Natiruts play Porto
Portugal - The recent concerts in Portugal featuring Brazilian band Natiruts were reinforced by NEXT-proaudio PA.

The reggae roots band Natiruts was formed in Brasília (Distrito Federal) in 1994 under the name Nativus. The band comprises Alexandre Carlo Pereira, Luís Maurício Ribeiro, Kiko Peres, Rodrigo Txotxa, Bruno Wambier, Denny Conceição, Luciana Oliveira, Ludmila Mazzucatti, André Mitsuoka and Paulo Roberto Pizzulin.

They were promoting the CD / DVD Natiruts Acoustic Live, which was recorded in Rio de Janeiro and distributed by Sony Music.

In Portugal the Brazilian band used the LA12 from NEXT-proaudio in two different situations: outdoor and indoor concerts.

Natiruts Front of House Engineer Daniel Félix said of the sound system: "We are extremely satisfied with the quality of the system - it far exceeds much of the other equipment that we have used previously."

The outdoor setup included 14 NEXT LA12 cabinets per side for the main PA, with 24 NEXT LAs218 subwoofers ground-stacked in front of the stage.

The indoor setup included six NEXT LA12 cabinets per side for the main PA; four NEXT LA12 as a central cluster for sound reinforcement, plus six NEXT LAs218 subwoofers ground-stacked per side.

(Jim Evans)

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