DeckTrack enables event professionals to monitor and manage conference presentations in real-time
UK - Event management solutions company OctoCue has launched a user-intuitive cloud-based event management app, DeckTrack, enabling event professionals to monitor and manage conference presentations in real-time.
Focusing on three key pillars, DeckTrack delivers ‘a comprehensive solution’ to the market that helps prevent and mitigate presentation issues, by providing full control for event professionals. The app not only offers full visibility of presentations and enables monitoring anywhere with an internet connection, but its ease of adoption and deployment is exceptional. Its simple cloud-based monitoring functionality eliminates the need for expensive on-site networking, making it an incredibly cost-effective option.
“We’re thrilled to announce that DeckTrack is now available for the market,” says Paul Williams, director at OctoCue. “OctoCue developed DeckTrack with the user experience at the forefront of the design and we wanted the app to help increase user confidence in executing professional events, by enabling the events team to see on one central dashboard what is being presented across every show machine. Adding remote monitoring functionality to track presentation file versions remotely, also helps to identify and manage errors before they reach the screen.”
Williams says that to date, alternative solutions have been typically full-service and expensive, adding costs to event budgets and potentially also increasing the number of tasks on already complex project plans. DeckTrack addresses this by effectively supporting event planners with an extra level of visibility, functionality and oversight, which helps mitigate against any presentation-related issues - thus adding value to the event management services being provided.
“It was critical that the app enabled manual tasks to be streamlined, such as monitoring timings of a presentation, preparing for breaks and changeovers effectively, and advising extended teams efficiently on what presentations are running, where, and ensuring that are operatives are using the most up to date deck,” adds Williams. “This is vital in an industry, where freelancers regularly form part of the events team. All these capabilities combine effortlessly to free up valuable resources, so they can focus on delivering a seamless delegate experience.
“We more than understand the challenges our colleagues in the events industry face. The goal for DeckTrack is ultimately to make their lives far easier. As the industry gears up for large events in 2024, the launch of this app is timely, and we hope that it becomes a critical solution in ensuring event operations are delivered smoothly, and without the hassles of extensive setup costs.”

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