Paul ‘Mini' Moore monitor engineer for the Script mixing on a Soundcraft Vi6 (Photo: Shirlaine Forrest)
UK - In a busy year where some seriously talented and influential artists are hitting the road, Adlib is audio supplier for The Script's new No Sound Without Silence world tour which has kicked off in the UK and Europe in great style.

It's the fourth album campaign on which the Liverpool based company has worked with the popular Irish rock band, alongside production manager Bob O'Brien and tour manager Quinner, supplying the audio system and crew to work with engineers Richy Nicholson (FOH) and Paul 'Mini' Moore on monitors.

Adlib's crew is led by crew chief Marc Peers who is also co-ordinating monitor world, with Tony Szabo KSE as the systems engineer, charged with the dextrous task of fine tuning a perfect system every day whatever the venue or surroundings, delivering continuity and sonic confidence to Richy's rich animated mix.

They are joined by Adlib's Michael Flaherty and Simon Lawson.

The system is L-Acoustics, with main hangs of 14 x K1 speakers a side with four KARA-downs, with 8 x K1SB subs flown directly upstage to give that rock solid studio monitor like punch to the low end. These are augmented with side-hangs of 12 x K2 a side with upstage hangs of nine KARA per side.

On the ground, full advantage is taken of the curved stage front to facilitate an innovative sub bass configuration comprising 19 x SB28s which ensures that a very even sub low rumble is distributed throughout the venue.

Two stacks of three SB28s running in cardioid mode are positioned either side at the front of the curved stage centre. Approximately four metres offstage from these - along the front of the stage - are another two stacks per side of three-high SB28s running in standard mode.

The 19th sub cabinet is positioned dead centre under the stage, pointing backwards to reduce the rattling of the folding stage system.

Strapped on top of the far offstage sub stacks are two KARA out-fills and on top of the onstage sub stacks are four ARCS2 speakers to provide additional fill. Clamped right to the centre of the stage itself are a further two KARA for centre-fill.

Beneath the B Stage - which is 10ft high and located behind the FOH position - speakers are hidden under the stage to fill an 'audio void' for the parts of the show when the space around the B Stage gets filled up with fans wanting to get up close to the band.

The system is powered throughout by L-Acoustics LA8 amps running AES, with a standard Adlib Lake rack for system processing, running Dante over fibre.

Richy's console of choice for this tour is the DiGiCo SD7. He started using it when they opened for One Republic in the US at the beginning of the year, after which it was added to his spec. Adlib is supplying an SD11 that was originally for the opening act, but is now for backup as the openers are also using his SD7.

Mini uses a Soundcraft Vi6 console & Sennheiser 2000 series microphones. The band have their own Sennheiser IEM systems for this tour, which are "Great, reliable and by far the best radio systems currently available," states Marc.

There are eight IEM mixes for the band, drummer Glen Power has an Adlib MP4 sub behind him and there are four L-Acoustic SB28s dotted along the back of stage for atmosphere and air movement.

Adlib director & account handler Dave Jones said, "we have been lucky to work with such a great team of people around the band, it definitely has a family vibe on tour. The band & their live show itself has grown so much over the years, it is a real pleasure to be involved."

(Jim Evans)

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