The new LED projectors have blended seamlessly with the lighting system already in place
France - Bordeaux is the site of the world’s largest wine museum, La Cité du Vin. Covering over 65,000sq.m and featuring four zones of virtual-interactive exhibition space, the museum is a celebration of wine, not just varieties of the Bordeaux region, but wines from all over the world, and every era of history. For example, in one exhibit, visitors can take an aerial journey over vineyards across the globe.
Enhancing the experience of visitors to La Cité du Vin is a recently upgraded lighting system of the auditorium designed and installed by Audio Pro from Mérignac (a city in the Bordeaux suburbs) that features a collection of Chauvet Professional Ovation and Rogue projectors.
“Our creative brief for this project was to replace the existing halogen projectors with more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly LED products,” said Philippe Chassereau, sales & purchasing manager of Audio Pro. “We wanted to reinforce the existing lighting with LED pars and LED projectors.”
After evaluating a variety of different options for a period of six weeks, the specialists at Audio Pro along with the technical team from La Cité du Vin, led by the museum’s general manager Sylvain Lafforgue, selected six Ovation E-910FC colour-mixing ellipsoidals with 15/30° lenses, as well as four high-output 300-watt Rogue R3 Spot moving projectors.
Speaking of the Ovation and Rogue projectors, Chassereau noted, “The Ovation series corresponds perfectly to the replacement needs of the traditional halogen sources at the museum, hence its choice for this installation. As for the Rogue projectors, the need for animation equipment directed us to them. They have very good power and they perfectly met the demands of this project.”
Arranged in different positions throughout the museum’s auditorium, the new LED projectors have blended seamlessly with the lighting system already in place at La Cité du Vin. “We are very pleased with the integration process, the reorganization of the control room and the entire project,” said Chassereau. “Everything has come together very well.”

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