Brasserie de Greup is located in the village of Mijnsheerenland to the south of Rotterdam
The Netherlands - Opened in September 2022, and located in the village of Mijnsheerenland to the south of Rotterdam, Brasserie de Greup is a hospitality venue offering food, drink, and entertainment. Instrumental in the creation of its relaxed and welcoming atmosphere is an Optimal Audio system, installed by AVgek of Rotterdam.
Experienced installers AVgek specialise in commercial and domestic audio-visual projects and consulted with the team at Brasserie de Greup over their requirements. The Brasserie wanted to provide background and foreground music reinforcement for the bar and restaurant areas, from a system that was as easy as possible for its staff to operate.
Bob Sol of AVgek comments: “We have a great relationship with Audio Technica Benelux (Optimal Audio’s distributor in the region) and were aware that this new brand had attracted a very positive reaction. Having made an assessment of the venue’s needs, we felt that they aligned perfectly with what Optimal Audio could offer, so advised the Brasserie team accordingly. This was our first install with Optimal Audio, and we were blown away by the simplicity and ease of use for the installer and the user.”
Bob designed a system comprising four on-wall, landscape-mounted Optimal Audio Cuboid 8 two-way, full range, passive 8” loudspeakers and a single Sub 15 subwoofer, controlled by a Zone 4 controller via WebApp. WebApp makes system set-up straightforward - once completed, venue staff are presented with a simple user interface which allows for easy operation via mobile phone.
At Brasserie de Greup, the system is configured with pre-sets for background and foreground music choices. The former sees the system pre-set without the Sub 15 and with the Cuboid 8s acting as full-range units, while the latter deploys the subwoofer with the low frequency removed from the Cuboid 8.
The system lives up to every expectation according to Bob: “The client is really happy with the sound and the simplicity of WebApp, and has indicated that they will soon be looking to replace old systems in the four other areas of the venue with Optimal Audio. The system in the Brasserie sounds really great with both presets - since this first outing with Optimal Audio, we’ve offered it to a number of clients and already seen a big uptake. It’s proving very popular indeed.”

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