Collyer promoted to Nexo sales director
Monday, 3 February 2020
gareth-collyerGareth Collyer - sales and marketing director
Europe - Nexo has promoted its long-serving UK sales manager Gareth Collyer to the position of sales and marketing director.
Collyer has worked with some of the best-known loudspeaker brands in the industry, including Bose and JBL, in a long career which has taken him from DJ to respected partner for the UK’s top audio consultants and system integrators. He has played the central role in establishing Nexo’s direct sales operation in the UK, which is now one of the most successful and high-profile sectors of the company’s international business.
Amongst other recent achievements, he has been instrumental in Nexo’s success in large-format sporting venues, including the Etihad Stadium for Manchester City FC, the Wimbledon tennis championship, Croke Park in Dublin, and Headingley Stadium in Leeds.
“I’m pleased to be asked to take on this challenge,” comments Collyer. “Today’s high-end sound reinforcement business is very different to the one I had when I started work with Nexo. Manufacturers have to assume more responsibility than ever before, in terms of software and processing solutions as well as engineering support for the design and implementation of increasingly sophisticated systems.”
Nexo CEO, Jean Mullor, adds: “The Nexo sales line-up has been transformed over the last few months. With Gareth at the helm as sales and marketing director, we are looking forward to presenting a new Nexo in the coming decade.”
(Jim Evans)

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