The NMK Roadshow in Kuwait
Kuwait - Nicolas Kyvernitis Electronics Enterprises (NMK) has been hosting the NMK Roadshow across the Middle East region since November last year and completed the series with the last seminar in Kuwait on 12 January 2015.

After the success in Oman and especially Qatar, the distributor of several high quality brands, which were also presented during the roadshow, was pleasantly surprised with the turnout of the attendees in Bahrain and Kuwait. The attendees were interactive and eager to learn about new products and technologies while getting to know the distributor that is covering their region.

The roadshow mostly attracted the AV professionals from broadcast, rental and installation companies. Shure Axient Wireless System, Neutrik Xirium wireless audio system together with Clear-Com, Roland AV and HK Audio products were the most discussed topics during the event.

"NMK Roadshow was not only a great experience for our attendees, but also an unforgettable moment for a whole NMK team that took part in organization of such a flourishing event. Interactive and knowledgeable attendees together with our passionate and experienced product specialists certainly made the roadshow a successful event," commented Jana Urbanovska, marketing executive at NMK.

"There is no doubt we will continue in bringing similar experience to AV professionals starting with the upcoming NMK Academy 4.0 held in Dubai during May and June this year," she added.

(Jim Evans)

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