tour to promote the new album La Petite Mort.

Split into three distinct concerts, two of them on the north of Portugal with the Next-proaudio's sound reinforcement. According to the band, the first concert was a surprise for the fans, "on the magnificent and historic Sao Bento railway station in Porto and free to attend" where they "played a couple of tunes and answered some questions of the public".

The systems for these two different concerts were supplied by rental company Technosound, which provided full technical production services for the two events with the use of two Next PX Systems (Stackable System) for the small venue and the LA12 (Line Array System) for the big venue.

The first one, on 27 November was a mini-concert. James attracted more than 2500 people for this intimate concert where the band was close to the fans at the most beautiful train station in Portugal.

"What can I say about Next PX System? Very fast to install and a real plug'n'play system! Very well-tuned. The venue was not easy and I was surprised with the sound clarity thanks to the controlled directivity (60x40). Now, I want to test it deeply as soon as possible," explained Quico Serrano, FOH engineer for the event.

The second concert, was on 28 November in Guimaraes Sports Arena for more than 7,500 people. The arena was completely full of enthusiastic fans that vibrated with the old and new songs from the Manchester band.

To provide sound reinforcement for the spectators on the biggest show, Technosound deployed a Next LA12 line array system comprising 16 NextLA12 line array elements and 16 Next Las218 front-loaded subwoofers ground stacked, eight on each side.

"For all types of shows that I do, I use Next LA12. It is very clear in the vocal range and has full body, even at very high SPL. The high and low frequencies have clear sound. At the end of the gig there is not ear fatigue ", said Pedro Santos Technosound sound engineer.

(Jim Evans)

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