Orbital's dedicated training centre in Brixton
UK - Orbital Sound is staging the first Flare Audio seminar on 20 January, at its dedicated training centre in Brixton, with Flare Audio's Davies Roberts presenting The Path to Better Sound. The seminar will focus on discussing the issues that have affected loudspeaker performance since its invention some 90 years ago, including a detailed technical explanation of the science behind loudspeaker design.

The half day training session is tailored to provide engineers, designers and technicians with an insight into the key issues surrounding loudspeaker technology, including: The hidden distortions inside loudspeakers; The challenges behind achieving total accuracy in loudspeaker design; Loudspeaker behaviour and its lack of predictability; A comparison between the evolution of video picture quality versus loudspeaker sound quality.

The emphasis is on providing an interactive, discursive seminar that encourages delegates to understand the scientific principles and draw their own conclusions on loudspeaker performance.

Davies Roberts explains the philosophy behind the seminar: "We want to try and explode some of the myths behind why loudspeakers don't sound the way they could, using real science and hard facts to illustrate what is happening and why. We also want to show how these issues can be addressed, and open delegates' eyes to a new way of thinking about loudspeaker technology.

"This seminar will present some game-changing ideas and facts that I believe will leave delegates thinking in a completely new way. The content is scientific, perhaps somewhat controversial, and extremely exciting - we hope it will be the first of many such events in the future."

With places limited to a maximum of 20 delegates, demand is already running high. Information on how to book is available from Orbital Sound's technical support & training co-ordinator, Alex Waddle - at alex.waddle@orbitalsound.com

(Jim Evans)

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