The concert, part of the Obywatele Republiki music project, was attended by 1,800 guests
Poland - Former Republika band member Leszek Biolik and the band Czarno-Białe Ślady (Zbigniew Krzywański, Jakub Nowak, Jacek Bończyk) welcomed regional stars to share Republika’s music in one of the first immersive audio live concerts in Poland featuring Adamson’s Fletcher Machine.
The concert, part of the Obywatele Republiki [Citizens of the Republic] music project, was attended by 1,800 guests experiencing new interpretations of Republika’s songs through a modern multi-channel sound system. Guests included Renata Przemyk, Piotr Rogucki, Julia Pietrucha and Michał Wiraszko.
“We are working in every region to showcase to artists, audiences and engineers how immersive audio experiences can engage audiences. The simplicity of Adamson’s solution is just as important as the overall quality of the sound,” says director of operations EMEA, Jochen Sommer.
ProAudio AVT supplied the Adamson PA and Fletcher Machine. The ICE Krakow Congress Centre was fitted with 45 S10 cabinets for the main array, seven S10s for front-fill and CS10p for auxiliary-fills. The sub arrangement included eight S119s. The ‘fits-in-a-carry-on-bag’ Fletcher Machine Traveller was used for immersive processing. Outputs were connected with the FOH Digico Quantum 5 console supplied by sound rental company Airpol.
System engineer Jakub Mikołajczak said: “I didn't expect that working with the Fletcher Machine immersive system would be so easy and friendly. After one day of training with Jochen Sommer, we were able to set the sound system and be ready to work in what is a very difficult venue.”
Fletcher Machine Traveller and Stage versions vary in channel count, the number of processing layers and VCA support, however, both units feature Dante or AVB/MADI. Fletcher Machine Virtual is a free version of the rendering engine that allows any sound engineer or system engineer to experiment with immersive audio and the Fletcher Machine system.

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