Active Audio appoints marketing director
Thursday, 31 January 2019
unnamed-39Eric Grandmougin will be based in Nantes
France - Active Audio has appointed Eric Grandmougin as its new marketing and customer support director.
As part of his new role, Grandmougin will provide Active Audio's senior management and strategic committee with insight into market trends and technologies. He will also oversee customer requests and assist with the development and promotion of existing products.
Active Audio’s CEO, Régis Cazin, comments: “Eric has a very strong reputation in the world of pro audio and acoustics in France. He brings a wealth of experience as an acoustic consultant, deep knowledge of markets, technologies and future trends, which will benefit both the APG and Active Audio brand, as well as our partners and end users worldwide.
“Eric’s recent arrival has already benefited several of our distributors to choose the best products for their projects and it won’t take long for the whole market to truly see the impact his appointment will make. Moving forward, having Eric on board will allow us to review our approach with customers, their training and market access methodology. It will also have a very positive impact on our relations with leading international acoustic consultants.”
Grandmougin says: “My first goal is to give distributors and consultants the tools to better understand the rich possibilities of Active Audio technologies and products. The customer support and marketing actions are somewhat related because, when we put tools in place, we must first help users to become familiar with them.”
(Jim Evans)

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