The Netron CLU fully supports all Netron devices and is free to use

USA - Obsidian Control Systems is offering offer the Netron CLU, an easy-to-navigate central utility interface useful in discovering and managing Netron data distribution devices across a lighting network. Especially helpful when deploying networks that use multiple nodes, or when working with nodes that lack integrated screens, the Netron CLU makes Netron data signal devices even easier to configure, eliminating the need to physically access the devices themselves, says Obsidian.

Netron devices can be discovered regardless of their current IP address, and all Netron features can be centrally configured, or reconfigured, without the need to access individual web pages or the device displays. Whether you're setting up a handful of nodes for a live event or 50 nodes for an install, remote access to all device functions straight from a computer makes device settings easy to overview and node deployment simple.

The Windows-based Netron CLU app continuously monitors the network status and indicates the devices’ online or offline status on the user interface. The Netron CLU also includes integrated firmware update management, allowing users to upgrade multiple devices to the latest firmware release simultaneously and with a single click.

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