The Dante option for the various Pan Beam models will be available by the end of the second quarter of 2015
The Netherlands - At ISE 2015 in Amsterdam, Pan Acoustics presented the active digitally steerable column-speakers from the Pan Beam series operated with the Dante network. Visitors to the fair were able to witness the live performance of the system.

About Dante, Sebastian Oeynhausen, product manager of Pan Acoustics said, "Our products are popular due to their design, ease of set up and the clarity in sound, whether it is for fixed or mobile installations. The Dante audio network from Audionate effectively completes the range of Pan Beam products in addition to our Pan Powerline technology."

The Dante option offers some interesting features, for example, Pan Beam columns can be operated with two independent audio streams with a sampling frequency of up to 192 kHz.

The priority circuit in the Pan Beam columns allows the automatic switchover of the audio source, for example, switching between programmes and announcement signals. The Dante option at Pan Acoustics provides a primary- and secondary port, which can be used in redundant or daisy-chain mode. The daisy chain enables the connection of other compatible Dante devices to the network (such as a digital Stagebox).

(Jim Evans)

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