The very first trial between Novelty and SGM was with the G-Spot
France - Novelty is an industry leader in France that brings technical audio-visual solutions for the fashion, luxury, live performance, event, exhibition and TV industries. Thanks to the company's experience, Novelty works on more than 6,000 projects each year. Due to this fact, Novelty is always looking for new, reliable and efficient products.

The very first trial between Novelty and SGM was with the G-Spot. They carried out a so-called crash test, using the G-spot on the ice rink of Paris City Hall during three cold winter months.

After this period, Jérôme Gasselin, technical director of Novelty, said, "Okay, the new SGM products are serious. Let's test the entire range."

With its IP65-rating, wireless connection, design and of course light output, the P-5 brings Novelty the tools they need to cover what they do best, which covers agency events, fashion shows, sporting events and trade shows.

Subsequently, the Q-7 also made a strong impression. Novelty invited their best clients to demo them privately. The small G-1 Beam was also included in this event. CEO of Novelty, Olivier Hagneuré, proclaimed that this product line shows something very new with a strong identity.

However, the choice of SGM products is also a result of the network surrounding them, says Jérôme, highlighting the local rental support with Sonoss and a direct contact with SGM as arguments that meant a lot in Novelty's decision-making.

Novelty is now equipped with 48 x P-5 wash lights, six G-Spots and 12 x Q-7 RGBW color LED flood blind strobes. Immediately after being launched on the Novelty website, all of the P-5s were booked for a fashion show in Paris. Jérôme states, "I did not expect this so quickly. That's a good start."

(Jim Evans)

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