David Morbey - product manager for Optimal Audio
UK - David Morbey has been appointed to the position of product manager for Optimal Audio. Having worked with Denon, Martin Audio, InMusic, Allen & Heath and Neutrik, David has, at various stages, specialised in the area of installed sound for the leisure and hospitality sector - experience which aligns with his new role.
David Morbey comments: “I’ve maintained a close relationship with Dom Harter and James King since my Martin Audio days and very much admired the Optimal Audio launch in 2021. The disruptive marketing and clear messaging around the ecosystem isn’t let down by the product, which proved to be as simple and intuitive as it promised, so when the opportunity arose to get involved, I didn’t hesitate. It’s an exciting brand with clear objectives that’s just starting out on its journey, and as part of the Focusrite group, will have the space to grow in the right way.
“The Optimal Audio team is already an award-winning one and I’m hoping to enhance it with my experience across commercial AV, developing a route for greater customer feedback in shaping new product and feature design, as well as working with R & D and management to develop a strategy and identify priorities for the medium and long term.”
James King, marketing director for Optimal Audio and Martin Audio adds: “We’re very pleased to have secured David’s services. He is well known in the industry as a consummate professional and excellent communicator, whose knowledge of the industry is as broad as it is deep.”

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