The STADIA100 LA combines key principles of line-source theory with proprietary Outline technologies
USA - Outline has announced the new STADIA100 LA family of lightweight loudspeakers - specifically designed for large-scale permanent installation applications - at InfoComm 2015 in Orlando (booth 511). The STADIA100 LA combines key principles of line-source theory with proprietary Outline technologies to deliver a highly versatile and powerful product for stadiums, arenas, large churches and sport facilities.

Comprised of three 155 lb. modules - all with 100° horizontal directivity - STADIA100 LA offers a choice of 10°, 20° or 30° dispersion in the vertical plane. This allows the enclosures to be combined as required to provide optimum coverage for each location enabling designers to create an audio solution that keeps audible reflections and unwanted reverberation to a minimum while providing excellent intelligibility over long distances.

All enclosures feature two-way active designs containing eight 8-inch mid-range transducers and four 1.4" exit compression drivers mounted on Outline's unique D.P.R.W.G. waveguide to provide the designated vertical directivity with fully directional coherent reproduction down to 300 Hz. Frequency response is 65 Hz to 19 kHz.

STADIA100 LA delivers up to 149 dB with a peak input power handling in excess of 8kW. Coupled with pin-point directional control accuracy over long distances, it creates the power and precision to provide perfectly intelligible full-range audio throughout the largest spaces.

Construction and finishing techniques developed specifically for long-term outdoor installation are standard in the STADIA100 LA. Outline's proprietary 'outSIDE', an extraordinarily tough and waterproof elastoplastic coating that interacts with the cabinet material to provide unmatched durability regardless of location or conditions is utilized on all enclosures.

Outline North America's Sr. VP and managing director Tom Bensen states, "The STADIA100 LA is perfectly suited for the many large venues throughout the Americas and specifically designed to meet the evolving demands of the maturing installation market."

(Jim Evans)

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