UK - Panalux, a leading provider of lighting rental equipment for film, television and media production, recently announced that the company's Broadcast & Event division, Engineering and Product Development departments will be consolidated in a customised facility in Perivale. Allowing for greater operational flexibility, the 48,000sq.ft warehouse and offices located in the Perivale Park can accommodate a greater number of projects and allow future business expansion.

"Panalux Broadcast & Event have experienced consistent growth over the past years; as a result, we've outgrown our current location," explains Ed Pagett, Panalux Broadcast & Event managing director. "We're looking forward to settling into our new building, which will provide our different teams with the space they need to continue to expand on our services."

In the move, Panalux Engineering and Product Development teams will also gain synergy by combining the company's technical expertise in one space that will include a dedicated product demonstration room. "It is important to the development of our products and technology that these departments work and collaborate closely," says Chris Millard, Panalux Group technical director. "In-house R&D and engineering continue to set Panalux apart from competitors, and we are pleased to have a more than adequate space to work from."

Providing room to grow into, the new facility is long-awaited and strategic to further developing Panalux's market-leading lighting and rigging inventory, with more than triple the loading bays than the former Broadcast & Event warehouse, and a high bay rack system allowing for easier loading, more prep space, and greater storage capacity. In turn, the company will be consolidating equipment and personnel from several smaller locations into Perivale by the end of April.

Panalux Broadcast & Event will officially be relocated from 13 April, and Engineering and Product Development from 20 April. The company's headquarters will remain at Waxlow Road in Park Royal.

(Jim Evans)

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