Outline sets the scene on the Adriatic
Monday, 13 September 2021
balena-riccione-8The recently opened Balena Lounge Bar
Italy - Riccione is known as the Green Pearl of the Adriatic on account of its tree-lined streets, parks and gardens.
The town’s reputation for hospitality dates back to the thirties and it has been a trendsetter since, with clubs in the surrounding hills, beach and spa facilities and its famous main drag, Viale Ceccarini.
The noted street recently hosted the opening of The Balena (The Whale) Lounge Bar by the Villa Delle Rose and Peter Pan group, a venue offering ‘a combination of taste, style and design’, in a strategic point once occupied by the Trussardi Boutique.
An Outline loudspeaker system has been installed at the Balena. Marco Tiraferri explains on behalf of the group that manages the Villa delle Rose and Peter Pan clubs, “It’s not a disco in the town centre: we cater for a clientele aged from 25-30 upwards who want to pass an evening in a stylish setting, but also enjoy a music selection that is not only refined but above all reproduced well.”
He adds, “Music plays a key role in creating the right atmosphere in all environments. Even more so in the case of a lounge bar, which must have top-grade music reproduction, and a good sound system on which time and care have been spent from the drawing board stage can make all the difference.
“The Outline brand was chosen due to our desire to ensure clients premium quality audio to accompany them from breakfast to dinner and from champagne tasting sessions to the great selection of dishes proposed by our chefs. The Outline sound literally knocked us out. However, the only way to find out if a perfect job’s been done is to come here and listen.”
The Outline set-up at the Balena comprises 11 of the new Vegas four miniature speakers and four Sub 110 and the sound system was designed and installed by Emporio On Stage from Scandicci (Florence).

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