Chauvet joins The Pod Experience
Monday, 9 November 2020
thepodexperienceEvery weekend Relentless Beats stages a Friday and Saturday Pod Experience (photo: Tony Coltrell Photography)
USA - The crowds that normally fill the Rawhide Centre in Chandler, AZ, on weekends for headliners like Kayzo, Adventure Club and Nightmare weren’t there this October. COVID-19 restrictions saw to that. But the intensity that shook up the 13,000 sq. ft. outdoor venue for Relentless Beats’ aptly named The Pod Experience was impossible to miss, thanks to the driving textured tracks laid down by the EDM stars, the delirious reactions of the fans who were able to score the limited number of tickets, and some fast-moving lighting by Luis Torres.
Wanting fans to be engaged with the artists on stage, despite being separated by pods, Torres dialled up the intensity level with some extra bright audience lighting and bold aerial sweeps. “Relentless Beats came up with a really good plan for providing fans with a way to enjoy this kind of experience safely,“ he said. “Fans were in these pods, but between the music and lighting, we made them forget about that, so they were all immersed in the same experience.“
Torres worked this magic with the help of 60 Chauvet Professional fixtures supplied by Hardwired Productions. He flew 12 Rogue R2X Beams in the air to create glowing effects over the entire stage and positioned four more units on the ground for aerial effects. To provide vivid colour washing, he relied on 20 Rouge R2 Wash units. A collection of 24 Nexus 4x4 panels was hung on four vertical truss fixtures as well as on the arched overhead structure.
Every weekend Relentless Beats stages a Friday and Saturday Pod Experience. Running about four hours, each show features a headliner and three opening DJ. Designing for most of the shows, Torres keeps them interesting visually by varying looks in ways that reflect the music and personality of the performers.
“We’ve had fun creating a lot of different looks,“ said Torres. “We created this rig with this idea of making load in and load out as efficient as possible. Chad Stirling, the Relentless Beat PM has done an excellent job putting things together, and Hardwired Productions has helped make each show run smoothly.”

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